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  • P8 Cross Led Screen
  • P8 Cross Led Screen

The P8 Cross LED Screen

P8 technical parameters:

  •   Standard conventional cabinet frame specifications: 768mm*768mm*90mm
  •   Cabinet resolution: 96*96=9216 points
  •   Cabinet area: 0.590/square
  •   Box weight: 18.5kg±0.05kg
  •   Maximum power consumption: 342W
  •   Average power consumption: 171W
  •   Power distribution: 438W
  •   Outdoor P8 full-color LED display screen technical parameters
  •   Brightness: ≥5000-6000cd/O
  •   Horizontal viewing angle of the screen: 105±8°
  •   Best viewing distance: ≥8.0m
  •   Maximum power consumption: ≤580W/O
  •   Brightness uniformity:> 0.95
  •   Vertical viewing angle of the screen: 105±8°
  •   Blind spot rate: less than three in ten thousand
  •   Use environment: outdoor, outdoor
  •   Power distribution: 875W
  •   Display interface: VAG+DVI display card
  •   Video processor: optional
  •   Connection method: synchronous connection with computer (sending card + receiving card)
  •   Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware
Packaging methodsurface mount three-in-one integrated module
Module pixel composition1R1G1B, SMD surface mount 3535 lamp beads
P8 LED unit board size256*128mm
Scanning mode1/4 sweep dynamic constant current drive
LED chip brandTaiwan Epistar
IC driver chip brandTaiwan Macroblock MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series
Pixel density15625 dots/square
P8 module resolution512 points(32*16)
Control card brandLinsn
Power brandChuanglian, MEAN WELL
Input voltage (DC)4.5-5.5V
Module power≤19W
LED unit board weight0.295kg ± 0.05kg
Kit materialpolycarbonate PC material
Maximum current3.8A±0.1A
  • Product Description

  The P8 Cross Led Screen benefits from the rapid development of outdoor advertising. With its vivid and true visual experience, the LED display has become an indispensable outdoor advertising carrier. Especially in the city’s commercial centers, pedestrian streets with dense crowds, etc., outdoor full-color LED displays can be seen everywhere.

The P8 Cross Led Screen has a unique waterproof cabinet design that meets IP65 protection standards and can be directly installed and used outdoors; it uses a fanless power supply and the cabinet naturally convection heat dissipation, which saves a lot of energy, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The brightness of the light is strong, Even when the sun shines directly on the surface of the screen within the visible distance, the displayed graphic content is still clearly visible;

The price quotations of The P8 Cross Led Screen in the market are very confusing, and the quotations of LED display manufacturers have a large gap.

The competition in the LED electronic display industry has reached fierce competition, and various manufacturers even offer completely different quotations for the same products.

If you are familiar with the full-color LED display industry, many reasons limit the price of LED electronic displays. How much is the price of an outdoor P8 Cross Led Screen per square meter?

JYLED reminds you that the ex-factory price of The P8 Cross Led Screen screen is about 2,000 yuan per square meter.

The price quotation of the P8 display includes a complete set of the P8 full-color display screen: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, aluminum cabinet and plastic mask, and all cables and connections inside the display Line and so on

JYLED  P8 Cross Led Screen has a two-year warranty: if any quality problem occurs within two years, our company arranges technicians to come to repair or replace free of charge, and all costs are free. Free maintenance for life.

  The P8 Cross Led Screen

LED Cross Display
LED Cross Display

How much is The P8 Cross Led Screen per square meter, the P8 display quotation and budgetary costs, to help you have an intuitive and clear understanding when purchasing a full-color LED display?

1. The cost of the display screen: Generally, it is calculated according to how much money is per square meter. The price of a P8 display screen is 2,000 yuan/m2. Among them, the LED electronic screen model and materials used are different, and the quotation will be different.

2. Control system cost: the cost of sending and receiving cards for the P8 full-color display screen. Generally, only one sending card is required for a screen, which is installed in the host computer, and the number of sending cards is n. The use of the control card is mainly based on the size of the LED display screen to determine the number. Generally speaking, the larger the area and the higher the density of the display screen, the more the number of receiving cards used.

3. Control computer: necessary equipment to control The P8 Cross Led Screen, configuration requirements or higher are required: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, independent graphics card above 512M, and motherboard with PCI slot.

4. Audio + power amplifier: A device that allows P8 full-color display to play a video simultaneously and emit sound. Generally, it is equipped with 1 power amplifier and 2 speakers.

5. Power distribution cabinet: small-area full-color screen is not necessary; it is recommended to equip electronic screens with a maximum power consumption of 10KW or more, which can provide voltage, power and current for the stable operation of various devices of full-color large-screen equipment, effectively preventing the power supply of the display from switching Faults such as box jumping.

6. Air-conditioning: cooling equipment, outdoor full-color LED display above 20m2 must be equipped with air-conditioning by the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation of the screen and prolong the service life of the electronic screen components. Generally, indoor LED displays or small-area screens do not need to be used; for large-area indoor screens, it is strongly recommended to equip wall-mounted air conditioners to effectively cool down to ensure normal long-distance travel under high temperatures for full-color screens and reduce failure rates.

