• How much is the P5 LED display price per square meter?
  • How much is the P5 LED display price per square meter?

How much is the P5 LED display price per square meter?

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  •   Product model: P5 outdoor full-color LED display

      Pixel pitch: 5mm

      Pixel density: 40,000 dots/square

      Pixel composition: 1R1G1B three in one

      Packaging method: surface mount three-in-one integrated module

      LED packaging method: surface mount SMD2828 three-in-one

      P5LED module size (mm): 320x160

      P5LED unit board resolution: 64*32=2048 points

      LED chip brand: Taiwan Epistar + Huacan

      IC driver chip brand: Taiwan Macroblock MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series

      Control card system brand: Lingxingyu

      Power brand: Chuanglian, MEAN WELL

      Cabinet resolution: 160*160=25600 points

      Box size: 960*960mm

      Box material: aluminum

      Box weight: 45KG

      Red light: SMD2828, 625nm, 700mcd

      Green light: SMD2828, 525nm, 1500 mcd

      Blue light: SMD2828, 465nm, 350mcd

      White balance screen brightness: 5000cd/m²

      Viewing distance (m): 6—150m

      Scanning drive mode: 1/8 scan, real pixels

      Display interface: VAG+DVI display card

      Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware

      Viewing angle: horizontal: 140°, vertical: 140°

      Connection method: synchronous connection with computer (sending card + receiving card)

      Display content: video DVD, VCD, TV, images, text, animation, pictures and others

      Gray level: 4096

      Refresh frequency: >4000Hz

      Average power consumption (w/㎡): 650W/ m²

      Brightness adjustment method: chip electric process control or PWM without relay

      Effective communication distance: the transmission distance of unshielded twisted pair is 100 meters, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 130 meters

      Multimedia video processor: support and various media formats

      Working voltage: 5V

      Use power: 22W

      Theoretical LED life: 100,000 hours (11 years)

      Mean time between failures: ≥10000 hours

      Ambient temperature: Humidity -30℃~+50℃ RH=10~90%

      P5 display installation method: floor type, mosaic type, suspension type, bracket type, support type, pillar type.



How much is the P5 LED display price per square meter? JYLED reminds you that the price of the P5 display is not fixed, because the price quotation of the P5 LED display includes the complete set of needs for the display: die, module circui
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  • product description

How much is the P5 LED display price per square meter? JYLED reminds you that the price of the P5 display is not fixed, because the price quotation of the P5 LED display includes the complete set of needs for the display: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, aluminum box and plastic mask As well as all cables and connecting cables inside the display, the P5 full-color display accessories are all stable accessories on the market.

In terms of quality and cost-effectiveness, if the customer does not specify otherwise, we generally use Taiwan Epistar LED core Red, green and blue tubes or Taiwan Guanglei red tube + Silan pure green pure blue tube, IC driver chip uses Taiwan Macroblock 5020, 5024 and other series, power supply uses 200W Chuanglian, control system uses Lingxingyu brand, all materials are It is a brand that has been tested for several years, so users can use it with confidence.

P5 LED display price

P5 LED display offers to maintain a leading position in the LED industry.

1. Selection of JYLED full-color display LED (light emitting tube):

〈1〉The red, green and blue LEDs of the same display screen each adopt the same grade (same height, same wavelength).

〈2〉The brightness ratio of the red, green and blue tubes on the display screen is strictly in accordance with R:G:B=3:6:1.

〈3〉Cooperate with well-known brands at home and abroad, and adopt National Star, Taiwan Epistar, American CREE or Japan Nichia as the chip.

2. Reliability experiment:

In order to avoid hidden defects in the production and design of the product, the P5 full-color display company has formulated a series of reliability experiments.

〈1〉Semi-finished product electrical performance test. Before the semi-finished module is sealed, after the QC test is completely OK, all products are powered on and subjected to high temperature aging for at least 48 hours.

〈2〉The finished product aging test, install the finished module on the LED box, and simulate the on-site assembly of the whole screen. After passing the aging test for 72 hours, it can be shipped without failure.

〈3〉Waterproof experiment. The outdoor LED full-color display adds a high-pressure flushing experiment to the screen, and conducts water penetration and water splashing experiments on each box to ensure the waterproof effect.

〈4〉Anti-corrosion experiment. In order to ensure the anti-corrosion reliability of circuit boards and cabinets that have been repeatedly processed, the company must conduct salt spray experiments during the production process.

〈5〉Vibration experiment, for outdoor traffic induction full-color LED display, vehicle-mounted LED full-color large screen, ship-borne outdoor full-color LED display and portable LED full-color electronic display, because their work is often under vibration conditions , In order to ensure product reliability, vibration experiments must be carried out.

〈6〉Environmental experiment, Maipu Guangcai outdoor full-color LED display is debugged in real outdoor environment to ensure that the factory effect is consistent with the on-site effect.

How much is the price of P5 LED display screen, and the cost of P5 display screen quotation is composed of:

1. Screen body: The price of P5 display screen generally includes cabinet, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc.

