P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen

JYLED factory is debugging P5395 Outdoor Rental LED Screen The price of P3 Indoor


  • P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen
  • P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen
  • P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen
  • P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen

• Side lock design, quick installation

• Can be hoisted, base mounted, fixed installation

• Front and rear maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble

• Screen size, arbitrarily assembled

  • product description
P3 outdoor LED module
P3 outdoor LED die cast aluminum

JYLED factory is debugging P5.95 Outdoor Rental LED Screen

P5.95 outdoor full-color LED display material specifications and led screen P 5.95 outdoor/outdoor technical parameter table settings:

led p P 5.95 outdoor full-color LED rental display parameter accessories are the most stable accessories on the market. Considering quality and cost performance, if the customer does not specify otherwise, we generally use Taiwan Epistar red, green and blue tubes or It is Taiwan Opto Lei red tube + Silan pure green pure blue tube, IC driver chip uses Taiwan Macroblock 5020, 5024 and other series, power supply uses 200W Chuanglian, control system uses Lingxingyu brand, all materials are after several years The brand is tested, so users can use it with confidence.

Brand: JYLED

P 5.95 outdoor full-color LED display application range:

Outdoor full-color rental LED displays are widely used in large-scale concerts, TV evenings, theaters, large shopping malls, squares, schools, government agencies, trade fairs, commodity fairs, shopping malls, stages, large and small exhibitions, hotels, and meeting halls. , Cinemas, press conferences, conference rooms, airports, hotel interiors, weddings, weddings, etc.

The LED display effect produced by JYLED factory

A. Using dynamic scanning technology, the picture is stable, there is no noise, the image effect is clear, the animation effect is vivid and diverse; the video effect is smooth;

B. Rich content: text, charts, images, animations, and video information can be displayed;

C. Flexible mode: the display mode can be arbitrarily arranged by the user;

D. Quality assurance: Imported luminescent materials, high-quality IC chips, noise-free high-power power supply are used;

E. Large amount of information: the displayed information is not restricted;

F. Convenient maintenance: modular design, convenient installation and maintenance;

G: 1. Low power consumption, 2. Long service life, 3. High brightness, 4. Large viewing angle, 5. Long viewing distance, 6. Many specifications and varieties.

---------- P5.95 Outdoor LED Display Full Color LED Display Features----------

1) The system design is advanced and reasonable, the display effect is stable, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

2), all-weather work: vivid colors, high refresh rate, anti-static, dust-proof, good heat dissipation effect, high cost performance.

3) Display mode: move left and right, move up and down, left and right, open and close, flashing, instant display, etc.

4). Use the program editing and playback software to edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information through the mouse. The content of the arrangement is stored in the control card, and the information playback is automatically displayed in a loop according to the program table.

5) Strong luminous brightness: within the visible distance, when the sun shines directly on the surface of the screen, the display content is still clearly visible.

6) Good viewing angle: There is a large viewing angle both horizontally and vertically, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height drop.

7) Good effect: using non-linear point-by-point correction technology, the text is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger;

8) Strong reliability: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability and stability are higher;

9) Diversified display modes: support multiple display modes;

10) Convenient operation: The edited content of the computer is sent to the system control card, and the edited content can be displayed, and the system operation is very convenient.

11) Scope of application: shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stages, banks, securities, public security, transportation, industry and commerce, power, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, stations, stadiums and other fields.

The advantages of  P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen: 

1. The pixel pitch is only 5.95 mm, and the display effect is more realistic.

2. Using 10 pcs PCB and large-scale integrated circuit design, electronic equipment with optimized spatial layout, through strict EMI test to ensure the stability of the control system.

3. Using aluminum die-casting as a cabinet can solve the heat dissipation problem of high-density light panels.

4. The display uses advanced driving technology, which can achieve a refresh rate of 10bits in grayscale near 1000Hz, thereby eliminating the display of stroboscopic phenomenon, in order to meet the requirements of live broadcast.

5. The indoor full-color LED display uses SMD 3-in-1, and provides customized solutions according to the actual needs of customers. Different LED display devices can be selected.

6. A unique, reliable coordination performance of the system, the system can be hot backup, in order to ensure that the failure display is normal. It only takes less than 10 milliseconds to change the backup system of the working system. When the switch is turned on, the screen is not jittery or black, so the scre continuity is ensured.

7. The choice of LEDs with large viewing angles, tons of horizontal viewing angle and height can reach 120 degrees from any angle within this range, the viewing image will not be deformed or discolored, and the unique circuit design ensures that the aging of each color LED is consistent Sexuality is a very good after-sales service. Long work time.

8. Powerful image processing capability, RGB three-color brightness, contrast, gamma curve and other parameters can be individually adjusted, and the color temperature can be adjusted to meet the needs of different readers according to different regions.

9. High-contrast appearance display, Matt mask, special design for each grid point to ensure high contrast.

10. Up to 1.07 billion color performance capacity, 12bits is used to control the system color bit image processing number, in our 10bits scanning gray bit count processing, to maintain the imagined color.

11. The cabinet design is highly reliable, complete aluminum cabinet, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, suitable for various environments.

12. Very good low gray, to ensure the consistency of the display in various gray levels.

13. Ultra-low power consumption, power consumption is less than 45%. Higher than similar products in the same brightness and.

14. The control system can satisfy the 1920×1080p display through cascading.

15. The splicing of each die-cast aluminum box uses a unique brokerage design to ensure that the gap between each group is consistent.

16. The internal environment detector of each die-cast aluminum box ensures that the automatic temperature exceeds the set value when the display is cut off, and can return to the current temperature and other parameters on the screen in time.

Main technical parameters of P5.95-13S outdoor LED display
Physical point spacing 5.95mm Module size 250X250㎜ Unit box size 500×1000㎜
Physical density 42849 points/㎡ Luminous point color 1R1G1B Module resolution 52*52=2704DOTS
Module weight 0.67㎏
Cabinet resolution 104*208 Box area 0.5m² Profile aluminum box weight 12.16KG±0.05KG
The main technical parameters
Sight distance 5m~50m Viewing angle level ≧160° optional Vertical ≥160° optional
Average power consumption<500W/㎡ Maximum power consumption<1200w/㎡ Control method: synchronous control
Graphics card DVI graphics card Drive mode 1/13 scan Exchange frequency ≧60Hz
Refresh frequency≧300Hz White balance brightness ≧3000cd/㎡ Working voltage (AC)
Brightness adjustment method Brightness sensor automatic adjustment 16 levels adjustable
Software manual adjustment: 100 levels adjustable 100
Computer operating system
Video signal
Control System
PCTV card (optional optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + optical fiber transmission (optional optional)
Mean time between failures ≧5000 hours Life span: 75000~100000 hours Pixel out of control rate <0.0002
Item classification PH4.81-13S Package form three in one LED package 2727 

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