P6 rental led full color screen

Project Name: Marathon Location: France Product Name: P6 rental led full color sc


  • P6 rental led full color screen
  • P6 rental led full color screen
  • P6 rental led full color screen
  • P6 rental led full color screen

  Product model: P6 outdoor full-color LED display

  Pixel pitch: 6mm

  Pixel density: 27777 dots/square

  Pixel composition: 1R1G1B three in one

  Packaging method: surface mount three-in-one integrated module

  LED packaging method: surface mount SMD3528 three-in-one

  Module size (mm): 192 x 192

  P6LED unit board resolution: 32*32=1024 points

  LED chip brand: Taiwan Epistar

  IC driver chip brand: Taiwan Macroblock MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series

  Control card system brand: Lingxingyu

  Power brand: Chuanglian, MEAN WELL

  Cabinet resolution: 160*160

  Box size: 960*960mm

  Box material: aluminum

  Box weight: 42KG

  Core wavelength: R: 620~625nm, G: 525~527.5nm, B: 462.5~465nm

  Screen brightness: ≥4500

  Best viewing distance (m): 3~20

  Display interface: VAG+DVI display card

  Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware

  Viewing angle: X>160 degrees, Y>120 degrees

  Connection method: synchronous connection with computer (sending card + receiving card)

  Display content: video DVD, VCD, TV, images, text, animation, pictures and others

  Gray level: 14bit

  Refresh frequency: >2000Hz

  Scanning drive mode: 1/8 scan

  Average power consumption (w/㎡): 800

  Brightness adjustment method: chip electric process control or PWM without relay

  Effective communication distance: the transmission distance of unshielded twisted pair is 100 meters, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 130 meters

  Multimedia video processor: support and various media formats

  Working voltage: 5V

  Use power: 22W

  Theoretical LED life: 100,000 hours (11 years)

  Mean time between failures: ≥10,000 hours

  Environment temperature: Humidity -30℃~+50℃ RH=10~90%

  P6 outdoor full-color LED display installation method: floor type, mosaic type, hanging type, bracket type, support type, pillar type

  • product description
The P6LED display quotation of shows that many customers do not know the specific cost and cannot make a budget when ordering p6 outdoor full-color LED display. Below, Shenzhen JYLED has compiled a detailed quotation sheet for P6 LED outdoor full-color display. Detailed list :
If the customer needs to customize a P6 full-color display with a width of 10 meters and a height of 5 meters, according to the size of the P6 LED module: 192*192mm, the net screen size is 9.984 meters wide * 4.992 meters high = 49.84 square meters
Serial number Name      called Regulation    grid unit Number  amount Single  price Co-    Total
1. Quotation for P6 full-color LED display
1 P6 outdoor LED full color screen simple box 9.984*4.992m m 2 49.84 3200 159488
Synchronous control system (support point-by-point correction)
Lingxingyu 802 set 2 800 Included
Lingxingyu 908 Zhang 50 150 Included
4 Play software Ling Xing Yu set 1 0 Give away
Small        meter ¥: 159488 yuan
2. P6 LED large screen supporting equipment cost ( quoted for reference , customers can purchase by themselves )
1 Refrigeration and air conditioning Gree Air Conditioning 2p station 2 3000 6000
2 Intelligent power distribution cabinet 6 circuits 120kW station 1 7000 7000
3 lightning arrester German OBO station 1 1500 1500
4 Waterproof column/power amplifier 120 watts set 1 2500 2500
5 Control computer Lenovo station 1 4000 4000
6 Video processor Only station 1 6000 6000
Subtotal : 27000 yuan
3. P6 LED electronic display steel frame structure frame decoration and installation costs
—The total outer frame size is 9.984 meters * 4.992 meters = 49.84 square meters ( attached to the wall for installation, Party A can also construct by itself, and we provide detailed steel structure drawings and instructions for free)
1 Steel structure Channel steel, I-beam, square pass, etc. m 2 49.84 900 yuan/m 2 44856
2 Border decoration Brushed aluminum composite panel edging
3 Labor cost Construction/installation/commissioning
Small        meter ¥: 44856 yuan
4. LED electronic display wiring costs ( this item is merged with the third item. If Party A constructs by itself, it will be handled by Party A. Our company arranges engineering personnel to assist in wiring and other technical support )
1 Connect the screen cable Party responsible for fitting the cable, network cable (or fiber) fabric to the mounting position of the display can be Screen installation/debugging and internal wiring of the display box are all free of charge.
Connect the computer signal line
Audio Line
Small        meter ¥: Free
Fives, Packing /wooden frame /transportation fee ¥: 3000
Total price Including the total cost of steel frame structure and supporting equipment (excluding tax) 234000 yuan
P6LED screen
P6 outdoor display
Outdoor full color LED display
 reasons to choose JYLED P6 LED display quotation list:
1. The budget of outdoor P6 full-color LED display is reasonable
Factory direct sales, the P6 display quotation indicates that the price is the price directly sold by the manufacturer to the buyer, shortening the distance between the manufacturer and the buyer.
2. Worry-free construction process
We have ten years of construction and installation experience. The professional team provides a LED displays full set of technical solutions for . Our installation technicians are all over the country and can quickly come to install services.
3. Warranty for 2 years
We have advanced fully automatic machinery and equipment, and the production technology is at a high level in the same industry.
4. Zero risk after-sales service
All your concerns and questions will be dealt with by the company in a timely and efficient manner. What is urgent for you! Solve your worries!
5. The market quotation is subject to change at any time, we will update the new preferential price in the market as soon as possible!
6. Standard quotation
You only need to report the size of the screen to us, and we will give you an agreed standard quotation.
7. Production process standard
Strictly in accordance with the ISO operation process, each display screen is passed the aging inspection and leaves the factory.
8. Imported chips

P6 full-color display adopts chips from well-known brands such as Taiwan Epistar, Taiwan Opto Lei, American Cree, Japan Nichia, Hangzhou Shilan, etc. The display effect is clear, no color difference, low light decay, energy saving and environmental protection, and it can run for 80,000 hours without failure. Stable led display.


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