Maintenance method of full color LED display screen?

Apr 07,2021| LED Knowledge

  Like traditional electronic products, LED display screen not only needs to pay attention to the method in the process of use, but also needs to maintain the display, in order to make the LED display screen life longer.The use of LED full-color display screen is increasing, on the one hand, due to the major manufacturers in order to control the production cost, the workmanship of the product materials have been reduced, which leads to the early aging of a few parts of some products;On the other hand, it is caused by improper usage habits of users.The latter is more common. Here are eight ways to maintain the LED full-color display screen 

  1, keep the humidity of the use environment of the full-color LED display screen, do not let anything with the nature of moisture into your full-color LED display screen.Adding power to the large screen of the full-color display screen containing humidity will lead to corrosion of the parts of the full-color display screen, which will cause permanent damage.

  2, to avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, try to put the items that may cause damage to the full color display screen away from the screen, and when cleaning the screen also as far as possible gently wipe, minimize the possibility of damage.

  3. The LED full-color display screen has the closest relationship with our users, so it is also necessary to do a good job in cleaning and maintenance.Long exposure to the outdoor environment wind, sun, dust and other easy to dirty, a period of time down, the screen must be a piece of dust, which needs to be cleaned in time to prevent dust for a long time to wrap the surface affect the viewing effect.

  4, the power supply is required to be stable, and the grounding protection is good, do not use in bad natural conditions, especially under strong thunder and lightning weather.

  5, the LED display needs to check regularly whether it can work normally, whether the line is damaged, if it does not work, it needs to be replaced in time, and the line damage should be repaired or replaced in time.

  6, do not play for a long time in all white, all red, all green, all blue and other bright screen, so as not to cause excessive current, power line heating is too large, LED light damage, affect the display life.

  7, do not arbitrarily disassemble, splicing screen body!The LED full-color display screen is the most closely related to our users, so it is very necessary to do a good job in cleaning and maintenance.

  8, the LED display screen should be regularly checked whether the normal work, the line is not damaged, if not work to be replaced in time, the line is damaged to be repaired or replaced in time.The internal circuit of the LED display screen is forbidden to be touched by non-professionals to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit.If there is a problem, you can contact Henan Liade general distributor Zhengzhou Hengyuan photoelectric please our professionals for maintenance.

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 LED screen business facing more challenges do you know?

How to identify the quality of outdoor LED advertising screen?


  Outdoor LED advertising screen is composed of a lot of LED beads, LED beads as the display screen cost and the largest amount of components, so it plays a decisive role in the quality of LED display.Bead lamp is the most important component of outdoor LED advertising screen, and also the most used core device, which directly affects the use effect of outdoor LED advertising screen.

  First, look at the bracket

  In general, the support is silver-plated copper bracket. The advantage of silver-plated copper bracket is fast heat dissipation, which can better heat the lamp bead and has small resistance.Some businesses on the market will use ceramic bracket to replace the silver-plated copper bracket, ceramic bracket thermal conductivity is very excellent.

  Two, look at the brightness

  How many LMS (lumens) can your bulb reach? Lm is a measure of the brightness of the bulb.

  Three, see whether the light is uniform, the color is consistent

  Good quality beads shine evenly and have a consistent color.The poor quality of the lamp bead will appear a lamp bead brightness bright, a lamp bead dark phenomenon, luminous color mess is not unified, there will be obvious dark area.

  Four, look at the chip and chip size, chip is the determinant of the quality of the lamp bead

  In general, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, the better the heat dissipation.This is the most important, because the chip directly determines the color rendering index, brightness, anti-attenuation degree.

  Five, look at the glue

  Generally good lamp beads will use imported glue. The encapsulated LED lamp beads will not be deformed by hand. The glue with low quality will be deformed or even cracked as soon as it is pressed.

  Six, look at the packaging process

  High quality LED lamp bead has uniform color and good gel consistency.This is inseparable from good machinery and equipment, production machinery and equipment is the key factor, good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of the product in each scheme, to ensure product yield.

  Through the above narrative I believe you have a general understanding of the quality of outdoor LED advertising screen, you can consult in the purchase of outdoor LED advertising screen when there are any problems. 

A large number of raw material prices, LED screen business facing more challenges do you know?

  As we entered the end of the first quarter of 2021, the rise of materials did not ease. On the contrary, unexpected events such as "the giant ship from Taiwan ran aground in the Suez Canal" and "the United States started printing US dollars" further triggered the price rise of a large number of raw materials.It is understood that the recent price of raw materials, including chips, PCB and so on, continues to rise dramatically and supply is tight, which brings more challenges to LED screen enterprises.

