Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion Curved P2.5 Full Color LED Display

Project Name: Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion Arc P2.5 full-color LED display Project l


  • Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion Curved P2.5 Full Color LED Display
  • Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion Curved P2.5 Full Color LED Display

  Specifications and model Indoor P2.5 LED rental screen display

  Pixel pitch 2.5mm

  Pixel composition 1R1G1B

  LED type SMD

  Pixel density 160000 dots/m²

  Scanning method 1/32

  Screen brightness ≥1200CD/m²

  Working voltage: Domestic AC220V±10%, some countries AC110V±10%; 50Hz-60Hz

  Average power 600W/m²

  Maximum power 1200W/m²

  LED unit board resolution points 64 points * 64 points

  LED unit board size 160mm*160mm

  Box size 640*640mm

  Flatness Gap between modules <1mm

  Viewing distance 2.5m-30m (the larger the display area, the larger the maximum viewing distance)

  Viewing angle horizontal 140°, vertical 140°

  Drive mode constant current

  Display color 17M-69G color

  Brightness adjustment manual/automatic/program control

  Gray scale 256 levels-4096 dimensions

  Refresh frequency ≥2880Hz

  Frame change frequency 60Hz

  Play content TV screens, commercials, videos, live video, pictures, text

  Display mode 640*480, 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*960...1920*1200, 2048*640

  Control mode The LED display screen corresponds to the computer display point-to-point, which can be synchronous, asynchronous, remote, wireless

  Transmission distance: Category 5 network cable≤130M Multimode fiber≤500M Single-mode fiber≤10KM

  Continuous service life ≥72 hours

  LED life 100,000 hours

  Mean time between failures ≥10,000 hours

  Discrete out-of-control point <1 in 10,000

  Continuous out of control point

  Protection technology Dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static; with over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage protection functions

  Use environment temperature —20℃—+50℃

  Use environment humidity 10%-90%

  Product certification CCC, CE, ROHS, FCC

  • product description

Project Name: Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion Arc P2.5 full-color LED display

Project location:sun Tai Mansion, Hong Kong

Product model: P2.5 display

Applicable environment: indoor

Chip Brand/Place of Origin: Epistar/Taiwan

Physical distance: 2.5mm

Physical density: 160,000 dots/square

Module size: 160*160mm

Module resolution: 64*64=4096 points

Screen size: 8 square meters

Display mode: 1/16 scan

Warranty period: three years

Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion Curved P2.5 Full Color LED Display

The arc-shaped P2.5 full-color LED display in Hong Kong sun Tai Mansion, which was produced by Shenzhen JYLED, has been successfully installed and lit. The total area is 8 square meters. It adopts P2.5 full-color specifications and adopts general video playback software to make the system operate. Very convenient; compatible with asynchronous and synchronous, even if the control computer fails, it can still work normally;

Friends who live in Hong Kong know that before the opening of One Square City, whether it was Metro Line 1, Line 5, or TV screens, the building's advertisements were all overwhelmed.

The main color of Yifang City is "rose red", focusing on the theme of the original IP image UNIPLAY, trendy fashion performances, and popular interactions. The floating dolls and big balloons that can be seen everywhere bring joy to the children.

In addition to creative marketing activities, Yifang City is also unique in its space design: it not only introduces a dragon sculpture that spans two floors and crosses from the ground to the ground, but also has its own characteristics in terms of architectural space.

P2.5 LED displays are widely used in large-scale advertising displays, financial trading venues, railways, civil aviation, stadiums, hotels, halls, cinemas, stations, ports, hospitals, stages, studios, banquet halls, taxation, large shopping malls, monitoring centers , Wedding, meeting room, wedding

The P2.5 display screen refers to the pixel pitch of 2.5mm, and the LED display screen P refers to the pixel pitch. The smaller the value after P, the higher the pixel density and the clearer it is.

P2.5 display technical parameters

Basic parameters

Pixel composition:1R1G1B- SMD2121

Pixel pitch:2.5 mm

Pixel density:160000 dots/㎡

Face mask:No

Unit parameters

Module resolution:64 dots × 64 dots

Module size:160mm×160mm

Cabinet resolution:192 dots × 192 dots

Box size:480mm×480mm

Cabinet type:Die-cast aluminum box

Box weight:8.5KG

Box flatness:±0.1mm

Optical parameters:Typical white balance brightness

800 nits

Refresh rate:960-2880(Hz)

Gray scale

14 bits

Display viewing angle

Horizontal: 140°

Vertical: 140°

Scanning and driving method

1/32 sweep, constant current

Single-point brightness and chromaticity correction Have

Color temperature

3200-9300K adjustable

Brightness uniformity>97%

Chromaticity uniformity<±0.003Cx, Cy

Frame change frequency60

Power consumption

Peak 1000 W/㎡, average 300 W/㎡

Operating Voltage

AC110-220V (50-60hz)

Use parameters

Working temperature, humidity

-20-+65℃, (RH )<95%

IP (front/rear) rating and occasion:IP34 indoor

Average service life>100,000 hours

Mean time between failures>50000 hours

Blind spot rate≤3/10,000, 0 when leaving the factory

Control distance:Network cable 100m, optical fiber 10km

Input signal mode:AV/S -Video/VGA/DVI/HDMI/SDI/DP

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