Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen

Advantages of JYLED Optoelectronics P3 LED stage rental large screen: Well-design


  • Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen
  • Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen
  • Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen
  • Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen

  Specifications and models Indoor P3 LED rental screen display

  Pixel pitch 3mm

  Pixel composition 1R1G1B

  LED type SMD

  Pixel density 111111 dots/m²

  Scanning method 1/32

  Screen brightness ≥1200CD/m²

  Working voltage: Domestic AC220V±10%, some countries AC110V±10%; 50Hz-60Hz

  Average power 600W/m²

  Maximum power 1200W/m²

  LED unit board resolution points 64 points * 64 points

  LED unit board size 192mm*192mm

  Box size 576*576mm

  Flatness Gap between modules <1mm

  Viewing distance 3 meters-38 meters (the larger the display area, the greater the maximum viewing distance)

  Viewing angle horizontal 140°, vertical 140°

  Drive mode constant current

  Display color 17M-69G color

  Brightness adjustment manual/automatic/program control

  Gray scale 256 levels-4096 dimensions

  Refresh frequency ≥2880Hz

  Frame change frequency 60Hz

  Play content TV screens, commercials, videos, live video, pictures, text

  Display mode 640*480, 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*960...1920*1200, 2048*640

  Control mode The LED display screen corresponds to the computer display point-to-point, which can be synchronous, asynchronous, remote, wireless

  Transmission distance: Category 5 network cable≤130M Multimode fiber≤500M Single-mode fiber≤10KM

  Continuous service life ≥72 hours

  LED life 100,000 hours

  Mean time between failures ≥10,000 hours

  Discrete out-of-control point <1 in 10,000

  Continuous out of control point

  Protection technology Dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static; with over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage protection functions

  Use environment temperature —20℃—+50℃

  Use environment humidity 10%-90%

  Product certification CCC, CE, ROHS, FCC

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  Advantages of JYLED Optoelectronics P3 LED stage rental large screen:


  The industry’s first post-maintenance module tool makes maintenance more convenient

  Selected lamp beads to create flagship industry benchmark rental products

  Reduce the brightness without reducing the gray level, indoor and outdoor general rental

  The second-generation anti-collision technology can effectively prevent the lights from falling out and maintain faster

  Die-cast back cover, higher strength, better heat dissipation, stronger waterproof

  Ergonomically designed handle, feel better, easy to lift

Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen

  Stage LED rental screen

  Excellent craftsmanship

  Second-generation anti-collision disk technology, effectively preventing lights from falling

  Selected high-contrast mask, good display effect

  Each parameter is carefully adjusted to make the whole screen run safely and stably

  New type quick lock design, more convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble

  No noise, low power consumption, the appearance is both technological and artistic

  Seamless splicing, smooth playback picture, bright colors

Indoor P3 Rental Led Screen

  Stage rental LED large screen

  Quick installation and disassembly

  Die-cast back cover, better heat dissipation and waterproof performance

  New type quick lock, better damping, faster installation

  To update the module, only need to loosen four screws, no need to open the back cover of the box, which is more convenient for maintenance

  Ergonomic design handle, good hand feel, easy to lift

  New type side lock, safe and fast

  Safety buckle design, safe and worry-free

  Features of JYLED Optoelectronics P3 LED Rental Display:

  1. The weight of a single box is less than 8.2kg, with high strength, not easy to deform, strong toughness and high precision.

  2. The box body connection adopts a quick locking structure, and the installation of a box body can be completed in 10 seconds, with high installation accuracy.

  3. It can be adjusted at different angles to realize various creative shapes, such as curved screen, cylindrical screen, oval screen, lifting platform, floor tile screen, etc.

  4. Ultra-wide viewing angle, viewing position as you like.

  5. The LED rental screen has ultra-high refresh display, fast frame changing speed, and no ghost trailing phenomenon.

  Rental LED display box

  High refresh

  High refresh, image stability, greatly reducing damage to the eyes, only in the perfect combination of PCB, IC and control system to achieve satisfactory results.

  Stage LED rental screen box

  LED rental screen connector

  Rental screen power supply

  The inside of the air box is isolated by a full version of pearl cotton

  The buffering performance is more superior, the transportation is safer, and the aviation power distribution cabinet can also be customized to solve the problems of mobile display, convenient to travel, and make wonderful everywhere

  Rental LED screen aviation box

  HD display

  16Bits high grayscale, high refresh rate above 1920, 1200-5000nits indoor highlight display, dreamlike clear and delicate display effect, giving you a perfect visual enjoyment.

  LED display supporting equipment

  Lease LED display system architecture diagram

  Various installation methods

  P3 rental LED display has a variety of installation methods, which can support arc installation, floor installation, heterogeneous installation, embedded installation, hoisting installation, etc. It is widely used in event rental, stage color screen, creative advertising display, stadium Wait.

  LED rental screen installation method

  Rich model

  Support window stretch mode

  The window can be stretched in any proportion, and it can be enlarged or reduced.

  Multi-screen display and full-screen display mode

  Different input windows occupy part of the output window for display, or the entire screen can be displayed.

  Picture-in-picture display mode

  Several windows can be displayed superimposed.

  Supports seamless switching of multi-channel complex signal images

  Support multiple complex signal interfaces: VWA, DVI, HAML, DP, S-Viden, SDI, etc.

  Strong stability

  The use of high-quality components and fine processing technology can effectively ensure the dead-light rate.

  The power signal can be double-backed up to ensure long-term stable operation and support 7x24 hours of uninterrupted work.

  High refresh rate

  HD high-definition camera shooting and painting without streaks.

  The picture is stable without ripples and no black screen, so that the video picture is smooth and smooth, and the edge of the dynamic display picture image is clear. It has good dynamic expressiveness, accurately restores image information, and brings maximum visual enjoyment.

  The response time of the LED display is extremely short, the playback picture has no delay, the colors are brilliant, and it can realize remote wireless control. It has great advantages when monitoring pictures and dynamic videos.

  High resolution

  The high pixel density display unit with micro pixel pitch can be infinitely spliced ​​and can support 2K and 4K resolution display.

  Low brightness and high gray, good consistency

  When the brightness is reduced to 20%, it can still show perfect grayscale performance, and the display consistency is very good.

  The grayscale performance of the display screen is almost perfect at low brightness, and the level and vividness of the display is higher than that of the traditional display screen.

  High-strength structure fine-tuning technology to achieve seamless splicing of the entire screen.

  Through fine adjustment, the bright and dark lines are eliminated.

  Point-by-point correction technology, the entire screen brightness, chromaticity consistency and uniformity.

  High contrast

  Using high-quality black light, the image is clear and eye-catching, and the color is vivid and gorgeous.

  Use corrugated light-absorbing matte black mask.

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