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  • P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen
  • P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

  • Original region :JYLED LED DISPLAY
  • IP65 waterproof rating, long service lifeHigh brightness, bright colorsSimple internal connection and easy installation

    Any size, seamless stitching

P4 fixed LED display in a community in Las Vegas, USA Outdoor Fixed LED screen Model P3 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 Module size(mm) 192×192 320×160 320×160 192×192 320×160 320×160 Module resolution (dot) 64×64 80×40 64×32 32×32 40×20 32×16 Scanning 1/1
  • Product Description
P5 Indoor LED module
P10 Outdoor LED Cabinet
P10 Outdoor LED Cabinet
P4 Fixed LED Display In A Community In Las Vegas, USA
P4 Fixed LED Display In A Community In Las Vegas, USA
Outdoor Fixed LED screen
Module size(mm)192×192320×160320×160192×192320×160320×160
Module resolution (dot)64×6480×4064×3232×3240×2032×16
Cabinet size(mm)960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960960×960
Max. Power Consumption10009008008008001000
Average Power Consumption350300400300300500
Cabinet weight (kg)40kg40kg40kg40kg40kg40kg
Cabinet materialIronIronIronIronIronIron
IP rateIP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65
Refresh rate(hz)1920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-3840
Frame change frequency50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Best viewing distance>3m>4m>5m>6m>8m>10m
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current4.5-5.55.5-7.55.5-7.53.5-5.55.5-7.08.0-10
Life span (H)≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000
MTBF (H)>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000

What are the common indoor LED modules?

Indoor LED modules usually have relatively small points. However, if it is applied to a place with a longer viewing distance, sometimes the number of points will be increased appropriately. The picture below shows some common indoor LED module products.

common Outdoor LED module series

Common Outdoor LED Module Series
Common Outdoor LED Module Series
P6 P8 P10 P3.91 P4.81 LED Module
P6 P8 P10 P3.91 P4.81 LED Module

Product model: P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen LED electronic display

P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen material specifications and technical parameters:

Product model: P4 outdoor full-color LED display

Pixel pitch: 4mm

Dimensions: 256*128mm

Pixel density: 62500 dots/square

Pixel composition: 1R1G1B three in one

Packaging method: surface mount three-in-one integrated module

LED packaging method: surface mount SMD1921 three-in-one

P4LED module size (mm): 256*128mm

P4LED unit board resolution: 64*32=2048 points

Module uniformity<1.5%

Blind spot rate <0.00005

LED chip brand: Taiwan Epistar

IC driver chip brand: Taiwan Macroblock MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series

Control card system brand: Lingxingyu

Power brand: Chuanglian, MEAN WELL

Cabinet resolution: 192*192=36864 points

Box size: 768*768mm

Box material: aluminum

Box weight: 45KG

White balance screen brightness: 7000cd/m²

Viewing distance (m): 4—150m

Module power (w)≤32.5W

Number of modules per square: 30.5

Maximum power: 1100W

Average power consumption: 400W

Scanning drive mode: 1/8 scan, constant current drive

Display interface: VAG+DVI display card

Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware

Viewing angle: horizontal: 140°, vertical: 140°

Connection mode: synchronous connection with computer (sending card + receiving card)

Display content: video DVD, VCD, TV, images, text, animation, pictures and others

Gray level: 16384 levels

Refresh frequency: >4000Hz

Brightness adjustment method: chip electric process control or PWM without relay

Effective communication distance: the transmission distance of unshielded twisted pair is 100 meters, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 130 meters

Multimedia video processor: support and various media formats

Working voltage: 5V

Theoretical LED life: 100,000 hours (11 years)

Mean time between failures: ≥10000 hours

Ambient temperature: Humidity -30℃~+50��RH=10~90%

Brightness control: 64 levels of continuous adjustment, manual adjustment, automatic adjustment, 256 levels of brightness adjustment, with blanking function

Recommended suitable viewing distance: 5m-300m

Multimode fiber transmission distance: up to ≥500 meters;

Color type: ≥1.07 billion

Control method: Synchronize with computer monitor

Signal format (with video processor): VGA, DVI, RGBHV, PbPr (HDTV), Composite, S-Video, TV

Frame rate: ≥60HZ

Signal connection mode: CAT5 super five network cable transmission

Single-mode fiber transmission distance: ≥20 kilometers.