2. Control system: The price of the P5LED display does not include the price of the control system. Generally, if the screen is not too large, only one sending card is used. The receiving card is actually calculated according to the length and height of the screen. Maipu Guangcai will give a suitable one. The quantity to ensure the display effect and cost (special requirements led display project can be remotely controlled or wirelessly controlled according to actual requirements)

3. Main control computer: desktop computers are generally used for fixed installation, and commonly used laptops for lease are used in conjunction with external sending cards

4. LED display video processor: If the information is not updated frequently, the small fixed-installation screen can be used without live broadcasting. If it is a large screen or live broadcasting, it needs to be purchased.

5. Power distribution cabinet: Although it is cheap to configure in a hardware store, it lacks professionalism. If it is not done well, it will have a great impact on the life and normal use of the screen. We recommend that customers buy from a professional manufacturer or purchase from us.

6. Amplifier and audio: buy according to the installation environment, outdoor needs waterproof, customers can buy it by themselves, or we can provide it together

7. Function card: It can provide temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters collection, and can realize functions such as automatic brightness adjustment. Suggest customer configuration

8. Steel frame structure: Maipu Guangcai provides CAD reference design drawings, which can be made locally or contracted by the manufacturer

9. Heat dissipating equipment: Generally, special heat dissipating equipment is not required for indoors under normal environment. Outdoors, air conditioners and axial fans should be installed for heat dissipation in order to improve the stability and life of the display. Which is better for Huizhou LED display? Find Maipu Brilliance

10. Air box: generally only need to be purchased by leasing customers, one air box can have 4-6 display boxes

11. Logistics transportation: the freight is responsible for the customer, usually by logistics to pay

How much is the price of P5 LED display? The core factors that affect the price of P5 display:

Nowadays, there are more and more classifications of full-color LED display screens, so there is frequent price war. The competition in the LED display industry has become fierce, and manufacturers even offer completely different prices for the same products. In fact, if you are familiar with the full-color LED display industry, you know that there are many reasons that limit the price of the P5 display. For example, the specifications of the full-color display, the supporting factors of the material system and the construction reasons will all affect the price of the P5 display.

P5 LED display price

1. The impact of specifications on the price of P5 display

Here we only talk about conventional products. In terms of color, LED display screens can be divided into single color, double color, and full color. From the use environment, it can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. The price of each specification of LED display is different. Indoor full-color is divided into P2.5 LED display, P3 LED display, and P4 LED display. P5 full-color LED display, outdoor full-color is sub-surface-mount full-color (usually high-density such as P4 full-color surface-mount LED display, P5 surface-mount full-color display, P6 outdoor full-color LED display, P8 full-color Color LED display), in-line full color (usually high-density such as p10 full color LED display, p12 full color display, etc.)

2. The impact of main supporting systems on the price of P5LED display

1) Play system: control computer, multimedia card or graphics card, play software;

2) Editing system: editing computer, video compression card, editing software;

3) System accessories: sending card, receiving card, adapter card;

4) Sound system: amplifier + speaker;

5) Video input equipment: DVD/VCD player, video recorder, closed-circuit television;

6) Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software;

7) Protection system: heat dissipation system, power distribution system, lightning protection system;

8) Graphic input: scanner, digital camera. The above accessories and equipment are optional except for system accessories and playback system. Due to the influence of factors such as brand and procurement channels, the price of its LED display is naturally different.

3. The impact of construction factors on the price of P5 display

Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure selection and other factors, the project price of P5LED display will definitely have a relatively large difference, especially when making outdoor LED displays, the project price varies greatly due to the impact of the construction environment. .

4. The impact of materials on the price of P5LED display

The materials are divided into major categories, which can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials.

In terms of light-emitting chips, the sources of imports are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and some domestic chips are also currently available. Each light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the led chip, the main factor affecting the price of the P5 display is the led driver IC, but if I am a customer, I would rather choose a better driver IC, because although the price is higher, the driver IC affects the P5 full-color display The quality and lifespan are very important factors. When making outdoor full-color LED displays, constant voltage and constant current driver ICs must be used; other materials such as power supplies, cabinets, and various accessories for making LED displays.

5. Other factors

Payment methods, tax rates, transportation methods, and the manufacturer’s own factors all determine the price quotation of the P5 full-color display.

Users who need to consult and understand the price of the P5 display, please provide the following relevant information:

1. Scope of application: Whether the LED full-color display is installed indoors or outdoors, or semi-outdoor.

2. Installation places: such as the outer walls of shopping malls, squares, meeting rooms, halls, hotels, stages, etc.

3. Installation methods: common fixed installation methods include column type, wall-mounted, inlaid type, hoisting type, etc. If it is a full-color LED display used for stage performances and celebrations, inform whether it needs to be moved frequently, and if it is a full-color full-color display with a rental box for rental, it can be quickly disassembled, installed and transported.

4. Purpose: What content needs to be played, text, picture or video? Or are there any special signal access and playback requirements?

5. Size: Provide the width and height dimensions or area of the LED screen.

6. Specification and model: If you don't know which model is suitable, you can consult JYLED professional sales engineering, and will give you professional answers and detailed quotation budget plans.

7. Site photos: If possible, provide pictures of the installation location, and take good shots with multi-angle clarity.

8. If the site installation is restricted, please measure the approximate size of the installation location.

If you want to view the approximate quotation of the LED display, you can click on the title below to view:

How much is the LED display price

Relying on the unremitting efforts of high-tech talents and all employees of the company, JYLED is committed to continuous innovation in the LED field, making greater contributions to the development of optoelectronic high-tech and semiconductor lighting fields!

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