What are the advantages of shelf LED displays

Shelf LED display with easy to change the content, easy to use and other features, it can give large supermarkets and stores what benefits? Today, supermarkets have become a rigid-need industry in cities of different sizes around the world, and it is also an industry that involves people’s livelihood. Usually when we are shopping, we […]

The new star of KTV market – bar & KTV LED display

As the KTV market decline, many traditional KTV venues began to switch to the KTV LED display to raise the bar cool effect.In addition to the shadow K system, panoramic KTV has become a highlight of KTV upgrades in recent years. Generally speaking, the space of a KTV cube has 6 sides. In the past, […]

Shenzhen Guochao LED Night Show Transparent Magic Screen Case Show by JYLED

On June 1st this year, Shenzhen Guochao LED night show transparent magic screen was officially launched. With the novel and unique display form of full transparency, ultra-high definition and combination of virtual and real, it stood out from many traditional bars and became a new trend in the industry. ▲Multi-screen linkage, active atmosphere and dynamic […]

Why is the DJ bar LED screen suitable for use in bars?

In most entertainment venues, the DJ booth is a symbol of the bar and the most distinctive stage facade. With the emergence of LED special-shaped screens in recent years, the characteristic display effect formed by the combination has further enhanced the cool effect of the bar DJ booth. The special-shaped DJ booth with LED display […]

How about the development prospect of LED movie display screen?

Samsung replaced projectors and screens with LED movie display screen for the first time in a movie theater, a landmark moment in the history of the film industry. The South Korean electronics giant first unveiled its Samsung LED movie screen in March this year, and now the 10.3m (33.8ft) wide screen has settled in South […]

What is LED cinema display?

On July 13, 2017, the news that Samsung installed the first LED cinema display in the Lotte Movie World Building in South Korea spread like wildfire, which once aroused the close attention of the domestic LED display giant industry. What is the important impact of this matter on the LED display? It turns out that […]

What is GOB? The answer is here!

What is GOB?As we all know, the application of GOB technology in the LED industry has been one after another in recent years, not only because it brings a new evolution direction to the industry, but also brings tangible benefits to the application of products in all walks of life. So what exactly is GOB […]

What are the characteristics of LED floor tile screen?

The LED floor tile screen is an LED display specially designed for ground display. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protection performance, and heat dissipation performance, so that it can be well adapted to high-intensity stepping and can operate normally for a long time. According to the actual data test, the bearing […]

Where is the LED floor tile screen suitable for use?

Because of its various colors, stable performance and long service life, LED floor tile screens decorate every part of people’s living environment, making the city more colorful in the night environment, adding a lot of interest and improving people’s understanding of The level of enjoyment of life. Some customers don’t know much about LED floor […]