How to calculate the transmittance of P3.91 LED transparent screen?

The most important thing about the P3.91 LED transparent screen is its light transmittance. The higher the light transmittance, the better the quality of the LED transparent screen. Therefore, customers often ask how much its transmittance and light transmittance are calculated. Woolen cloth? Calculation method of LED transparent display To calculate permeability, we must first […]

What is LED abnormity screen? What kinds are there?

The emergence of LED abnormity screen has broken the limitation of traditional large-screen splicing systems that can only be spliced ​​into simple shapes. It can be arbitrarily spliced ​​into various regular shapes to display some highly innovative and creative content, Time to attract the audience’s attention to achieve better results and can also better expand […]

Is there a completely transparent P3.91 LED transparent screen?

Now when many customers inquire about the P3.91 LED transparent screen, they often ask for the percentage of the light transmittance of the display. This is mainly because the single and double color led display can no longer meet the personalized needs of the current shopping mall, so LED transparent screen will be selected. The […]

What are the installation methods of P2.976 transparent LED display?

The P2.976 transparent LED display is a particularly unique existence in LED display. Why do you say that? This is because the structure of transparent LED display is not the same as other LED displays. The big difference is that transparent LED display does not use LED modules are assembled. Instead, LED light strips are […]

Small pitch LED VS Mini LED

With the improvement of people’s requirements for picture quality, smaller and smaller display screens have become the focus of more and more people’s attention. For example, the mini LED display screen that has been talked about in recent years is one of them.Mini LED displays and small-pitch LED displays always look somewhat similar, so what’s […]

Which display is good for eyes?

With everyone’s attention to health, people have never stopped discussing Which display is good for eyes. If the common diseases of the elderly are coronary heart disease, three highs, etc., wait for our generation to get old After that, there should be a lot of people with eye problems. A previous answer said that it […]

Is LED or OLED better?

I often hear people talking about LED and OLED, two acronyms that differ only by one letter. Is LED or OLED better? To answer this question in one word: yes. It turns out that an extra letter “O” makes a big difference, but doesn’t mean OLED is better than LED in any way. This article […]

How much does a LED screen cost?

How much does an LED screen cost? Presumably this is a concern of many customers. In fact, regarding the cost of LED displays, we need to look at the categories of LED displays. Here we take the cylindrical LED special-shaped screen as an example to talk about how much the LED display costs. In recent […]

How much does an LED wall cost?

For the LED wall cost, it mainly depends on the model used. Currently, the models suitable for LED video wall are: p1.667, p1.875, p1.923, P2, etc. The resolution is from high to low. As for their Costs need to be calculated from multiple perspectives. Screen price: that is, the indoor LED display price is X […]

Is LED better than LCD?

I often hear many people say that LED displays are better than LCD displays, so is this actually true? Let’s find out together. Compared with LCD displays, LED displays have more advantages in terms of brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate. Using LED technology, it is possible to make displays that are thinner, […]