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product description

Cplayer is based on a powerful image processing core, supports arbitrary arrangement of multiple windows of programs, supports playback of various program materials such as videos, pictures, texts, tables, weather, clocks, etc., and supports up to 1080P high-definition resolution video playback, and supports use LEDVISION performs program editing and release.

Csupports HDMI input, which can realize seamless switching between synchronous and asynchronous signals; supports plug-and-play disk, and can also update and manage programs through the wired network; provide customers with a variety of application scenarios.

As a brand-new playback control system, has significant advantages in advertising screens, display screens and other fields.



feature of product

 maximum on an area of 13 million as the hormone, 4096 pixels widest, tallest 1536 pixels;         

 compatible with conventional synchronization control system program management and display screen configuration mode;         

 follow LEDVISION making program editing, full-featured, easy operation;         

 for multiple windows, freely set the window size and position, and support window overlay;         

 rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts, clocks, etc.;         

 multi-program page playback         

 support automatic zoom function;         

 industrial-grade components are used, and the products are stable and reliable;         

 U disk plug and play;         

 support LAN phone, Pad, PC and other smart terminal management;         

 monitoring of operating environment temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters;         

 automatic adjustment of display brightness and manual adjustment of display saturation ;         

 support Kalai Te full range of receiver card .         

Parameter specification table

Basic parameters


1.6GHz quad- core processor / 600MHz clocked quad-core GPU / 1G DDR3 high-speed memory

Maximum loading area

Dual Ethernet ports with load 130 million as the prime, the widest 4096 pixels, up to 1536 pixels

Support receiving card

Support Colorlight's full range of receiving cards

External interface

Audio output

Support 1/8 ” (3.5mm) TRS plug output

USB interface

USB 2.0 × 2, can be connected to U disk storage (maximum 128G   NTFS FAT maximum 32G ) or communication equipment

USB square port

Adjust display screen parameters and transmit programs

HDMI input

HDMI signal input

Output network port

Output signal to receiving card


Connect to Ethernet

Physical parameter



Operating Voltage

AC100~240V wide voltage 50/60Hz

Rated power consumption

15 W


2.6 kg

Operating temperature


Working environment humidity

0~95%, non-condensing

Storage temperature


Storage environment humidity

0~95%, non-condensing

Support media playback type

Program partition

Support arbitrary division of program windows, arbitrary cascading of windows, and support for multi-program page playback

Video format

AVI, WMV, MPG, RM/RMVB, MOV, VOB, MP4, FLV and other common video formats, MPEG4, H264, MPEG2 and other video encoding;

Supports simultaneous playback of multiple videos


MPEG-1 Layer III, AAC, etc.

Image Format

Support bmp, jpg, png, etc.

Text format

Support txt, rtf, word, ppt, excel, etc.

Text display

Single-line text, static text, multi-line text, etc.

Screen split

video windows, multiple graphics, LOGO, date, time and week. Realize the function of free split screen, display different content in different areas.

OSD support

It supports 32bit true color OSD, can be displayed in any position, supports video/graphics mixing, can superimpose graphics and texts on the video, and supports completely transparent, opaque, semi-transparent and other effects.

RTC real time clock

Real-time clock display and management

Terminal management and automatic control

communication method

LAN access to local area network , USB cable direct connection

Program update method

disk plug and play; LAN send

Manage equipment

PC, Android, iOS and other smart terminal devices

remote control

Real-time adjustment of brightness and saturation , switch screen display, system parameter configuration, program playback control;

Brightness automatic adjustment

Support automatic adjustment of screen brightness according to time, or automatic adjustment of screen brightness according to environmental brightness

Timed play

Support to play according to the program list

Timer switch

Centrally set up through the management system

Management software

LEDVISION 6.8 and above


Hardware introduction


Interface Description

Serial number




Indicator light

Synchronous and asynchronous signal indicator


Switch button

Synchronous and asynchronous one-key switching


Sensor interface

Monitor environment temperature, humidity, brightness, etc., realize automatic brightness adjustment


Output network port

RJ45, signal output network port, connected to the display receiving card



HDMI input


Audio output port

HiFi stereo output


100M Ethernet port

Access to LAN


USB interface

U disk update program



Set display screen parameters; publish program



Size chart

Unit: mm


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