• P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
  • P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
  • P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
  • P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
  • P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
  • P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen

P1.73 P2 Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen

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Key features: 1. Natural connection and separation, presenting a perfect space design; 2. Transparent DLED, offering our customers the strange experience and visual experience; 3. Convey the information embodied in the display product from
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  • product description

  >>Key features:

  1. Natural connection and separation, presenting a perfect space design;

  2. Transparent DLED, offering our customers the strange experience and visual experience;

  3. Convey the information embodied in the display product from the same perspective.
Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen


Pixel pitch1.73X4.812.08x4.813.47x6.94
chip composition1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Solder craftSide mounted ,positive-glowingSide mounted ,positive-glowingSide mounted ,positive-glowing
Screen points578X416dot480x416dot288x288dot
Driving modeConstant current drivingConstant current drivingConstant current driving
Cabinet size1000X2000mm1000X2000mm1000X2000mm
Material of cabinetProfile +PC buckleProfile +PC buckleProfile +PC buckle
Weight/m2< 10KG/m2< 10KG/m2< 10KG/m2
Brightness/m21000 -6000CD/m21000 -6000CD/m21000 -6000CD/m2
Max consumption/m2<800W/m2<800W/m2<800W/m2
Control systemColorlight /NovastarColorlight /NovastarColorlight /Novastar
Refresh rate≥3840 Hz≥3840 Hz≥3840 Hz
Gray scale≥ 14bit≥ 14bit≥ 14bit
Size customizationSupport resolution customizedSupport resolution customizedSupport resolution customized
Transparency rate≥70%≥75%≥77%
Working voltageDC5VDC5VDC5V
Power supply cooling methoSelf-cooling + aluminum profiSelf-cooling + aluminum profiSelf-cooling + aluminum profi
Input voltage rageAC 100V -230VAC 100V -230VAC 100V -230V
Protection levelIP30IP30IP30

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With the continuous development of technology, LED displays have been used in various places by people, bringing a lot of popularity to businesses. Especially now the more prominent transparent LED screen is scrambled by major jewelry merchants. It perfectly displays the luxury of jewelry, which brings traffic to merchants and brings new vitality to the LED display market. Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen

Flexible transparent LED screen installation:According to different application scenarios, you can choose a variety of installation methods, such as ceiling installation, glass or direct erection, which is very flexible and fast.

It is worth mentioning that the LED ceiling screen is slightly different from the ceiling transparent LED screen. The LED ceiling screen is also called the LED sky screen, which can only be installed on the ceiling, and the ceiling installation is only one way of the transparent LED display. you can also choose other different installation methods.

Ceiling mount Transparent LED display scree

Advertising display:The transparent clear LED display has the characteristics of high transparency, intelligent monitoring, perfect visual experience, etc., which is very suitable for the advertisement display of the window.

Ceiling mount Transparent LED display screen
The transparent LED screen is constructed with a transparent LED panel, and its permeability can reach 60% to 90%, and the fashionable and dreamy display effect has won the favor of the market. It is widely used in exhibitions, stage performances, glass curtain walls and other fields.
How much is the price of a transparent LED screen per square meter?
We usually say how much is the price of LED transparent screens per square meter, which refers to the cost of the screen, which is generally more expensive than conventional screens. In fact, the price of a LED transparent display consists of: the price of the screen, the main control box, the flight case, and the installation accessories.
1: The price of transparent LED screens accounts for more than 60% of the total project investment. The LED screens are composed of modules, power supplies, cabinets, and power cords.
2: The control system, mainly the main control box, sends a signal to each screen to control each pixel
3: Installation accessories: computer (desktop computer), power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), video processor (optional), etc.
4. Air box: The main function is to pack and transport more conveniently

Some of the factors listed above affect the price, mainly for the conventional transparent LED display, if it is transparent led wall price, then the details involved more, the price will be more expensive.

Features of LED transparent screen:
1. The actual effect of high transparency: the dot pitch of transparent LED display is different, the light transmittance can be in the middle of 50-90%, the actual effect of perspective makes the laminated glass preserve the effect of light perspective, and the LED lights are basically invisible from a distance. The existence of, makes the light of the curtain wall glass not affected.
2. It occupies small indoor space and light weight: the thickness of the transparent LED screen computer motherboard is only 11mm thick. After the transparent LED screen is installed, it hardly occupies indoor space and does not hinder other equipment or structures around the curtain wall glass. The net weight of the LED transparent screen is only 14kg/㎡, and the load regulation of the curtain wall glass is very small after being installed on the curtain wall glass.
3. Only a simple steel frame is required, which saves a lot of costs: this product is lighter in weight, easy to install, and does not require complicated steel frame structures for supporting points, which can save a lot of installation costs.
4. Time-saving and labor-saving maintenance: Maintenance in the room is convenient and safe, saving capital investment.
5. Saving the cost of building lighting engineering: If the LED glass building curtain wall display (transparent screen) is installed, a large part of the wall lighting engineering lighting fixtures can be saved. In addition, the LED screen is attractive and can reduce the cost. There are also economic benefits of advertising.
6. Green and environmental protection: its own power consumption and output power are small, and the average power is less than 280W/㎡, and it does not use traditional refrigeration units and central air conditioning heat pipes to dissipate heat.
7. The actual operation is concise, clear and predictable: it can be connected to the computer, independent graphics card, and remote control transceiver according to the network cable, or can be operated according to the remote control cluster wireless network, and the information content can be replaced and displayed anytime and anywhere.
Application scenarios of LED transparent screen
1. Metal curtain wall: The transparent LED screen is usually attached to the main keel of laminated glass, and is integrated with the curtain wall glass to maintain excellent practical effects of publicity and advertising.
2. Indoor space design: LED transparent screens can be customized to create different shapes and designs. Considering different indoor space requirements, the actual effect of indoor space cleaning can be achieved.
3. Exhibition design: Transparent LED screens are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows, new product launches, etc., to promote and plan products in multiple directions.
4. Window display: The transparent advertising display suspension can play a very good role in the promotion of commercial services on the window display.

How much is the LED transparent screen per square meter?

For the transparent led screen price, please consult the transparent LED screen manufacturer—JYLED Its products include indoor and outdoor high-definition full-color LED displays, stage LED rental screen series P3.91, P4.81, LED Floor tile screens, LED glass plank screens, LED time tunnel screens, LED sky screens, LED cylindrical screens, LED creative modeling screens, LED light pole screens and other LED electronic displays. All LED display products are produced on a large scale and have a super cost-effective advantage.

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