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Safety Precautions

Before use of the equipment, please read all safety precautions to ensure safe and correct use of the product!

1.1 Do not open the cover

In order to prevent personal accidents, people rather than the Company’s technical personnel may not open the upper cover of the equipment.

1.2 Please use the power supply and accessories approved by the manufacturer

The power supply of this product supports DV 5V-12V power input. Please use the power cord attached with the package of this product or use the power cord conforming to the standard.

1.3 Avoid all functional interfaces from contacting live objects

This product is an electronic product. If the functional interface contacts a live object, it may cause damage to the circuit components, thus affecting normal use of the product.

1.4 Keep away from inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods

Keep away from inflammables and explosives. Do not use this product in inflammable and explosive environment!

1.5 This product does not support waterproof design. Do not directly have it contact liquid or use it in humid environment


Safety Protection Measures

In all installation programs of C3 Pro networking player, please follow the safety rules to avoid personal injury and equipment damage.


Unpacking and Inspection

Before opening the packing box of C3 Pro networking player, please check whether it is damaged. If there is any damage, please inform the carrier in time to confirm the compensation. After unpacking, please confirm again according to the packing list. If any parts are found incomplete, please contact the corresponding sales personnel in time.


C3 Pro is a new-generation cloud networking player, which supports the ColorlightCloud, 4G, WiFi, wired network and other various networking methods, and can be deployed rapidly to achieve intelligent cloud management function, and multi-screen, multi-business ad cross-regional unified management. It has significant advantages in the fields of indoor and outdoor fixed installation, centralized management, publish and monitoring, and can be widely used in various commercial display fields such as lamp post screen, storefront display screen, advertisement player, mirror screen, vehicle screen, etc.


l  It supports a maximum load capacity of 350000 pixels, a maximum width of 2048 pixels and a maximum height of 1200 pixels

l  Strong processing performance, supporting H.265 4K high-definition video hard decoding and playing

l  It supports 8GB memory, and users can use 4GB

l  Multiple play modes, supporting U-disk plug and play

l  Window and materials

         Support playing of multiple program pages, 32 program pages at most

         Support rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts, clocks, etc., and support video and picture zooming

         Support multi-window playing and overlay, and the window size and position can be set freely

         Play up to 4 high-definition windows or one 4K video play window at the same time

l  Comprehensive control scheme

         Support control of multiple control platforms, LED Assistant, mobile phone, and tablet PC APP control

         Support management of various different application software, convenient for different applications

l  Network communication

         WiFi dual band dual mode, WiFi hotspot mode or WiFi client mode, supporting WiFi 2.4G And 5G band[1]

         LAN, supporting DHCP mode and static mode

         4G communication, supporting 4G network in various countries (optional)

Appearance Description




Installation Instructions


Installation methodfix the device to the screen or the wall with 4 bolts or nuts of which the diameter is 3mm.

Installation height: the installation location is within 1.0m off the horizontal plane.

To prevent personal injury and to protect the device from damage:

         Ensure that all structure or materials and the suggested installation method can support the weight of the device.

         Ensure that all screws are securely tightened according to the wall-mounted device manufacturer’s instructions.

         Your device should be installed on the concrete wall or pillar. Before installation, you may need to reinforce the plasterboards, plaster, plastic boards, steel, wooden walls, pillars or studs.

         Keep holding the device until you are sure that the device has been completely fixed according to the instruction that comes with the selected installation solution.


Quick Start

Users only need three steps to master the basic usage of C3 Pro player.


Step I: Configure display parameters

         Connect the player to LED display screen correctly

         Configure LED display screen parameters and ensure that the display screen can display the complete picture

Step II: Configure player parameters

         Set player parameters (generally LED display screen resolution)

         Configure network parameters (set according to the customer’s actual needs)

Step : Edit and publish the program

         Create a program and publish it to the player



1. For detailed configuration, please refer to the content of next chapter.

2. The supporting software to be used can be downloaded on our official website: www.colorlightinside.com [Support] → [Download].



