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1 C6 Interface and Hardware Connection


1.1 C6 Interface






Green indicator shows   Async or Sync display


Switch   Button

Switch between Async   & Sync display


WiFi   Interface

Connect with WiFi   antenna


4G   Interface

Connect with 4G   antenna (Optional)


GPS   Interface

Connect with GPS   antenna (Optional)


Sensor   Interface

Environmental   temperature and brightness monitoring; Automatic brightness adjustment


Ethernet   Output

RJ45, signal output,   connecting with receiving cards



HDMI output, for   cascading between players



HDMI input, for   cascading between players


Audio   Output

HiFi stereo output


LAN   Port

Access network


USB   Port

Program updating   through U disc



Screen parameters   setting; Program publishing

1.2 Hardware Connection



2 LEDVISION Installation

First download the installation package of LEDVISION software from Colorlight’s official website www.colorlightinside.com, and complete the installation according to the diagrams below.

1. Run the software package, and select [ English ] for installer language. Click [ OK ] to move on.


Note: Run LEDVISION version 5.0 or higher while using C6.

2. After selecting a language, an installation wizard like below will appear. Click [ Next ]. Then choose installation location, click [ Browse ] to change default target location, then click [ Next ] after completing;


Choose components according to your own computer status, click [ Install ] to complete;


After the installation is complete you are ready to use LEDVISION.


3 C6 Parameter Settings

3.1 Connection Settings

1. Before connecting C6 to the computer, first click the control menu [ Control ][ Screen Control ], then select [ C-Series Play Box ] in Select Sending Device, then set up [ LED Screen Window Management ].




Note: If you do not complete this step, LEDVISION may not function properly because of a conflict between Net Card mode and C6 CONFIG interface.

2. Use standard USB A/B cable to connect C6 to computer when C6 is powered on, one side to connect USB port, another side for C6 CONFIG port.

Click [ Publish Program to C Series Playboxes ] (as shown in the red box) to enter program publish interface.


3.2 Basic Settings

● Ensure LED display is under normal configuration before setting on C6 parameters.

● When setting C6 parameters, you can connect C6 to your PC through a standard USB A/B cable, and connect C6 to LED screen through network cable.

Time Settings: Click [ Modify ] to set up date and time, or time zone as well.

Player Time: Display current time.

Uptime: Calculated running time once C6 powered on.

Total/Available: View memory utilization.

Wakeup, Sleep, Reboot: To perform C6 operation like wakeup, sleep and reboot once clicked.

Program: Use the drop down menu to play programs.

Management: Check, delete and choose program, and much more.

Schedule: Conduct timing settings on command contents like play program, sleep, wakeup, reboot, brightness adjustment, etc.

1. After connecting C6 to the computer, a C6 player will show up in Direct USB, you can check the specific information and some basic settings about it through selecting the player.


2. In Program Management, you can conduct a comprehensive management on programs included in C6 player, and all programs can be deleted in Program Management regardless of the type and source.


3. Schedule Settings:

In Schedule Settings, click [ Add ] to add schedule command, and schedule command can conduct timing settings on contents like play program, sleep, wakeup, reboot, brightness adjustment, media volume, switch to sync/async signal, etc. As shown below:



Commands can be edited and deleted after completing adding schedule commands.


3.3 Advanced Settings

3.3.1 Playing Parameters

LED Resolution

The [ Width ] / [ Height ] you input must be equal to or slightly larger than the actual screen resolution.

Input Type: HDMI or Internal Media                                                                                                                                                                            


  [ Every Frame ] (Default)

  [ Every Other Frame ] (Choose [ Every Other Frame ] can help avoid lag when image loading area is too large)

Control Area

  Select [ Custom ] in control area, and modify the values according to your network port control area, click [ Apply ] to complete setting.


3.3.2 Network


Check [ WiFi ] in network tab, and input your WiFi login information for [ SSID ] and [ Password ], then click [ Apply ] and [ Refresh ] to complete setting, click [ Details ] to check connection status.






