How about the use effect of P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen?

P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen is a new type of ground display device specially customized for entertainment venues. It has a flexible modular design that can realize a variety of different application environments. Although domestic interactive floor tiles can also achieve similar interactive effects through pre-set video methods, the performance site is often full […]

What is P3 P4 LED wall?

p3 LED module vs p4 LED module

P3 P4 LED wall are more commonly used LED displays because their spacing is relatively small, so many people use them as background walls or video walls. This can not only modify the background but also watch as a TV. It can be said that It is very convenient. What is the difference between LED […]

How to choose a good LED manufacturer?

At present, there are many products on the market, but also because of their simple manufacturing methods, the price competition is fierce, and many agents are also ups and downs in the fierce competition, and there are still a few who can survive. In view of this problem, many agents began to look for some […]

What is P4 resolution?

The LED P4 display is a common display in daily life. Its unit board size is 256X128mm, and the P4 resolution is 64*32=2048 points. It is not only useful for indoor use but also for outdoor use. The indoor P4 LED display is used indoors, and the outdoor P4 LED display is used outdoors. It […]

What is the difference between National Star LED and Kinglight LED?

About the National Star LED and Kinglight LED there are always a lot of controversies, should choose which one, we take a look at: Chapter 1: Cree LEDs and Nichia LEDs At present, in the Shenzhen market of China, the most common LED brands of LED display are Guoxing, Jinguang, Mulinsen, Hongsheng, and so on. […]