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  • P5 Indoor Fixed LED Screen
  • P5 Indoor Fixed LED Screen

P5 Indoor Fixed LED Screen

  • Original region:JYLED LED DISPLAY
  • High-definition display, delicate pictureHigh density, adjustable brightnessModular design, easy maintenanceSupport multimedia playback
Large P5 Indoor LED Display in Wanda Plaza, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou Indoor Rental LED screen Model P2 P2.5 P3 P4 P5 P6 Module size (mm) 320×160 192×192 320×160 192×192 Module resolution (dot) 160×80 128×256 64×64 80×40
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P5 Indoor Fixed LED Screen

P10 Outdoor LED Cabinet
P10 Outdoor LED Cabinet

Large P5 Indoor LED Display in Wanda Plaza, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

P5 Indoor Fixed LED Screens

Indoor Rental LED screen
Module size(mm)320×160320×160192×192320×160320×160192×192
Module resolution (dot)160×80128×25664×6480×4064×3232×32
Cabinet size(mm)640×640640×640576×576960×960576×576960×960
Max. Power Consumption600W600W600W600W600W600W
Average Power Consumption200W200W200W200W200W200W
Cabinet weight (kg)13kg13kg11kg27kg11kg13kg
Cabinet materialDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumIron
IP rateIP 31IP 31IP 31IP 31IP 31IP 31
Refresh rate(hz)1920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-38401920-3840
Frame change frequency50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz50/60hz
Horizontal viewing angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Vertical viewing angle>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°>140°
Best viewing distance>2m>2.5m>3m>4m>5m>6m
Input VoltageAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220VAC110V – AC220V
Module Max. current3.5-4.54.0-5.02.5-3.53.0-4.53.0-3.51.5-2.5
Life span (H)≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000
MTBF (H)>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000>10,000

P5 indoor fixed LED display installation tutorial

First, you need to calculate the size: the unit board uses a P5 full-color module with a size of 32*16CM, 15 blocks in length and 12 blocks in height, then 15*12=180, which means that this full-color LED display needs a total of 180 modules are used.

32*15=480CM, 16*12=192CM, the net area is 480CM*192CM each plus 1CM remaining (except for the stainless steel package, 2MM is used, and the seam of the final board is 5-8MM. Do it at one time. The remaining heads on top and bottom can be left on top and they are invisible from the front.) The frame size is 481CM*193CM.

After calculating the size, the following is the specific installation requirements.

First, make the border first

Buy 4 pieces of 4*4 square steel and 4 pieces of 2*2 square steel (6 meters long) from the market, first use 4*4 square steel to make a field frame

The Steel Structure Used By P5
The Steel Structure Used By P5

The size of the large frame is 485CM*197CM, because the size inside the small frame is the size of the screen, and the square steel is 4CM, so it is this size. When welding, use a steel angle ruler to weld a 90 degree angle as much as possible, and the middle size can be ignored.

After the field frame is finished, start to weld small square steel on it. The inner size of the small square steel is 481CM*193CM, the four corners and the middle part are cut into small sections with the remaining 4*4 square steel, which is convenient for wrapping stainless steel.

The Steel Structures Used By P5
The Steel Structures Used By P5

After the small connecting frame is completed, start welding the back strip, measure the welding of the first two pieces with the board, and weld it down after finding the size. The back strip is 4CM wide and the length is about 198, and the two ends can be welded well.

After the frame is welded, it can be installed in the hall. Make two angle steel hooks on the top of the wall.

Second. Power on, control card, module

After the shelf is hung up, a space of 1cm needs to be reserved around it, because the indoor screen cannot be made into a box frame with a fan, only the space of 1cm can be easily ventilated.

Turn on the power supply first. The power supply uses a 5V, 40A power supply. Each power supply has 4 modules. It is calculated that this full-color LED display requires 45 power supplies.

This is the shelf after the power supply is installed. It is a bit spectacular. When installing the power supply, first connect the two finished power cords. The 5V output must be optimistic about the positive and negative poles. Smoke, if the control card is still connected, the card will also burn.

