• P1.25 Indoor LED Module
  • P1.25 Indoor LED Module

P1.25 Indoor LED Module

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      Produce Period: 10-15 days

      Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Month

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JYLED 16:9 P1.25mm HD led full-color display screen of standard Size 600mmX337.5mm, JYLED P1.25 LED display screen with Super High Refresh Rate. Pixel pitch: 1.25 mm Refresh rate: 2000 Hz Brightness: 500-1000 nits Cabinet Size: 600mm*337.
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  • product description

JYLED 16:9 P1.25mm HD led full-color display screen of standard Size 600mmX337.5mm, JYLED P1.25mm LED display screen with Super High Refresh Rate.
P1.25 Indoor LED Module
small-pitch Indoor LED Module

P1.25 indoor LED module is a high-definition LED display product, suitable for indoor applications, such as conference rooms, stage backgrounds, TV stations and other places.

P1.25, P1.56, P1.667 and other types of modules are all small-pitch LED displays, which can not only replace traditional display devices, but also be spliced into LED displays with high-definition resolutions such as 2K, 4K, and 8K.

Among them, 4K P1.25 LED video wall, because of its moderate price, is not only the most common type in actual scenes, but also the most popular among customers.Here is more information about P1.25 Indoor LED Module:

Pixel density: The pixel density of P1.25 LED module is very high, usually 250,000 pixels/square meter or above. This means that very detailed images and video content can be presented in a relatively small display area.

Color performance: P1.25 indoor LED module adopts high-quality LED chips and driving technology, which can provide wide color gamut and true color performance. Images and video content are presented with rich color levels and details, enabling viewers to have a more realistic visual experience.

Contrast and brightness: P1.25 indoor LED modules usually have high contrast and brightness. High contrast enhances the clarity and sharpness of images, making content more vivid. At the same time, the high brightness can ensure that it can still be clearly seen in a bright environment without being affected by light.

Ultra-thin frame design: The frame design of the P1.25 indoor LED module is very thin, usually only a few millimeters wide. This allows multiple modules to be spliced together to form a seamless large screen, presenting a wider visual effect.

Easy to install and maintain: P1.25 indoor LED modules usually adopt module splicing, which can be freely combined into screens of different sizes according to needs. It is easy to install and easy to maintain, and the faulty module can be replaced without replacing the entire screen as a whole.

Please note that the above information is general and actual products may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific requirements.

The following are the detailed parameters for the P1.25 indoor LED module

Pixel pitch: 1.25 mm

Refresh rate: >2000 Hz

Brightness: 500-1000 nits

Cabinet Size: 600mm*337.5mm*80mm

Cabinet Weight: 7.8kg

Contrast Ratioo: 5000:1

Viewing Angle: Horizontal/160; Vertical/160

Grey Scale: 65536

Thin Thickness: 80mm

Product Features:

1: Standard Size Panel: 200*168.75mm

2: Standard Cabinet Size: 600*337.5mm

3:Seamless Splicing, Super Wide Viewing Angle, Highly Accurate Brightness & Color Consistency

4:It delivers an image which is super subtle and without getting tired after a longtime watching

5: Super High Refresh Rate, High Frame Frequency, No Ghosting & Twisting or Smear

6: Front Serviceable Module allows easy Maintenance, Saving Time & Space

7: 16 Bit Grey Grade Processing, the color transition will be more natural

8: Die-cast aluminum cabinet design light and easy to transport, good flatness and seamless.

9: 16:9 Golden ration front maintenance ultra HD LED Screen

P1.25 Indoor LED Module Product Parameters:

Pixel Configuration


Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel density(dots/m2)


Module resolution(W×H)


Module size (mm)


Module weight (kg)


Maximum power consumption of the module(W)


Module of cabinet (W×H)


Cabinet resolution(W×H)


Cabinet size (mm)


Cabinet area(m2)


Cabinet weight (kg)


Cabinet level up degree(mm


Maintenance mode


Cabinet raw material

Die-casting aluminum

Single-point brightness correction


Single - point color correction


White Balance Brightness (nits)


Color Temperature (K)


Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)


Deviation of center distance of light - emitting


Brightness / chromaticity uniformity




Peak power consumption (W / m2)


Average power consumption (W / m2)


Power supply requirements

AC90~264V,frequency 47-63(Hz)

Frame rate (Hz)


Drive mode

Constant drive,1/27 scan

Grayscale level


Refresh rate (Hz)


Number of color processing bits


Video playback capabilities


Operating temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Storage temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Applicable standards


Display effect of P1.25 LED video wall spliced by P1.25 LED indoor modules: