Transparent Window Display


The standard module size is simple and elegant
High transparency rate for front and back
Perfect lighting, visual like dreaming
Vver then 50% of energy than traditional display


Standard Cabinet Design

Cabinet size:500*500mm/500*1000mm;Ultra-thin design: thickness 40mm

The PCB board is the most narrow in this line 3mm;Let the display is perfect fusion with building


Ultra slim & light weight

Fast lock for cabinet connection;Designed for easy installation

Only 10seconds for one people to assemble;Easy installation and without any other tools



High visibility, All aluminum construction

More than 80% of the perspective to reduce the impact on the light transmission of the glass curtain wall;

Strong structure, light weight, good weather resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, waterproof;


Hollow Design Structure

Attached to the back of the glass;The weight per square is around 12KG;

Flexible movement according to the requirements of the site and the design requirements;



Airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, convention centers, hotel theatres, urban and commercial complexes,

blend seamlessly with architecture and interior style, integrating the effects of media effects.


Transparent  Window  Display  Parameters


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