Indoor P1.25 Rental Led Screen

The P1.25 high-definition LED small-pitch display has the characteristics of high


  • Indoor P1.25 Rental Led Screen
  • Indoor P1.25 Rental Led Screen

  Pixel composition: 1R1G1B-SMD1010 black light (three-in-one surface mount)

  Pixel pitch: 1.25 mm

  Pixel density: 640,000 dots/㎡

  Mask: None

  Module resolution: 160*80 dots

  Module size: 200*100mm

  Cabinet resolution: 284 dots × 216 dots

  Box size: 400*300mm

  Box type: die-cast aluminum box

  Box weight: 7.5KG

  Maintenance method: Front maintenance

  Box flatness: ±0.1mm

  White balance brightness typical value>500 nits

  Contrast ratio: 5000:1

  Refresh rate: 2880 (Hz)

  Gray level: 65536

  Video playback capability: 2K HD HD, 4K Ultra HD screen HD

  Display viewing angle: horizontal: 140°, vertical: 140°

  Scan and drive mode: 1/32 scan, constant current

  Single-point brightness and chromaticity correction: Yes

  Color temperature: 3200-9300K adjustable

  Brightness uniformity>97%

  Chromaticity uniformity<±0.003Cx, Cy

  Frame change frequency: 60

  Power consumption: peak 800 W/㎡ average 280 W/㎡

  Working voltage: AC110-220V (50-60hz)

  Working temperature and humidity: -20-+65℃, (RH )<95%

  IP (front/rear) rating and occasion: IP31 indoor

  Average service life>100000 hours

  Mean time between failures> 50000 hours

  Blind spot rate ≤ 3/10,000, 0 when leaving the factory

  Control distance: network cable 100m, optical fiber 10km

  Input signal mode: AV/S -Video/VGA/DVI/HDMI/SDI/DP

  • product description

  The P1.25 high-definition LED small-pitch display has the characteristics of high refresh, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no residual image, low power consumption, and low EMI. It is not reflective for indoor applications, and the display contrast is as high as 5000:1; its Lightweight and ultra-thin, high precision, small transportation and use space, quiet and efficient heat dissipation. This series of products has a wider color gamut space and faster response speed than ordinary display screens, and can realize seamless splicing and modular maintenance of any size. The whole picture played by it has uniform color, high-definition lifelike, no abnormal display such as sweat spots, bright lines, etc. common to ordinary display screens. The picture switching is soft and does not flicker, and the picture quality is very delicate, which is close to the playback effect of a TV.

Indoor P1.25 Rental Led Screen

  Advantages of indoor P1.25 display products:

  1. Ultra-light and thin: single cabinet 5.5KG, 60mm thick;

  2. P1.25 LED display ultra-high refresh rate: it can ensure that high-definition cameras and camcorders can capture high-definition and delicate display pictures;

  3. P1.25 full-color display has low brightness and high gray performance: in the case of low brightness, the display gray level is uniform and the display consistency is good;

  4. Indoor P1.25 display high contrast ratio: face mask design, black body SMD, non-reflective surface, large viewing angle, good display effect;

  5. High uniformity of brightness and color: The same batch of high-quality light-emitting devices are selected to ensure high uniformity;

  6. Adopt advanced blanking scheme: completely eliminate dark and bright, ghost phenomenon;

  7. High reliability and long life: the use of in-line adapter board design simplifies the wiring inside the box, effectively reduces poor connection problems and reduces signal attenuation and interference, and high-quality light-emitting devices ensure high reliability and long life;

  8. The indoor P1.25 LED display screen is seamless and fast splicing, easy maintenance and maintenance: the use of the lock structure makes the splicing operation simple and convenient without tools;

  9. No noise: Quiet design, no air conditioning, no fan installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy;

  10. Real-time error detection function: It can independently detect whether each LED screen is in an open circuit state without adding additional external components, and can eliminate problems such as crosses caused by this;

  11. Front maintenance structure: convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

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