P2.5 fixed led full color screen

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As one of many large-screen display products, led display has always been in the forefront of its market share and popularity. Led display screen belongs to a relatively large category, rather than referring to a product alone, it covers indoor full-color display, outdoor full-color display, transparent display, creative display, stage rental screen, single and dual-color display Wait. The P2.5 led indoor full-color display we are talking about today is one of the many led display models.

First of all, let's briefly understand some basic information of P2.5 LED indoor full-color display. The P2.5 LED indoor full-color display uses a 320mm*160mm module, and its dot pitch is 2.5mm, so it is called P2.5 LED display. It is mostly used for indoor display. It is currently more popular in the led display series. one. Because of its relatively small spacing, some people call such a product P2.5 indoor full-color small-pitch display.

P2.5 fixed led full color screen

As a very common indoor product, how much does it cost? The prices on the market are uneven, and there are many product series. I believe many customers are confused about this.

In fact, the price difference of P2.5 indoor full-color led display is as big as the price difference. A large part of the reason is because the brand of lamp beads is different, and the price of its modules is different (the large led display is made up of modules. ), it’s like we buy clothes, the material of the clothes is different, and the price is naturally different. Generally, clothes made of animal hair are much higher than clothes made of cotton, so when we are buying led display screens, when we consult led display screen manufacturers or suppliers, we can ask the other party what led display screens are used. Lamp beads.

After determining the lamp beads of the P2.5 indoor full-color led display, basically the price of the P2.5 LED display is not much different, because P2.5 and P1.875 cannot be added with a face mask. Under the same conditions, the price will not fluctuate greatly.

Secondly, the brand, supplier, and manufacturer of the P2.5 indoor full-color led display are also one of the factors that affect the price. This is actually well understood. Different brands will definitely have some differences in workmanship, as we know. Car brands, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are all cars, and their prices are definitely different.

Finally, the LED display large screen is usually calculated according to the entire project, unless the manufacturer does the wholesale and it is based on the square, those who only supply the LED display module, do not do the engineering, like if we usually do the LED display large screen, definitely It will involve design, installation and other issues, which also require additional costs.

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