Each finished power cord has two connectors, so that each power supply can carry four modules. Then it is 220V connection. Use 2 square soft copper wires to string each row together. Finally, three sets of 220V power cords come out, one air switch is inserted, and a pair of 6 square copper wires are inserted into the air switch. The power of this screen is about 9 kilowatts, so there is a surplus of 6 square lines.

After the power supply is connected, install the control card. The control card uses 5 Yangbang BX-V75 synchronous receiving cards.

Each card has three rows of modules, a total of 36 boards, so that every three rows install a card, take 5V from the nearby power supply to power on the card, pay attention to the positive and negative poles, and then connect the 5 cards with a network cable. The network port of the power connector is the input port, the right is the first card, which is also the head card, the input is connected to the computer’s Gigabit network card, and the output network port is connected to the input port of the second card, and the second card’s The output port is connected to the input port of the third card, so that until the last card, the fifth card, the input is connected to the output of the fourth card. The output port is empty.

Before installing the module, it is necessary to use stainless steel for edging. This is just for good-looking, and it is also required by the installation unit. I specially hired a stainless steel master to measure the size. I estimated that the steel structure has increased by 5 mm after he has measured it. Well, it can be installed and stuck for convenience.

After the stainless steel side is fastened, the module can be opened. Install from top to bottom. The length of the built-in cable is only suitable for the connection between the module and the module. The long cable from the control card to the template must be made by yourself, (you can also ask for the module sold). The bottom cable is the longest, about 1 meter and a half long, and the long cable is made below.

If you have tools, just press the two ends, and finally put on the fixed clip. In many cases, because the back strip supports the uneven module, you have to cut it off when you install it. Words without arrows are up, and the front input is connected to the back output.

This color screen shares 5 cards, one card drags three rows of modules, and each card has 12 T75 ports. This screen is also 12 rows from top to bottom. When it is fully inserted, just plug it in. The bottom pin of the screen interface is marked with OE, but it is not the red side of the cable. (This is the opposite of the single and double color screen). The module or card will not be burned even if the cable is inserted reversely, but a bright display is displayed on the module. String

It’s fine if the corresponding connection is full, not all of them are marked on the map, mainly because the marking is too ugly.

After installing the three-row module and one card, power on and test. If there is a problem, solve it in time, because the next set of modules will cover the card and it cannot be tested. There is a test button on the control card. If the installation is normal, the screen will be Display red, green, blue, line, field, and point information in sequence, if normal, install the next group until the installation is complete.

LEDshowTV 2015 Software Installtion
LEDshowTV 2015 Software Installtion

Third.Software debugging part

Find a computer with a Gigabit network card and install the LedshowTV2015 software,The next step until it is completed, then install K-Lite_Codec_Pack. In order to play movies, more formats are supported.

Open the software, the following screen appears

LEDshowTV 2015 Software Interface
LEDshowTV 2015 Software Interface

Setting screen parameters The size of the LED display must be set correctly, otherwise the program may only display part of it or not display properly when the program is finished and played.

Select the menu “Settings” → “Software Settings”, the playback window will pop up, where you can set the height and width of the LED display. The password is 168

The number of points of the P5 single module is 64*32, so the size of this color screen is 960*384.

After the software setting is completed, enter the setting controller: select the menu “Settings”→”Setting Screen Parameters”, the screen parameter setting window will pop up, where you can set the sending device, receiving card connection, scanning configuration, and display parameter configuration.

Select the gigabit network card, click the check receiving card, you will find 5 cards, normal.

Receiving card connection select 5 horizontal, 1 vertical, select all after setting, set the number of points for each card to 192*384.

Select 1/16 full-color direct scan as the scanning method.

Neither here nor the next two have been moved.

At this point, the software and hardware of this project are all completed, let’s play a blockbuster and enjoy it slowly.

Tips: As a computer with a large screen, the large screen occupies a network card. In order to access the Internet, a computer with dual network cards is often selected. At this time, if this computer is connected to multiple screens, it will happen to encounter two network cards connecting two Yangbang If the card is used, you must disconnect one piece and adjust which piece to insert. If the two pieces are inserted together, there will be inexplicable failures. This problem has entangled me for a long time.

