P2 led soft module parameters and characteristics

P2 led soft screen is the most widely used LED soft screen at present, mainly used to make indoor cylindrical screen, curved screen and wave screen. The P2.5 led soft screen has a point density of 160,000 points/㎡, and is made of SMD 2121 copper wire lamp beads, flexible PCB boards and flexible bottom shells, […]

LED cylindrical screen, wave screen streamer screen and other special-shaped screens are composed of flexible soft modules to form creative LED display screens

LED creative display shows individual culture, achieves urban landscape, and wins unlimited business opportunities. At the same time, it also adds to the city’s prosperity, enhances the city’s image and influence, shapes the city’s visual culture, and enhances the city’s comprehensive competitiveness. LED flexible screen, generally known as LED soft screen, jyled flexible LED display […]

What are the application requirements of LED flexible screens

What are the application requirements of LED flexible screens With the comprehensive promotion of urban construction and the improvement of people’s living standards, the growth rate of my country’s indoor and outdoor advertising market is very rapid. The indoor and outdoor advertising market has always been one of the main battlefields of LED display screens […]

What aspects should we pay attention to when buying LED displays?

Precautions for buying led display LED display screens have been used a lot in recent years. jyled has helped many customers to install indoor or outdoor LED displays. The rich and diverse colors of the LED display can present a more delicate picture texture, so it is widely used in media advertising and large-scale conferences. […]

Order process and installation steps of indoor P3 stage LED display

The LED display screen can only display text content from the previous two primary colors of red and green. After the maturity of blue LED technology, three primary color LED display screens have been born, so that the display content can be displayed with pictures and texts and play dynamic videos. LED large screens are […]

Can the P2 HD LED in the conference room be displayed on multiple screens?

There are many specifications and models of LED display screens, such as P2, P2.5, P3, etc. in the room. The numbers represent the distance between the light-emitting points (lights) on the display screen, and the unit is mm. For example, P2 means The distance between the adjacent two groups of lamps is 2mm; P2.5 means […]