S6F HD Transmitter

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S6HD Transmitter

product description             

S6F. HD transmitter, the received video signal with a strong ability to support DVI, HDMI HD signal input and the loop ; most large may receive 1920 * 1200 pixel high definition digital signals, support gigabit Ethernet port and optical output channel 3 , a single card with carrier supports the widest 4096 pixels , 2560 pixels or up to the big screen.

S6uses high-speed USB to communicate with PC, and can be used for cascading multiple transmitters, making the operation more simple and convenient. At the same time, S6 also has a series of rich and practical functions, which have many advantages in production testing and engineering applications.


feature of product

• Support HDMI and DVI video signal is input and output LOOP;           

• Input resolution: maximum 1920*1200 pixels, support arbitrary setting of resolution ;           

• Single card with a maximum load area: 23 million pixels, the widest reach 4096 points , or up to 2560 points ;           

• 6- channel Gigabit Ethernet port output, support up and down, left and right and mixed arbitrary splicing;           

• 3 optical fiber outputs;           

• Dual USB2.0 high-speed communication interface, used for computer debugging and cascading between cards;           

• Supports arbitrary splicing and cascading of multiple transmitters, and strict synchronization;           

• Support 100M Ethernet port control;           

• Support brightness and color temperature adjustment;           

• Support low brightness and high gray;           

• Support HDCP;           

• Support the full range of Colorlight receiving cards           

Parameter specification table

Video source interface

Interface Type


Input resolution

Maximum support 1920*1200 pixels, support any input resolution within this resolution.

Video source frame rate

Standard 60Hz, and can automatically adapt to the frame rate.

Receiving video area

You can arbitrarily set the location of the receiving video source

Gigabit Ethernet port output

Number of network ports

Gigabit Ethernet ports

Net port control area

Send single largest area of the carrier tape 23 million pixels the widest support of 4096 points , or up to 2560 points .

Transmission distance

UTP cable ≤140M; six cable ≤170M; optical fiber line unlimited.

Network port splicing

Liu net mouths can do any stitching up and down or left and right, in pixels.

Data transmission format

In accordance with the frame format of the gigabit network, CRC is added .

Fiber interface

Number of interfaces

3 optical ports

Transmission distance


Fiber interface

Dual LC interface

Connect the device

Support receiving card

Colorlight full range of receiving cards

Support peripherals

Multi-function card, fiber optic transceiver, Gigabit switch.


Board size

1U standard chassis

Input voltage

AC 100~240V wide voltage

Rated power consumption




Man-machine interface

Configuration parameter interface

USB 2.0*1 , 100M control network port*1

Input information display

Display frame rate, blanking and dot clock information, used to diagnose the status of the graphics card and video processor.

Button to adjust brightness

The button adjusts the brightness, and it works in real time, and it is automatically saved in the sending card.

Real-time adjustment of parameters

Gamma value, control area, control parameter. What you see is what you get.

Brightness and color temperature adjustment

stand by

Intelligent detection system

Support DVI video interface information detection, sending card temperature monitoring.


Multi-card cascade

Support, dual USB ports multiple cards can be cascaded to support synchronization parameter settings, such as read-back .

Multi-screen settings

Supports simultaneous control of multiple displays of different specifications

Background play

Support (extended mode)

Network error rate detection

Detect the quality of the network cable between the screen and the receiving card and fault diagnosis

Hardware introduction


1. Interface description:

Serial number






Switching device power supply


power input

AC power supply interface


100M Ethernet port

Connect PC communication, or access the network



USB output, can be cascaded between multiple S6 F



USB input, can be used to connect with PC to debug parameters


Audio input

Access audio signal and transmit it to the multi-function card terminal through the network cable


Output fiber port

single-mode LC fiber output


Output Gigabit Ethernet port

RJ45, output network ports, connected to receiving card

Gigabit Ethernet ports spliced up, down, left and right



HDMI signal input and loop out



HDMI signal input and loop out

2. Dimension hole position map

Unit: mm


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