How much is the price of P5 LED display? The core factors that affect the price of P5 display:

Nowadays, there are more and more classifications of full-color LED display screens, so there is frequent price war. The competition in the LED display industry has become fierce, and manufacturers even offer completely different prices for the same products. In fact, if you are familiar with the full-color LED display industry, you know that there are many reasons that limit the price of the P5 display. For example, the specifications of the full-color display, the supporting factors of the material system and the construction reasons will all affect the price of the P5 display.

1. The impact of specifications on the price of P5 display

Here we only talk about conventional products. In terms of color, LED display screens can be divided into single color, double color, and full color. From the use environment, it can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. The price of each specification of LED display is different. Indoor full-color is divided into P2.5 LED display, P3 LED display, and P4 LED display. P5 full-color LED display, outdoor full-color is sub-surface-mount full-color (usually high-density such as P4 full-color surface-mount LED display, P5 surface-mount full-color display, P6 outdoor full-color LED display, P8 full-color Color LED display), in-line full color (usually high-density such as p10 full color LED display, p12 full color display, etc.)

2. The impact of main supporting systems on the price of P5LED display

1) Play system: control computer, multimedia card or graphics card, play software;

2) Editing system: editing computer, video compression card, editing software;

3) System accessories: sending card, receiving card, adapter card;

4) Sound system: amplifier + speaker;

5) Video input equipment: DVD/VCD player, video recorder, closed-circuit television;

6) Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software;

7) Protection system: heat dissipation system, power distribution system, lightning protection system;

8) Graphic input: scanner, digital camera. The above accessories and equipment are optional except for system accessories and playback system. Due to the influence of factors such as brand and procurement channels, the price of its LED display is naturally different.

3. The impact of construction factors on the price of P5 display

Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure selection and other factors, the project price of P5LED display will definitely have a relatively large difference, especially when making outdoor LED displays, the project price varies greatly due to the impact of the construction environment. .

4. The impact of materials on the price of P5LED display

The materials are divided into major categories, which can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials.

In terms of light-emitting chips, the sources of imports are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and some domestic chips are also currently available. Each light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the led chip, the main factor affecting the price of the P5 display is the led driver IC, but if I am a customer, I would rather choose a better driver IC, because although the price is higher, the driver IC affects the P5 full-color display The quality and lifespan are very important factors. When making outdoor full-color LED displays, constant voltage and constant current driver ICs must be used; other materials such as power supplies, cabinets, and various accessories for making LED displays.

5. Other factors

Payment methods, tax rates, transportation methods, and the manufacturer’s own factors all determine the price quotation of the P5 full-color display.

Users who need to consult and understand the price of the P5 display, please provide the following relevant information:

1. Scope of application: Whether the LED full-color display is installed indoors or outdoors, or semi-outdoor.

2. Installation places: such as the outer walls of shopping malls, squares, meeting rooms, halls, hotels, stages, etc.

3. Installation methods: common fixed installation methods include column type, wall-mounted, inlaid type, hoisting type, etc. If it is a full-color LED display used for stage performances and celebrations, inform whether it needs to be moved frequently, and if it is a full-color full-color display with a rental box for rental, it can be quickly disassembled, installed and transported.

4. Purpose: What content needs to be played, text, picture or video? Or are there any special signal access and playback requirements?

5. Size: Provide the width and height dimensions or area of the LED screen.

6. Specification and model: If you don’t know which model is suitable, you can consult JYLED professional sales engineering, and will give you professional answers and detailed quotation budget plans.

7. Site photos: If possible, provide pictures of the installation location, and take good shots with multi-angle clarity.

8. If the site installation is restricted, please measure the approximate size of the installation location.

If you want to view the approximate quotation of the LED display, you can click on the title below to view:

How much is the LED display price

Relying on the unremitting efforts of high-tech talents and all employees of the company, JYLED is committed to continuous innovation in the LED field, making greater contributions to the development of optoelectronic high-tech and semiconductor lighting fields!

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