P2 indoor led screen

1.Play a role in product promotion and attract customers. 2. It serves as a store


  •  P2 indoor led screen
  •  P2 indoor led screen
  •  P2 indoor led screen
  •  P2 indoor led screen

  Brand: JYLED

  Specification model: Indoor P2 full-color LED display

  Pixel pitch: 2mm

  Pixel composition: 1R1G1B

  Packaging method: surface mount three-in-one integrated module

  LED packaging method: surface mount SMD1515 three-in-one

  Pixel density: 250,000 dots/square

  LED chip brand: Taiwan Epistar

  IC driver chip brand: Taiwan Macroblock MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series

  Control card system brand: Lingxingyu

  Power brand: Chuanglian, MEAN WELL

  P2LED unit board size: 128mm×128mm

  Module resolution: 64×64=4096 points

  Box size: 768mm×768mm×108mm

  Cabinet resolution: 384×384 =147456 points

  Number of modules (one box): 6×6 = 36 pieces

  Box material: die-cast aluminum

  Power supply quantity (one cabinet): 5V60A-7 sets

  Net weight of the box: 41Kg/m²

  Gross weight of the box: 46g/m²

  Module net weight: 0.12Kg/block

  Power consumption (single module): 5V, 43W

  Scanning method: 1/32; real pixels

  White balance screen brightness: 2000cd / m²

  Gray level: 4096

  Color: 16.7 million

  Connection method: synchronous connection with computer (sending card + receiving card)

  Working voltage: domestic AC220V±10%, some countries AC110V±10%; 50Hz-60 Hz

  Average power consumption: 2600W/ m²

  Average power consumption: 1560W/㎡

  Display interface: VAG+DVI display card

  Flatness: Splicing gap between modules <1mm

  Viewing distance: 2-50 meters (the larger the display area, the greater the maximum viewing distance)

  Viewing angle: horizontal: 140°, vertical: 140°

  Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware

  Drive mode: constant current

  Display color: 17M~69G color

  Brightness adjustment: manual/automatic/programmed

  Refresh rate: 2000Hz

  Frame changing frequency: 60Hz

  Broadcast content: TV screens, advertising videos, videos, live broadcast videos, pictures, text

  Display mode: 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960…1920×1200, 2048×640

  Control method: LED display screen and computer display point-to-point correspondence, can be synchronous, asynchronous, remote, wireless

  Transmission distance: Category 5 network cable≦130M multimode fiber≦500M single mode fiber≦10KM

  Continuous use time: ≥72 hours

  Service life: 100,000 hours

  Mean time between failures: ≥10000 hours

  Working temperature: -20℃— +50 ℃

  Working humidity range: 10%-90%RH

  Protection technology: dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static; with over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection functions

  Use environment temperature: -20℃~+50℃

  Video processor: optional

  Indoor P2 full-color LED display installation method: floor type, inlaid type, suspended type, bracket type, support type, pillar type.

  • product description

  SMD P2indoor full color LED display screen:

  Product Description:

  LED display screens are widely used in government agencies for government affairs, stations, banks, taxation, post and telecommunications, hospitals, customs, securities markets, bidding markets, schools, factories, ports, stadiums, airports, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, monitoring centers and advertising. The entertainment industry, and real estate trading centers and other window industries that need publicity, as well as highways, urban traffic management, urban environmental index display, etc.

SMD P2indoor full color LED display screen

  Product function:

  1.Play a role in product promotion and attract customers.

  2. It serves as a store decoration and enhances the role of the company.

  3. It plays the role of lighting and unconventional.

  4. Play a role in popularizing knowledge. (Small information that can be used to play enterprise products, knowledge of related industries)

  5. Play the role of the bulletin board. (promotion, recruitment information release)

  6. Play a role in setting off the atmosphere. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of the superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals.

  7. It acts as a warning and is often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions.


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P2 led display



P2 led screen



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