CS20 Multimedia Broadcast Control Server

Apr 22,2021| AD Playe

CS20 Multimedia Broadcast Control Server

CS20 front panel

4K~8K screen, a single CS20 is best for X16-D equipment

4 screens, single screen less than 2K, cooperate with 2K to send

Projects that require 1~4 signal sources

Need to realize broadcast control, scene switching, Office playback

Projects that require equipment to support authorization and hierarchical management

>For projects with more than 4 signal sources, use more than 2 CS20-8K or a single CS20-Dual 8K dual graphics card version

Internal use A2K control touch panel

A2K uses the host power supply and uses a USB cable to connect to the USB interface on the motherboard for communication

The touch panel is powered by the motherboard USB, so when the power is turned on, the touch screen turns blue and then goes out is normal (will be resolved in the next version)

CS20 Multimedia Broadcast Control Server

Touch panel function

1.System operation information: display CPU, graphics card, memory status information

2.Graphics card output port: display the connection and output resolution information of each port of the graphics card

3.Shortcut operation buttons, you can switch scenes, adjust the color and brightness of the screen, etc. (you need to start the software)

4.Play status information, display the currently playing project and scene, the running time after the device is powered on, and the IP is the device IP

5.The lock key will lock the touch screen to prevent accidental touch

CS20 Multimedia Broadcast Control Server

CS20 Multimedia Broadcast Control Server

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