How to choose an LED display that suits you?

LED display is an advertising display product with high brightness, low power consumption, long lifetime, impact resistance, stable performance and low maintenance cost. after several years of rapid development, it has developed into a mature industry. More and more used widely, more and more favored by the majority of customers. But as an LED display […]

Are LED flexible screens used a lot now?

LED flexible screen is made of LED soft module. LED soft module is a kind of display screen. It adopts flexible design. So, are LED flexible screens used more now? Let us find out together. LED flexible screen application scenarios 1. Public places such as commercial centers and large commercial supermarkets. Generally speaking, large shopping […]

What is an LED floor tile display?

People play in the above the floor tile of the LED screen

The LED floor tile screen is an LED display specially designed for the ground. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling and operate normally for a long time. Principle of led interactive floor tile screen   The specially processed […]