Z8 Super Controller

May 25,2021| LED Video Processor

Z8 Super Controller



⚫ Up to 8×4K resolution Inputs,each input supports up to 4096×2160@60Hz

⚫ Up to 8 input boards, 4 output boards

⚫ Supports Neutrik 5G Ethernet cable/10G Optical LC-Duplex connectors

⚫ Up to output 8K(8192×4320@60Hz)Resolution

⚫ Low latency, support real-time zoom

⚫ Supports 8bit/10bit/12bit Deep color

⚫ Supports HDR10/HDR10+/HLG standard

⚫ Supports 3D/VR

⚫ Up to 8 layers,supports video source switching,splicing,cropping and scaling

⚫ Supports wide gamut display and transformation, multiple build-in gamut models for easy selection.

 Input Board

⚫ Six input card slots,each support up to 4*4K (4096×2160@60Hz) simultaneous inputs.

⚫ Four optional input board 4 * HDMI2.0 board 4 * DP1.4 board 4 * 12G SDI board 3 in 1 board(1 * HDMI2.0+LOOP, 1 * DP1.4+LOOP, 1 * 12G-SDI+LOOP)

Output Board

⚫ Four output card slots, each support 13.1 million pixels resolution

⚫ Output resolution up to 8K(8192×4320@60Hz)dot by dot display, 35.38 million pixels.

⚫ Maximum output height/width 16384 pixels

⚫ Two optional output board

        4 * 5G Ethernet port,Neutrik port

        2 * 10G Fiber output,Neutrik port

Board specification



Specification of complete machine


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