Detailed Setting Steps

Step I: Configure display screen parameters

1. Connect the player to LED display screen correctly


2. Configure LED display screen parameters and ensure that the display screen can display the complete picture

Open LEDVISION software, click [Control], and enter the password “168” to enter the display screen settings interface:

         Select the [play box] mode to detect the player.

         Select [Receiver Cards Parameters] interface, load the display screen parameters, and after clicking Send, select Save to Receivers.

         Select [Receiver Cards Mapping (Look From Front)] interface, load the connection relation, and after clicking Send, select Save to Receivers

If the display parameters and connection relation parameters are not correct, please consult the display screen technical engineer.


Step II: Configure player parameters

Player parameters mainly include three aspects:

1. Screen parameter: The width and height of program playing window, generally set as the size of LED display screen

2. Network parameters: Select according to the actual needs of customers.

         Standalone play: No configuration is required

         LAN mode: Configure LAN, WiFi and WiFi hotspots according to actual needs, and choose one of them

         Cloud mode: Configure LAN, WiFi and 4G according to actual needs, and choose one of them

3. Other configurations: Others are not required to be configured for the time being. Configure if necessary.

1. Set player parameters

Open PlayerMaster software, click  in the top right corner, and select [LAN Mode].

Select current player in the left list, and in the main interface of [Device], click Advanced Settings  in the bottom right corner to enter the parameter configuration interface.



Screen parameter: Set the actual resolution of the screen.

After setting successfully, program production, program publish, and equipment management can be implemented through this communication mode.


2. Configure network parameters

In the main interface of [Device], click Network Settings  to enter the following interface:


Take LAN port as an example. After it is connected to the network cable, the player will automatically obtain the IP address.

After setting successfully, program production, program publish, and equipment management can be implemented through this communication mode.

Step : Edit and publish the program

1. Create a program and publish it to the player

In the main interface of [Program], select Add, set the resolution of the program (generally consistent with the resolution of the screen), and enter the program editor.





Basic unit, which can be independently assigned to the player for   playing.



When different window layouts are needed in the same program, it can be   realized by setting different program pages.

Of course, it can also be realized by setting different programs.


Multiple program windows can be added to the program page, the content of   different program windows is different, and the program windows under the   same program page are played at the same time.

Window determines the layout form of the program


The specific content displayed on the LED screen, including video,   picture, GIF, text file, and office file.

Note: In each LED screen, the relation between the program page and the program page, and between the content and the content in the same program window is in-turn playing, while the relation between the program window and the window under the same program page is parallel and concurrent playing.



Click  to add programs in the following format types:


Description of Window Type


Window Type

Description of Content


File window

Video, picture, Gif, Txt document, RTF document, Office document (Word,   Excel, PPT)


Single-line text

Txt document, manual editing and input


Single-Column text

Txt document, manual editing and input


Multi-line text

Txt document, RTF document, Word document, manual editing and input


Global Weather

Weather in global cities



Temperature, humidity, smoke, noise and air quality


Analog Clock

Round image clock


Digital Clock

Digital timing clock



Count-up timer, count-down timer



Manually enter the website.

E.g. www.colorlightinside.com


Stream Video

Program on the streaming medium website



News subscription



Select different program windows and materials according to actual needs.

After editing, click Save  and select Publish .


After finishing releasing, the released content just now will be displayed on LED display screen.


Configure other parameters of the player

Other functions: View schedule, brightness, color temperature, volume, time, power, net, signal switch, monitoring, and device language



Now you have mastered the use of basic functions of C3 Pro player.

If you need to learn more advanced functions, please refer to PlayerMaster User Manual or contact the Company’s technicians for more information.

[1] The communication stability of WiFi hotspot and WiFi client signals is related to transmission distance, wireless network environment and WiFi band.

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