P3.91 outdoor full color led display 500*500

SMD P3.91 outdoor full color LED display screen Product Description : Features


  Physical point spacing: 3.91㎜

  Unit board size: 250X250㎜

  Unit box size: 500×500㎜

  Physical density: 65536 dots/㎡

  Luminous point color: 1R1G1B

  Unit board resolution: 64*64=4096 DOTS

  Unit board weight: 0.23㎏

  Cabinet resolution: 128*128

  Box area: 0.25m²

  Die-cast aluminum box weight: 7.3KG±0.05KG

  Best viewing distance: 3m~60m

  Viewing angle level≧160°

  optional vertical ≥ 120 ° optional

  Average power consumption<600W/㎡

  Maximum power consumption<1200w/㎡

  Control method: Synchronous control

  Display card DVI graphics card driver 1/16

  Scanning maximum power ≤36W

  Refresh frequency≧1920Hz

  White balance brightness ≧3600cd/㎡

  Frame change frequency≧50/60

  Brightness adjustment method Brightness sensor automatic adjustment 16 levels adjustable

  Software manual adjustment: 100 levels adjustable 100

  Computer operating system: WIN98, WINXP, WIN2000, etc

  Video signal: RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION, etc.

  Control system: PCTV card (optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + optical fiber transmission (optional)

  Mean time between failures ≧5000 hours

  Life 75000~100000 hours

  Pixel out of control rate <0.0002

  Project classification PH3.906-16S

  Package form: Three-in-one LED

  Package method: SMD1921

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  High Grayscale Low Brightness P3.91 Rental Indoor LED Display for Stage Event

  Features of P3.91 led wall display:

  1、Small pitch, high definition.

  2、Lightweight with only about 7Kg for the cabinet.

  3、Low consumption, long lifespan, help to save maintenance fee.

  4、500x500mm and 500x1000mm for your selection.

  5、Die-casting aluminum and brushed aluminum for your selection according to your budget.

  6、 Concave and convex curve for your selection.


P3.91 Rental Indoor LED Display



 P3.91 Rental Indoor LED Display



 P3.91 Rental Indoor LED Display

  High refresh

  High refresh, stable image, greatly reducing damage to the eyes, and satisfactory results can only be achieved under the perfect combination of PCB, IC and control system.

high refresh led display

  16Bits high grayscale, high refresh rate above 1920, 1200-5000nits indoor highlight display, dreamlike clear and delicate display effect, giving you a perfect visual enjoyment.

  LED full-color rental screen application places:

  Indoor and outdoor stage backgrounds, concerts, large-scale events, large-scale opera houses, theaters, hotels, auditoriums, multi-function halls, lecture halls, conference rooms, high-end entertainment venues, discos, nightclubs, karaoke rooms, etc.

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