7. Multi-function card: The main function is to intelligently adjust the brightness and temperature of the LED full-color screen in a period, intelligently adjust to achieve energy saving and power saving, and extend the life of the screen.

8. Lightning arrester: used for outdoor LED display, mainly lightning protection device; indoor display can not be used.

9. Video capture card: TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, with the corresponding driver software, can let the LED screenplay cable TV channel programs synchronously, whether you need to use it, users can buy by themselves, the price is not expensive.

10. LED video processor: mainly to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the large screen, and to fully tap the value of the display screen. Solve the problems of various video signal access, processing and display, and can complete the format conversion problem among many signal formats. There are many brands and models of LED video processors with different prices.

11. LED playback software: including computer system software, LED video playback software, etc. Generally provided for free

12. Steel structure, manual installation: the bracket used to fix and install the electronic screen, generally uses a steel frame structure, and aluminum-plastic panels or stainless steel edging materials. Including manual installation costs (recommendation: the steel frame structure design drawings can be provided by the manufacturer for free, and the customer can find the local manufacturer to make it. The production is simple and can be completed by ordinary workers. The cost is low and the installation is convenient)

13. Freight: depending on the delivery distance budget, I believe that the majority of customers are still acceptable. The customer can also be responsible for the cost, and the actual report is enough.

14. Technician fee: When the full-color LED display is shipped to the customer, the company sends 1-2 technical engineers to assist in the installation and technical debugging. Customers only need to be responsible for the general board and lodging expenses and round-trip travel expenses of our technical engineers, and the actual report is enough.

  The P8 Cross Led Screen

How much is the price of The P8 Cross Led Screen per square meter, and the core factors affecting the price of the P8 display:

Those familiar with the full-color LED display industry know that many reasons limit the price of The P8 Cross Led Screen, such as the specifications of the full-color display, the supporting factors of the material system and the construction reasons, which will all affect the price of the P8 display.

1. The impact of specifications on the price of The P8 Cross Led Screen

I only talk about conventional products here. In terms of color, LED full-color displays can be divided into a single color, double color, and full color. From the use environment, it can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. The price of each specification of LED display is different.

The indoor full color is divided into P2.5 LED display, P3 LED display, and P4 LED display. ,P5 LED display, outdoor full-color is sub-surface-mounted full-color (usually high-density such as outdoor P4 surface-mounted full-color display, P5 surface-mounted full-color LED display, P6 outdoor surface-mounted full-color display, P8 outdoor Surface mount display, in-line full-color (usually high-density such as P10 full-color LED display, P12 full-color LED display, etc.)

2. The impact of main supporting systems on the price of The P8 Cross Led Screen

1) Play system: control computer, multimedia card or graphics card, play software;

2) Editing system: editing computer, video compression card, editing software;

3) System accessories: sending a card, receiving a card, adapter card;

4) Sound system: amplifier + speaker;

5) Video input equipment: DVD/VCD player, video recorder, closed-circuit television;

6) Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software;

7) Protection system: heat dissipation system, power distribution system, lightning protection system;

8) Graphic input: scanner, digital camera. The above accessories and equipment are optional except for system accessories and playback system. Due to factors such as brand and procurement channels, the price of its P8 display is naturally different.

3. The impact of construction factors on the price of P8 display

Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure material selection, etc., the project price of The P8 Cross Led Screen will vary greatly, especially when making outdoor LED displays, the project price varies greatly due to the impact of the construction environment.

4. The impact of materials on the price of The P8 Cross Led Screen

The materials are divided into major categories, which can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials.

In terms of light-emitting chips, the sources of imports are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and some domestic chips are also currently available. Each light-emitting chip has its advantages and disadvantages. American and Japanese chips, because they have always mastered the core technology, under the background of similar monopolies, the prices of American and Japanese chips remain high. Chip prices in Taiwan and the mainland are relatively cheap, but there is still a certain gap in performance compared to chips from the United States and Japan.

If the LED display is used on more important occasions, it is better to recommend the use of imported materials; in addition to the LED chip, the main factor affecting the price of the P8 display is the LED driver IC, but if I am a customer, I would prefer to choose the better The driver IC, because although it is a bit more expensive, the driver IC is a very important factor affecting the quality and life of The P8 Cross Led Screen. When making outdoor LED displays, you must use a constant voltage and constant current driver IC; other Aspects of materials such as power supplies, boxes, and various accessories for making electronic displays.

  5. Other factors

The payment method, tax rate, transportation method, and the manufacturer’s factors all determine The P8 Cross Led Screen quotation.

  How much is the P8 Cross Led Screen?

The P8 full-color display accessories are all the most stable accessories on the market. In terms of quality and cost-effectiveness, the LED core uses Taiwan Epistar red, green and blue tubes or Taiwan Opto Lei red tubes + Silan pure green pure blue tubes. IC driver chips use Taiwan Macroblock 5020, 5024 and other series, 200W Chuanglian for power supply, and Lingxingyu brand for the control system. All materials are brands that have been tested for several years, so users can use them with confidence.

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