A4K networked player

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A4K networked player

product description

A4K is a new generation of cloud networked players, supporting 4K H265/H264 hard decoding, 4K VP9 decoding, and 4K@60Hz output. Based on the powerful Colorlight cloud service platform, it provides functions such as browser login device monitoring, program production, scheduling and cluster publishing, and multi-level authority management.

A4K supports multiple networking methods such as WiFi, wired network, 4G, etc., rapid deployment to realize intelligent cloud management functions, multi-screen, multi-service, and unified management across regions. It can be configured as a WiFi hotspot, supporting mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices for program management and parameter setting.

A4K supports the use of PlayerMaster to edit and publish programs, supports arbitrary arrangement of programs in multiple windows, and supports playback of various program materials such as videos, pictures, texts, tables, weather, and clocks. Support U disk plug and play, and program update and management can also be carried out through the cable network. It is widely used in 4K LCD commercial display fields, such as chain store screens, advertising machines, retail store screens, and PC-free screens.

feature of product

New breakthrough

 Professional BS architecture, which can be connected to the network via WiFi/LAN/4G for cloud cluster management

 Support cloud hierarchical management and multi-role program release

 Powerful processing performance, support H265/H264 4K HD video hard decoding playback, support 10bit high-level video decoding playback

 The maximum output display resolution supports 3840×2160@60Hz, the maximum width is 4096, the maximum is 4096

 8G storage, support U disk playback

 Support stereo audio output

Safe and reliable

 All industrial grade components are used, and the product is stable and reliable

 System authority authentication, data channel encryption

 Multi-level authority management, release after program review

 Real-time monitoring of playing content, timely feedback of running status

Intelligent control, easy management

 Support U disk plug and play

 Support multi-screen synchronized playback (GPS synchronization, NTP synchronization)

 Support timing commands, support LAN scheduling, Internet scheduling

 It can be configured as a WiFi hotspot, supporting smart terminals such as mobile phones, Pads, and PCs for management

Program management, simple operation

 Use PlayerMaster to edit programs, with comprehensive functions, flexible and convenient operation

 Support multiple windows, freely set the window size and position, and support window overlay

 Support rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts, clocks, streaming media, web pages, weather, etc.

 Support multi-program page playback

Parameter specification table

Basic parameters

Chipset Six-core processor / Quad-core GPU / 2G DDR4 high-speed memory

(Dual large-core Cortex-A72 + four small-core Cortex-A53, the main frequency is up to 1.8GHz)

Support 4K HDR video decoding, 1080P video decoding and playback

Main external interface

USB interface 2 x USB2.0, 1 x USB3.0 can be connected to U disk storage

AUDIO port Headphone port audio output

Optical interface SPDIF digital audio output

Type-C interface Adjust display screen parameters and transmit programs

HDMI interface output signal to the display

HDMI2.0 output, support 4K 60Hz display, support HDCP 1.4/2.2

RJ11 interface for serial communication with external devices

Mini PCIe interface Optional 4G module to realize 4G networking

LAN port Gigabit Ethernet port, access to Ethernet

WiFi 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, support to connect to wireless network or provide WiFi hotspot

Physical parameter

Dimensions 160 x 94 x 26 mm

Working voltage DC 12V/2A

Rated power consumption 15W

Weight 0.57kg (20.11oz)

Storage temperature -40℃~95℃

Working temperature -40℃~80℃

Ambient humidity 0~95%, non-condensing

Support media playback type

Program partition: Support any partition of the program window, support arbitrary cascading of windows, and support multi-program page playback

Video format H264, H265, VP9 and other common video encoding formats

Video file format support: mp4, mov, ts, etc.

Support 1 channel 4K video decoding and playback

Supports up to 4 high-definition video decoding and playback at the same time

Audio MPEG-1 Layer III, AAC, etc.

Picture format supports bmp, jpg, png, webp, etc.

Text format supports txt, rtf, word, ppt, excel, etc. (* Must be used with PlayerMaster)

Text display Single line text, static text, multi-line text, etc.

Screen split 4 video windows, multiple graphics, rolling subtitles, LOGO, date, time and week

Realize free split screen function, display different content in different areas

OSD support Supports 32bit true color OSD, which can be displayed in any position, supports video/graphic mixing, can superimpose graphics and text on the video, supports complete transparency, opaque, semi-transparent and other effects

RTC real-time clock Real-time clock display and management

Terminal management and automatic control

Communication method Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi access to LAN

Program update method U disk plug and play, management terminal wireless transmission

Manage devices PC, Android, iOS and other smart terminal devices

Wireless control Switch display screen display, system parameter configuration, program playback control, wireless program transmission

Timed playback Supports playback in accordance with the program list

Timing on and off can be set centrally through the management system

Management software PlayerMaster

Hardware introduction


Interface Description

No. Name Function

1 SIM card slot Micro-SIM card slot

2 4G ANT external 4G antenna (optional)

3 4G ANT external 4G antenna (optional)

4 WiFi ANT1 external WIFI antenna (standard configuration), support 2.4G/5G dual band

Support WiFi hotspot mode

5 WiFi ANT2 Same as above (the second WiFi antenna)

6 DC-12V 12V power interface for power supply (DC5.5 × 2.1mm)

7 UART interface Communicate with external devices through the serial port

8 AUDIO OUT supports 3.5mm audio output, HIFI stereo output

9 HDMI2.0 output HDMI signal

10 TYPE-C Set display screen parameters and publish programs

11 USB3.0 interface connect to USB camera, U disk

12 USB2.0 interface connect to USB camera, U disk

13 USB2.0 interface connect to USB camera, U disk

14 LAN port Gigabit Ethernet port

Unit: mm


WiFi antenna

4G antenna (optional)

System supporting software

Name Type Description

PlayerMaster PC client local display management, program editing and publishing.

Cloud display management, program editing and publishing.

ColorlightCloud web-side display information release management system on the web-side, log in through a browser, and realize functions such as cluster management, information release, and monitoring of the display.

The LED sprite mobile client supports Android and iOS platforms, which can conveniently realize wireless control of the playback terminal.

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