WiFi Hotspot

Input your [ SSID ] and [ Password ] to use a WiFi Hotspot;

[ Band ]: 2.4G or 5G (5G mode will be faster and more reliable if both smart phone and computer support 5G WiFi)

[ Channel ]: 14 or 24 choices, to avoid network overload.


LAN (Network Cable)

1. [ Automatically Obtain IP Address ] (Default)

When you connect your C6’s LAN port to a networked router, C6 will automatically obtain an IP address.

2. [ Use Following IP Address ]

To use a specific IP address, enter information for [ IP ], [ Subnet Mask ], [ Gateway ], then connect C6 LAN port to the router.





3. [ Details ]

View network connection information like Status, Mac Address, IP address, etc.



Check [ 4G ] in network tab, click [ Apply ] and [ Refresh ] to access 4G network, click [ Test Network State ] to check connection status.



4 Async Program Editing and Sync Playing

4.1 Async Program Editing



When you open LEDVISION, you will see [ LED1 ] in program editing area. Right-click [ LED1 ] to add [ Normal Page ], you can add [ File Window ] in [ Normal Page ], then add [ Image ] and [ Video ] under the [ File Window ] to add media for asynchronous play.

4.2 Async Program Publishing

4.2.1 Publish Program through Direct USB


In [ Program Editing Area ], after finishing program editing, select the [ Program Page ] that you are going to publish;

Click [ C6 ] and then right-click to choose [ Publish current program to the selected player ], you must rename the program and allow it to finish uploading to fully publish your program.


4.2.2 Publish Program through Ethernet Port


In [ Program Editing Area ], after finishing program editing, select the [ Program Page ] that you are going to publish;

Click [ C6 ] and then right-click to choose [ Publish current program to the selected player ], you must rename the program and allow it to finish uploading to fully publish your program.





4.2.3 Publish Program through USB Disk

1. To begin publishing through USB, first insert your USB disk to the PC USB port;

  Click [ Publish Program to C-Series Playboxes ] to extend program publishing window.



Note: USB disk should be empty before publishing for best performance. Remove previous updated programs before using it to update or play new programs, so as to avoid any problems.





2. Software will automatically identify USB disk when plug, click [ U Disk ] to choose [ Your USB’s Drive ].

  Select the [ Program Page ] in Program Editing Area.


Choose USB Disk Mode:

●Play program from USB disk (Auto play USB disk content after inserting to C6; and the content won’t be stored in C6)

●Update program from USB disk (Auto play USB disk content after inserting to C6; and the content will be stored in C6)


Plug USB disk to C6 after uploading, to enter updating      procedure

Select the drive letter under USB Disk, then right-click to choose [ Publish current program to the selected USB disk ], after publishing program successfully, insert USB disk into C6 USB port.



Note: A rotating circle in LED upper left corner will appear during the updating procedure. You may unplug the USB drive after the circle disappears.

4.3 Sync Playing

In sync playing, your C6 plays programs sent to its HDMI port by an external source like your PC.


Note: C6 will automatically switch to play sync signal program when an external HDMI signal input is detected. You can press [ Input Switch ] button to return async signal program playing.


5 Network Management of C6

5.1 Connection and Management

1. LAN Connection: Connect C6 to network through WiFi or LAN port.

2. C6 Network Management: After controlled end (PC, smart phone, or other device) and C6 are connected into same LAN, select [ LAN ] then [ Refresh ], LEDVISION will auto identify C6 in the LAN and place C6 into Default Group. You can manage your C6 under Default Group.

5.2 Add Group and C6

1. Add Group: Select [ LAN ], and right- click to choose [ Add Group ].

2. Add C6: Select any player group, and right-click to choose [ Manually Add Player ], then input C6’s corresponding IP (Add even if your device did not connect to network).



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