Outdoor P5 full color Rental LED display

The price of outdoor P5 full-color LED display adopts the direct sales policy, th


  • Outdoor P5 full color Rental LED display
  • Outdoor P5 full color Rental LED display

  Brand: JYLED

  Product model: P5 outdoor full-color LED display

  Pixel pitch: 5mm

  Pixel density: 40,000 dots/square

  Pixel composition: 1R1G1B three in one

  Packaging method: surface mount three-in-one integrated module

  LED packaging method: surface mount SMD2828 three-in-one

  P5LED module size (mm): 320x160

  P5LED unit board resolution: 64*32=2048 points

  LED chip brand: Taiwan Epistar + Huacan

  IC driver chip brand: Taiwan Macroblock MBI5020, 5024, 5026 series

  Control card system brand: Lingxingyu

  Power brand: Chuanglian, MEAN WELL

  Cabinet resolution: 160*160=25600 points

  Box size: 960*960mm

  Box material: aluminum

  Box weight: 45KG

  Red light: SMD2828, 625nm, 700mcd

  Green light: SMD2828, 525nm, 1500 mcd

  Blue light: SMD2828, 465nm, 350mcd

  White balance screen brightness: 5000cd/m²

  Viewing distance (m): 6—150m

  Scanning drive mode: 1/8 scan, real pixels

  Display interface: VAG+DVI display card

  Control operating system: WIN2000, XP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware

  Viewing angle: horizontal: 140°, vertical: 140°

  Connection method: synchronous connection with computer (sending card + receiving card)

  Display content: video DVD, VCD, TV, images, text, animation, pictures and others

  Gray level: 4096

  Refresh frequency: >4000Hz

  Average power consumption (w/㎡): 650W/ m²

  Brightness adjustment method: chip electric process control or PWM without relay

  Effective communication distance: the transmission distance of unshielded twisted pair is 100 meters, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 130 meters

  Multimedia video processor: support and various media formats

  Working voltage: 5V

  Use power: 22W

  Theoretical LED life: 100,000 hours (11 years)

  Mean time between failures: ≥10000 hours

  Ambient temperature: Humidity -30℃~+50℃ RH=10~90%

  P5 display installation method: floor type, mosaic type, suspension type, bracket type, support type, pillar type.

  • product description

  The price of outdoor P5 full-color LED display adopts the direct sales policy, the manufacturer directly sells, installs and after-sales maintenance, the price is more affordable, and the size can be customized

  The outdoor P5LED display adopts the packaging method of SMD surface mount 2828 lamp beads three-in-one, mainly composed of three colors of red, green and blue; there are 40,000 pixels in one square meter, and the dot spacing between each pixel is 5mm; scanning The method is 8 scans, the power consumption of one square meter is about 650 watts per square meter, the novel mask setting, the color mixing is more uniform, and the high-density pixels make the picture quality clearer and wider.

Outdoor P5 full color Rental LED display

  Features of outdoor P5 full-color LED display:

  ★Outdoor P5LED display has small display spacing and closer viewing distance; high-quality surface mount lamps with national star gold wires and copper brackets are used, horizontal and vertical viewing angles are more than 130°, uniform light mixing, high color matching, and good consistency , The display picture is clearer and more real, which fully meets the outdoor display requirements;

  ★The brand-new mask design of the P5LED display makes the light emitted by the LED almost zero reflection, ensuring the display effect of the screen;

  ★The bottom shell of P5 outdoor LED display adopts the reinforced rib design of quasi-building engineering mechanics, which enhances the load-bearing stretch capacity of the product and improves the overall flatness of the product; the densely calculated stripe design of the mask greatly reduces the problem of environmental light reflection The interference caused by the light emission of the lamp ensures that the contrast of the product is optimal under various ambient light, so that the ink color of the whole screen is darker, the contrast is better, and the color of the image is restored more realistically.

  ★The cabinet design of the P5 outdoor full-color display unit module adopts high-temperature spraying technology, which greatly improves the anti-rust function;

  ★Outdoor P5 full-color display high-performance "ground effect" solution circuit board layout design, can effectively control the voltage peak overshoot, maximize the life of the lamp, chip and other components; use conventional universal power supply, signal The interface mode is not affected by any geographical, environmental, control system and other factors, and can easily carry out the backup, connection and installation operations of various types of display screens.

  ★The flatness of the installation surface of the outdoor P5 display module should be controlled within plus or minus 0.2mm, and the flatness of the whole screen is good;

  ★The P5 outdoor display circuit board adopts wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent moisture and oxidation of the circuit and improve the service life;

  ★The front of the outdoor P5 full-color display uses special thermally conductive potting silica gel, and the back is sprayed with three anti-paint protection, and double waterproof protection, which makes the product more weather-resistant and faster heat dissipation; unique drainage hole design, reducing steel structure Defects cause the module to enter the water and cause the module to be damaged, which improves the self-protection ability of the module and further guarantees the service life of the display screen.

  ★Compared with outdoor in-line full-color products, outdoor surface mount products are lighter and lighter, bringing convenience to assembly, transportation and later maintenance, saving time and effort.

  ★P5 outdoor LED display has a three-in-one design structure, and the three chips are very close. They mix light in the same bracket, instead of three discrete oval LEDs, so the red, green, and blue light mixing effect It is better than the straight-inserted elliptical LED screen, especially suitable for close viewing.

  ★ Due to the three-in-one design structure of the P5 display, the full-color SMD size is small, so the light-emitting area is small, and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of the LED display.

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  Advantages of outdoor P5 full-color LED display products:

  1. P5LED display SMD SMD, can use automatic placement machine for automatic placement, high production efficiency. The circuit design of the full-color SMD SMD display module can realize the combination of the lamp board and the driver board, which reduces the cost, improves the reliability, and improves the production efficiency. Automated patch production can also improve the vertical accuracy of the SMD on the circuit board, overcome the vertical accuracy of the in-line elliptical LED on the circuit board, and thus ensure a better optical effect.

  2. The outdoor P5 LED display not only has a wide viewing angle of 110° in the horizontal direction, but also a wide viewing angle of 110° in the vertical direction, which is particularly advantageous in some applications.

  3. The matching consistency of the three brightnesses of the red, green, and blue oval LEDs at different angles is a very difficult indicator, and the full-color SMD is designed with a three-in-one structure with three red, green and blue chips. All in one bracket bowl, so the matching consistency of the red, green, and blue brightness at different angles is highly consistent, so that the outdoor full-color SMD SMD display has a consistent brightness at any angle. Good, to achieve a better color lifelike effect.

  4. The P5 full-color display circuit board adopts wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent moisture and oxidation of the circuit and improve the service life;

  5. The front of the P5 outdoor full-color display module is filled with high-quality imported glue, and there is a waterproof rubber ring on the back to improve the waterproof performance of the display;

  6. Due to the particularity of the LED display industry, it requires that the working current of the LED lamp be changed by adjusting the supply voltage under certain circumstances, thereby changing the brightness of the LED, so that in the energy-saving scheme design, 4.2-5V power supply, power consumption Small amount, energy saving 20

  7. Diverse shapes: rectangle, square, arc, circle and other custom design shapes can be made

  8. Outdoor P5 display has high performance waterproof and dustproof ability above IP65 level

P5 LED display air box

  Outdoor P5 full-color LED display application range:

  P5 outdoor full-color LED displays are widely used in railway stations, airports, passenger terminals, leisure and cultural plazas, entertainment plazas, commercial centers, shopping centers, media centers, commercial streets, etc.

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