3D LED screen

Pixel Pitch: 4mm/5mm/8mm/101mm

3D LED screen is an eye-catching and innovative LED display.It refers to the LED display that people can directly watch 3D  video and pictures through the combination of screen and video without special glasses.



High Exposure

Naked-eye 3D LED displays are generally installed in popular business districts and outdoor plazas where there is a large flow of people. Combined with specially customized video materials, they present a three-dimensional playback effect, which can quickly attract the attention of passers-by and improve the quality of life. Exposure of products and advertisements.


Wide Viewing Angle

The naked-eye 3D LED display adopts wide viewing angle technology, no matter what angle the audience looks at, they can still get good visual effects.

No matter from the front or the side, you can feel the visual shock brought by the naked-eye 3D LED display.


High Definition

The naked-eye 3D LED display adopts higher-standard hardware equipment and dot-matrix technology, which can make the screen display ultra-high-definition resolution and image quality, making the content clearer, more three-dimensional, and more realistic in detail.


Pixel Pitch(Outdoor)P4P5P8P10
Module Size320mm x 160mm
Module Resolution80dots x 40dots64dots x 32dots40dots x 20dots32dots x 16dots
Cabient Size960mm x 960mm or customized
Pixel Density62500 dots/m240000 dots/m215625 dots/m210000 dots/m2
Driver Mode1/10 Scan1/8 Scan1/5 Scan1/2 Scan
Refresh Rate1920Hz/3840Hz
Controlling systemNovastar
View AngleHorizontal 140° Vertical 140°
MTBF>10,000 hours
Life Span≥100,000 hours
IP RatingIP65
Warranty Time2-3 years


Product Document

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Here are some answers to questions about 3D LED screens, I hope they can help you!

Table of Contents

1.What is the difference between 3D LED screen and regular LED display?

Naked-eye 3D display screens are different in terms of hardware facilities, software products and playback materials. Naked-eye 3D displays have very high requirements for playback materials, and generally need to be customized according to the screen.

2.What are the main application fields of naked eye 3D LED screen?

Movie theaters, commercial exhibitions, stage performances and advertising and other fields. The naked-eye 3D LED screen can present shocking visual effects and attract people’s attention, thereby achieving more exposure.

3.Can the naked-eye 3D LED screen be used indoors?

Yes, we can customize both indoor and outdoor 3D screens for you according to your usage scenarios.