  At the same time, in the market we are busy to grab goods, stockpiling goods, waiting for the first round of the peak season market detonated, looking forward to this round of stockpiling action, can in the next few months on the market to "make money";On the other hand, the market consumption is still sluggish and weak, especially for many offline dealer channels, the consumer demand has not fully recovered, but strangely, everyone is not worried about this situation, and seems to be waiting for and expecting the next market outbreak.

  This phenomenon, on the one hand, is that everyone is generally aware that this round of raw materials rise cycle has not ended, will not end in the short term, so has maintained a high degree of confidence and investment momentum;Second, we are full of expectations for the next Micro/Mini LED and other new products as well as the expected market consumption such as cultural tourism industry and market segments. After all, after experiencing last year's consumption depression, the rebound of rigid demand and the demand for new ones inspire the LED screen enterprises to hide their fighting spirit and enthusiasm for several months.In addition, the current differentiation of products and applications, also bring the possibility of premium LED display.

  In response to soaring raw material prices, LED panel companies have been alleviating cost pressure by optimizing the material supply side on the one hand and improving production mechanization on the other hand to improve efficiency and reduce costs.The search for a "differentiated premium element" has become a strategic means for screen companies to recapture pricing power, such as the big conference screen market during the epidemic.

  Through the increase of intelligence, storage, integration and other functional differences, has become a big magic weapon for LED screen enterprises curve overtaking.At present, including the application of intelligent LED transparent screen, intelligent LED creative business display, LED intelligent landscape lighting and other scenes, compared with the traditional LED display products, can better meet the needs of the market personality and differentiation.At present, more and more LED screen companies are exploring differentiation through design, brand, subdivision, engineering retail, youth and technology, which brings more possibilities to their product premium.

  In fact, the development of China's LED display industry at the current stage, product and service homogenization and price war has been exhausted, and to change this pattern, take the road of differentiation is inevitable.From a certain point of view, each different period of the industry dilemma, is a survival of the fittest, forcing the industry to get out of the old and innovation of the big shuffle, in the face of the current raw materials soaring, the same is true.If LED screen enterprises want to improve their ability to resist risks, they need to improve their production processes, operation and management, and increase the added value of their products.For example, some enterprises do intelligent display solutions, do personalized customization, under the premise of good enough product quality, even if the price rise, there are customers scrambling to place orders, then the impact of the price rise of raw materials on it will be greatly reduced.

  China's LED display manufacturing industry used to rely on scale economy and quantity to win, but in the new era, LED screen enterprises need to consider more about how to improve the value of products?To win by quality, in order to occupy a dominant position in the changing market environment.
How to install the LED display?

  1, Mosaic installation: indoor, suitable for small indoor screen.Due to the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, according to the size of the screen body area on the wall to dig out the same size of the area, the LED display embedded in the wall.The walls are required to be solid.Adopt the way of maintenance before, the cost is higher.For outdoor installation, the inlaid structure is suitable for the display project that has been included in the planning and design of the building. In the construction of civil engineering projects, the installation space of the display is reserved in advance. In the actual installation, only the steel structure of the display is made to inlaid the display in the wall of the building, and enough maintenance space is left on the back.

  How to install the LED display wall?

  2, wall-mounted installation: more suitable for indoor LED display installation, the area is small (less than 10 square meters), the wall requirements are solid wall, hollow brick or simple partition wall are not suitable for this installation.

  How to mount the LED display?

  3. Hanging installation: it is mostly suitable for the station LED electronic display screen, the airport LED electronic display screen and other large places to play the role of signage.Requires small screen body area.(10 square meters below) the requirements must have a suitable installation site, such as the top of the beam or lintel, and the screen body should be added under normal circumstances.Common mounting is suitable for single box display whose total weight of the screen body is less than 50kg. It can be directly hung on the load-bearing wall without reserving the maintenance space. The display box adopts the front maintenance design, and the display can be opened from the bottom during maintenance.Rack mounting is suitable for general outdoor display screen. Considering the difficulty of display screen maintenance, steel structure support is used between the screen body and the wall, and 800mm maintenance space is reserved. The space is equipped with brieway, ladder and other maintenance facilities, and auxiliary equipment such as power distribution cabinet, air conditioning, axial fan and lighting are installed.

  LED display how to install column type?

  4, column installation: more used for outdoor advertising LED electronic display installation, a wide field of vision, the surrounding relatively open places, such as squares, parking lots, etc.According to the size of the screen body area can be divided into single column and double column type installation.The column assembly is suitable for the installation of LED display on the open ground. The outdoor screen is installed on the column.In addition to making screen steel structure, column type also needs to make concrete or steel column, mainly considering the geological condition of the foundation.

  LED display roof type installation?

  5, roof type installation: mainly suitable for outdoor advertising LED electronic display, the installation site is mainly the roof of the building, with the increase of the height of the building to consider the level of windproof should also increase.

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