Command center P2 small-pitch LED display installation case

Our company will take the initiative to create a simulation solution or better re


  • Command center P2 small-pitch LED display installation case
  • Command center P2 small-pitch LED display installation case
  • Command center P2 small-pitch LED display installation case
  • Command center P2 small-pitch LED display installation case

  1 Pixel pitch 2mm

  2 Pixel composition 1R1G1B Color matching principle: In order to make the color matching achieve white balance, the ratio of the brightness of various colors is R:G:B=3:6:1

  3 Package form Full color

  4 Density 250,000 points

  5 Module size 128*128mm

  6 Module pixels 64*64=4096 dots

  7 Module thickness 15mm

  8 LED lights SMD1515

  9 Module power ≤12.5W

  10 Drive voltage DC5V

  11 Module current 2.5A

  12 Module interface HUB-75D/B

  1 Standard cabinet size 512mm*512mm*75mm

  2 Screen brightness/adjustment ≥1000cd/㎡ (with current gain function, brightness can be adjusted)

  3 Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical) ≥140° (horizontal), ≥140° (vertical)

  4 The best viewing distance ≥2 meters

  5 Gray level Any within 65536 gray levels

  6 color temperature 25000K

  Frame changing frequency ≥60Hz

  7 Refresh frequency ≥1920Hz

  8 Input signal/control method Video, VGA/computer control, video synchronization, real-time display

  9 Drive mode 1/32 scan

  10 Driver IC MBI5024

  11 Number of modules per square 61

  12 Display colors 16,777,216 colors

  13 Continuous working time >24 (Hrs)

  14 Screen life >100,000 (Hrs)

  15 MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) >5000 (Hrs)

  16 Maximum power consumption 800W/㎡

  17 Average power consumption 270W/㎡

  18 Blind spot rate ≤3/10,000 (discrete distribution)

  19 Control distance 100 meters (network cable without relay) 500 meters (multi-mode fiber) 10 kilometers (single-mode fiber)

  20 Surface flatness The flatness error of the screen box is ≤0.5mm, and the pixel pitch error is ≤0.3mm

  21 System working environment temperature -10℃~+50℃

  22 System working environment humidity 10%~98%RH

  23 System storage environment temperature -40℃~+85℃

  24 Software interface Standard computer interface, compatible with Windows, Unix, Novell

  25 Protection system over temperature/overload/power down/image compensation/non-linear correction

  26 Working voltage 200~240 V

  27 Dielectric strength 50HZ/1500V (AC effective value)/1min

  28 Temperature rise After thermal equilibrium, metal≤40K, insulation≤65K

  29 Degree of protection IP43

  30 Dielectric strength 50HZ/1500V (AC effective value)/1min

  31 Computer display mode 1024*768

  32 playback software LED professional playback software

  • product description

Our company will take the initiative to create a simulation solution or better recommended solution for you on the actual needs and operability of the LED display, help you analyze and plan reasonably, and make a more cost-effective solution, as your more reliable and reliable cooperation partner. We do:

1. Clearly let customers know their needs, investment budget and expected results;

2. We will show you the needs of the project and the future development plan in detail, and provide you with the implementation plan, even the expandable functions of the project and the expansion of the budget and plan, so as to prevent your project from being unsuitable for future development needs. Unnecessary waste of resources;

3. We provide or analyze data of the project installation and application environment, predict and propose preventive and solution measures for possible events, and then make a comprehensive assessment of the entire project plan;

4. Different LED production process, screen assembly process, installation technology experience will directly affect the construction period, cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost of the entire project, so we will choose for you more suitable for you The solutions and technical support for your own needs allow you to use it with confidence.

Command center P2 small-pitch LED display case

Command center P2 LED display

As a professional who has been engaged in the LED display industry for nearly 10 years, it is recommended that you compare the basic configuration of the display and not just look at the price when purchasing a P2 small-pitch LED display. If possible, it is better to visit the manufacturer on the spot. After all, after-sales service of LED large screens is very important, and product reliability is evaluated from multiple aspects such as company scale, product performance, and after-sales service.

The color of P2LED screen is more vivid and bright, and the high-end technology of good heat dissipation solution ensures that the wavelength error is plus or minus 2.5nm and the brightness is plus or minus 10%; the effect is better, the dynamic scanning technology is adopted, the picture is stable, and there is no noise;

Command center P2 small-pitch LED display case

JYLED-Command Center P2 LED Screen

Small pitch LED display

Indoor LED large screen

Command center LED display

Indoor LED display

The LED small-pitch display screen is transmitted by a single network cable, and one network cable can transmit the video signal (1024*1024 gray scale); strong load-bearing capacity, can be stacked up to 20 layers, suitable for large-scale stage performances; display brightness can be adjusted according to ambient light Adjust the brightness of the display screen (600-6000nit) by changing to ensure the best viewing comfort and display effect of the human eye, while saving energy and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operating costs;

The P2 small-pitch LED display in the command center manufactured by Shenzhen JYLED was successfully installed and lighted and debugged. If you need to know how much the price of the P2 LED screen is per square meter, please inquire and get the latest quotation parameter plan!

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