DDR2 SODIMM card slot

May 18,2021| Accessories

DDR2 SODIMM card slot

DDR2 SODIMM card slot, that is, small dual in-line memory module card slot. DDR2 SO-DIMM has a smaller size, and is mainly used in notebook computers, fax machines and other applications that have higher requirements on the size.

DDR2 SODIMM card slot

feature of product

• The structure design is simple and lightweight, which can easily install or replace the product

• There is a bayonet on the golden finger to avoid burning when inserting the card slot by mistake


• Base material: LCP, UL94V-0; color: black

• Contact material: copper alloy

• Lock material: stainless steel

• DDR2 SO-DIMM200 has 200PIN pins

• Working temperature: -20℃-60℃

• Storage temperature: -30℃-80℃

• Working humidity: 20%-80%RH

Hardware size

                                                  Unit: mm

DDR2 SODIMM card slot

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