10 points of attention to the installation of LED display

Jun 16,2021| LED Knowledge

10 points of attention to the installation of LED display: LED display is simpler than neon lights, easy to install and use, with more effect changes, and content can be updated at any time. It is a good visual media for indoor and outdoor distribution. LED display screens are high-tech electronic products with relatively high prices. They used to be concentrated in the government and units. Technology continues to advance, prices continue to decrease, and assembly and maintenance are simpler.

As a low power consumption, LED display is the best tool for large-scale real-time dynamic display of information. It can display computer-generated dynamic graphics and text. The LED display can be divided into three types from the installation environment. One is the indoor LED display. , The second is the outdoor LED display, and the third is the semi-outdoor LED display. The light of each installation environment is different, so you must not install it wrong, otherwise it will be too bright or too dark.
When splicing the LED display, it needs to be handled gently

When splicing the LED display, it needs to be handled gently

The main points of attention are summarized as follows:

(1) Determine the size of the LED display frame material: the size of the frame material is determined by the specifications of the finished product, but it is also subject to the specifications of the unit board. When cutting the material, pay attention to the width of the aluminum alloy frame. It is necessary to subtract twice the width of the aluminum alloy frame from the finished product specification when material, and the left and right vertical materials should also take care of this.

(2) The corners of the LED display are connected with plastic connectors, and finally fixed with self-tapping screws. One corner shares four screws, one on each side, and the unit board can be placed after the frame is connected.

(3) The placement of the unit board should be based on the specifications of the finished product. The size of 4.8*0.48 needs to be placed in horizontal 15 and vertical 3. Note that the placement of the unit board should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the unit board.

(4) Tighten the special screws to the unit board, and suck all the magnetic columns. The screws near the left and right sides of the frame should be screwed on the inner row of the unit board, which is convenient for fixing the side back strips.

(5) For the LED display to install the back strip, the two ends of the back strip should be pre-punched with two holes on one end and a total of four holes on one. Use self-tapping screws to fix the frame material, and then let the magnetic column on the unit board. Attached to the back strip.

(6) Connect the unit board with a data cable. One end of the data cable is inserted into the socket on the right side of the left unit board, and the other end is connected to the socket on the left side of the adjacent unit board on the right across the back bar. Connect them one by one.
After the installation is completed, pay attention to fasten the lock

After the installation is completed, pay attention to fasten the lock

(7) Connect the power cord between the unit boards, the red wire is connected to the ACC terminal on the unit board, and the black wire is connected to the GND terminal on the unit board. Connect them one by one, and be careful not to confuse them.

(8) LED display screen is installed with power supply box and wiring. A 40A power supply box can be connected to a maximum of 12 unit boards on the Internet. Considering that it will generate heat if it is carried too much, it will be connected according to 8. Observe that there are 9 terminals on the received power box. From left to right, they are: 1, 2 is the 220V mains port, 3 is the ground wire, 4, 5, and 6 are all 5V positive stages, 7, 8, and 9 is the 5V negative pole, just understand this and connect it yourself.

(9) The wiring number of the control card of the LED display screen should correspond to the number of rows of the unit board, but pay attention to the color on the side of the data line (wire), which should be connected to the OE terminal on the control card, the unit board The above also corresponds to the OE end, and it cannot be connected reversely.

The RS232 line is connected with the control card. In addition, the power supply on the control card should be connected to the 5V on the power supply box, corresponding to the positive and negative poles, and can not be connected to the 220V on the 1, 2 ends by mistake, otherwise the control card will be burned.

(10) Connect the LED display to the power cord. The power cord should be connected to the 1 and 2 ends of the power box. Don't confuse it. Connect all the power boxes used in collusion. The other end leads to a two-hole plug for electricity use.

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