• P2.5 Outdoor LED Display Module
  • P2.5 Outdoor LED Display Module

P2.5 Outdoor LED Display Module

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P2.5mm outdoor led di splay module 160mmx160mm High Brightness and High Resolution 64x64dots PH2.5mm outdoor SMD LED screen Panel. Remark : 1. SMD Outdoor LED Module Including the Data Power Cables, Waterproof Rubber Ring. 2. Epistar LEDs,
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P2.5mm outdoor led display module 160mmx160mm High Brightness and High Resolution 64x64dots PH2.5mm outdoor SMD LED screen Panel.


1. SMD Outdoor LED Module Including the Data & Power Cables, Waterproof Rubber Ring.

2. Epistar LEDs, 2 Years Warranty, Ship in 24 hours,Free Online Support.

3. LED Module Can Work With Linsn,Novastar,Colorlight,Xixun LED Conrol Card Etc.

P2.5mm Outdoor LED Display Module Parameters:

Model LINSN-P2.5-O-64X64
Resolution 64(H)×64(V)
Pitch 2.5mm
LED Arrangement SMD1415
Driver Mode Dynamic 1/16 Duty constant current
Size 160mm×160mm
Mask Pure Black mask-high contrast screen
Electricity Parameter
Optical Ratings
Brightness 5500-6000cd/M2
View Angle 140 degree ( horizontal)  140degree(vertical)
View Distance 2.5m-25m
Gray Scale 8bits input, correction with 16bits
Display Color 16.7M
Brightness Adjustment 100 levels
Power Supply
Operation Power AC100-240V 50-60HZ  Switch-able
Maxim Power Consumption 1180 W/m2
Average Power Consumption 550 W/m2
Control System
Correction Scale Level 16bits
Frame Update Frequency 60Hz
Screen Refresh Frequency 480-960Hz
Gamma Correction -5.0—5.0
Support Input Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, HDMI., SDI, HD_SDI
Control Distance Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Support VGA Mode 800×600,1024×768,1280×1024,1600×1200
Color Temperature 5000-9300 adjustable
Brightness Correction dot by dot, module by module, cabinet by cabinet
Operating Temp. -20-60 Celsius degree
Operating Humidity 10-95% RH
Operating Life 100,000 hours
MTBF 5000 hours
Continuous Working Time ≥48 hours
Protection Level IP65
Out of Control Pixel Rate 0.01%

LED Display Module Aging & Testing

LED Display Module aging and testing is refers to imitate the long time operation without working problems,it is the most important to ensure the reliability of the LED display. LED display can be more stable after aging, and it can help the use of the efficiency. led screen aging test is a very important link in quality control.
LED display module aging test

The LED aging test is based on the product’s failure rate curve, which is the characteristics of the bathtub curve, and the countermeasures are adopted to improve the reliability of the product.The indoor led module aging method includes constant current aging and constant pressure aging. A constant current source is that the current is constant at any time. The frequency is not constant. That’s communication or pulsating current. The communication or pulsating current source can be described as the effective value stable, but this power supply cannot be called “constant current source”.Constant current aging is the most consistent feature of LED current operation and is the most scientific method for the aging of LED displays. Over current impact aging and manufacturers the latest clothing design school chooses an aging technique, after using the frequency adjustable, current adjustable constant current source for such aging, in order to judging the quality of the outdoor led module in a short time and can pick out the dangerous LEDs make sure the led display module working well after installation.

LED display module Aging test

The aging of LED display is divided into white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours).totally 72 hours before packing.

Aging test process of led display screen:

  1. Check the led display module to install all correct.
  2. Check whether there is a short circuit or not.
  3. Check whether the module is flat and neat.
  4. Check whether the appearance is intact or not.
  5. Use the online led control system to light up.

Make sure the testing time is continuously light for more than 72 hours

LED display module Panel

After the aging test, please check the quality control group for parameters.Test content: white balance, red, green, blue,gray gradient,video effect,text effect.after 72 hours aging test,the problem should be reported to the manager of the engineering department in a timely manner.replace or repair the broken leds. making sure all parts will be working well stably before packing.

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