Control distance: The transmission distance of the national standard network cable is ≥100 meters;

Digital processing: 10 bits

Service life (50% brightness): ≥100,000 hours

Leakage current to the ground: <2mA

System working environment temperature -30℃~+6

Power supply mode: AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ choose one

Steel material: Q235B hot-dip galvanized

P4 outdoor full-color LED display installation method: floor type, mosaic type, hanging type, bracket type, support type, pillar type

The price of P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen adopts a direct sales policy, the manufacturer directly sells, installs and after-sales maintenance, the price is more affordable, and the size can be customized

The P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen adopts a packaging method of SMD surface mount 1921 lamp beads three-in-one, mainly composed of three colors of red, green and blue; there are 62500 pixels in one square meter, and the distance between each pixel is 4mm; the scanning method is 8 scans, the power consumption of one square meter is about 500 watts per square meter, the novel mask setting, the color mixing is more uniform, and the high-density pixels make the picture quality clearer and wider.

Features of P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen:

★The P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen uses internationally renowned LED dies and high-quality lamp beads; high brightness, large viewing angle, and good color consistency; using international driver ICs, parameter fluctuation coefficients are small; PCB board uses large-scale integrated circuit design, good stability

★The brand-new mask design of the P4LED outdoor display makes the light emitted by the LED almost zero reflection, ensuring the display effect of the screen;

★The use efficiency of P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen screen switching power supply is greatly improved, and the power failure rate is reduced;

★The P4 outdoor full-color display cancels the wiring of the aviation head and adopts the fishbone bus wiring method, which greatly reduces the problems such as poor contact;

��P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen display all-weather, adapting to various harsh outdoor environments;

★The flatness of the installation surface of the outdoor P4 display module should be controlled within plus or minus 0.2mm, and the flatness of the whole screen is good;

★The P4 outdoor display circuit board adopts wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent moisture and oxidation of the circuit and increase the service life;

★P4 outdoor LED full-color display screen adopts special thermal conductive potting silica gel on the front, and the back is sprayed with three anti-paint protection, double waterproof protection, making the product more weather-resistant and faster heat dissipation; unique drainage hole design, reducing steel The problem of structural defects causes the module to be damaged due to water ingress, which improves the self-protection ability of the module and further guarantees the service life of the display;

★Compared with outdoor in-line full-color products, outdoor surface mount products are lighter and lighter, bringing convenience to assembly, transportation and later maintenance, saving time and effort;

★P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen has high-performance waterproof and dustproof capabilities above IP65;

Advantages of P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen products:

1. P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen has super large screen, super vision, high brightness and outstanding advertising image.

2. P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen advertising videos are broadcast frequently every day, and various information from businesses is repeatedly transmitted to further increase the audience rate of advertisements.

3. The matching consistency of the three brightnesses of the red, green and blue oval LEDs at different angles is a very difficult indicator, and the full-color SMD is designed with a three-in-one structure with three red, green and blue chips. All in one bracket bowl, so the matching consistency of the red, green, and blue brightness at different angles is highly consistent, so that the outdoor full-color SMD SMD display has a consistent brightness at any angle. Good, to achieve a better color lifelike effect.

4. The adjustable advertising screen of the P4LED outdoor full-color display can be changed at any time according to the needs of customers, and the latest content can be inserted at any time.

5. The front of the P4 outdoor full-color display module is filled with high-quality imported glue, and there is a waterproof rubber ring on the back to improve the waterproof performance of the display;

6. Self-made programs, and can be freely played in the environmentally suitable advertising video.

7. Diverse shapes: rectangle, square, arc, circle and other custom design shapes can be made

8. P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen adopts VGA synchronization technology, the content is synchronized with CRT, and it is simple and convenient to replace the advertising content;

P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen application range:

P4 outdoor full-color LED displays are widely used in business centers, shopping centers, media centers, commercial streets, leisure and cultural plazas, entertainment plazas, railway stations, airports, passenger terminals, etc.

P4 Outdoor Fixed LED Screen supporting cabinet:

Cabinet specifications: 768*768mm

★Aluminum casting process: beautiful appearance, good consistency, and high splicing accuracy;

★All aluminum material: light weight, good heat dissipation;

★Aviation head connection: fast installation, flexible wiring, stable performance;

★Free-hand installation: lock design, can be installed without tools.

Where is the P4 fixed LED display suitable for use?

The dot pitch of the P4 fixed LED display is larger than some indoor ultra-high-definition LED displays. Therefore, it is required to have enough space in the place where it is placed. If the space is too close, it is easy to see some dense points, which will affect the viewing effect, so it is more suitable to be placed in some large shopping malls or supermarkets.

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