What is LED digital display?

Many people should not be unfamiliar with LED digital display, which are relatively common in our daily life, but not everyone knows what LED digital displays are? Let’s take a look at them together. LED digital display: A flat-panel display consisting of small LED module panels. LED, light emitting diode (light emitting diode abbreviation). It […]

What is 3D LED billboard?

We often hear people mention “3D LED billboard” around us, but it is still relatively unfamiliar to those who pay less attention to the LED industry. So What is 3D LED billboard? In fact, 3D LED billboards are naked-eye 3D led displays. The main function of LED displays is to display advertisements in addition to […]

How do 3D LED screens work?

Regarding “how do 3D LED screens work“, we need to understand the basics first. For example, how to make a flat animation produce a 3D effect? In fact, as long as the good use of reference can be. We divide the ordinary picture into several layers through the white line, and then make the animation […]

What is 3D LED screen?

A few days ago, Fuzhou Suning Plaza issued a tender announcement. Due to the company’s business needs, it is now conducting public investment invitations for the lease of outdoor LED screen positions in Area A of Fuzhou Suning Plaza. Companies that meet the relevant conditions are welcome to come to bid and discuss cooperation. The […]

Is higher pixel pitch better?

When we actually buy indoor small-pitch LED displays, just like when we buy mobile phones, we not only need to look at the pixel pitch resolution, but also need to pay attention to some other points. Let’s take a look at what points users should pay attention to in order to meet the Use the […]

What is LED small pitch size?

LED small pitchsize is appropriate, fine quality.Small-pitch products have the characteristics of high refresh, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no afterimage, low power consumption, low EMI, no reflection for indoor applications, light weight, ultra-thin, high precision, small space for transportation and use, Quiet and efficient cooling features. Due to the advantages and advantages of LED […]

How to assemble LED module into LED box – LED module assembly process

LED module assembly process

There are many customers with strong hands-on ability, who are curious about how the LED module assembly? Want to learn and assemble it by myself. Then we will start from the classification of the box, to the selection of materials, and the process of the production process. And many other aspects to explain the production […]

Top 10 foreign LED chip manufacturers

In the last issue, we have introduced the “Top 10 China chip manufacturers (including Taiwan chip manufacturers)“, and then let’s talk about what LED chip manufacturers are abroad. LED chip market environment is saturated The LED Research Institute (GGII) of the High-tech Industrial Research Institute (GGII) compiled the “2016 China LED Chip Industry Research Report […]

LED chip manufacturers ranked in China

What are the most famous LED chip manufacturers ranked in China and Taiwan? sure! We’re gonna find out for you!LED lighting is an upstream industry in the 21st century. The development of LED material technology has directly driven the changes in the lighting market. LED chips and LED packaging technology have become the dominant technologies […]

How to do a 3D led screen?

p5 outdoor 208sqm in Serbia

In recent years, the demand for outdoor advertising has continued to increase, and the technology of outdoor LED large screens has continued to mature.In particular, the frequent appearance of 3D LED screen. Outdoor 3D LED Large Screen Display They have become the mainstream of today’s media and advertising. High-quality advertising image, rich colors and dynamic […]