JYLED-36pcs moving head beam light

LED moving head light series
  • Pround Name :JYLED-36pcs moving head beam light
  • ORIGINAL:FoShan, China
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  WARRANTY:12 months

  PACKAGE:Carton Box
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Control modes: DMX signal control/master/voice control

Horizontal: 540 °or 630 ° (16 bit precision scan)

。Vertical scanning: 265 ° (16 bit precision scan)

。High speed electronically controlled strobe can be up to 1-25 strobe per second or random strobe

。Flare Angle: free transform between 13 ° to 60 ° Angle

。energy saving mode: the user can set the machine to enter automatically when no DMX signal is received within 1-99 minutes

  Into the state of sleep, greatly reduce heat, long motor and other key parts life

。the functions such as changing DMX address code, machine reset and voice control mode conversion can be completed from the console

   Input signal isolation protection function, to ensure signal transmission stability, without interference

   when the lamp exceeds the detected temperature, it will automatically reduce the brightness for temperature adjustment.

。To protect the life of LED, the brightness will rise automatically when the temperature drops

。fan speed adjustment function: the fan can adjust the speed automatically according to the temperature change of the body

  to achieve the goal of cooling down properly and reducing voice.

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