What are the classifications of transparent LED displays

Many people don’t know that, in fact, transparent LED displays, like other LED displays, can also be subdivided into many types. Next, let’s take a look at the common classifications of transparent LED displays. Classification of Transparent LED Displays 1. The transparent screen with hard light bar has a permeability of about 60-80%. This type […]

The difference between JYLED transparent screen and other LED transparent screens

It has become the first choice of many companies to use JYLED transparent screen as advertising display or brand promotion. Many colleagues are very curious, why JYLED transparent display will be spread by word of mouth among many customers and stand out in the huge LED display. This is actually inseparable from the uniqueness of […]

What factors need to be considered when choose LED transparent screen?

Due to technological innovation and the advantages of transparent LED Display Supplier, the number of advertising companies that need to choose LED transparent screen is also increasing. So, in the face of more and more transparent LED screen manufacturers on the market, what factors do we need to consider when choosing LED transparent screens? At […]

What are the main features of LED transparent screen?

We all know that LED transparent screen have many features that other LED displays do not have. But few people can say its advantages comprehensively. Let’s find out next. Transparent display technology The effect is the biggest feature of the Indoor Rental LED Display that distinguishes it from other types of LED displays, thanks to […]

Why is LED transparent display more and more widely used?

Fixed Outdoor Display Screen is derived from LED display. After its birth, it has always shown strong vitality, and has opened up its own world in the highly competitive LED display application market. From the original shopping mall window, to the bar entertainment at the back, to the large-scale dance performances and other scenes, the […]

What’s special about JYLED’s rental display

For the LED display, it is impossible to use only one or two days or one or two months in terms of service life. However, the LED display screen has more and more problems with the prolongation of use time. Due to the long-term use, the brightness and chromaticity are not as good as before, […]

Is there any difference between rental display and ordinary LED display?

The rental display we often say refers to a display that can move the moving screen. And the ordinary LED display, we usually refer to the fixed installation display. Therefore, the main difference of rental display is that it needs to be moved frequently, dismantled and installed repeatedly, so the requirements for the product are […]

Advantages and Features of Rental LED Displays

Due to the lightweight structure of the rental LED display, it is often used in shopping malls, fashion conferences, large-scale singing and dancing parties, wedding venues, film and television studios, digital stages and other places. This is inseparable from its own advantages and characteristics. Advantages of renting LED display Because the LED rental screen needs […]

What are the advantages of LED rental display

In recent years, LED display products have been rapidly popularized and applied. Under the situation that the domestic macroeconomic growth rate has slowed down, the LED display industry has maintained a sustained and rapid growth. Among them, the LED rental display under the LED display category is designed as a customized die-cast aluminum box. The […]

What are the steps to install the LED rental screen

  With the gradual popularization of led rental screens, more and more people are familiar with and understand led rental screens, but for many people, how to install led rental screen is a headache. Let’s take a look at this, what needs to be done to install LED rental.   Steps to install Rental LED Display   1. […]