LED display wiring?

Apr 07,2021| LED Knowledge

 Wiring of ED display

  1. First of all, the cut LED profiles are stitched together, that is, the outer frame of the LED display screen is assembled.The common profile on the market is no more than square and round, but the assembly method is the same.

  2. After the outer frame is assembled, the P10 unit board is placed in the frame (pay attention to both sides of the frame, and the slotted side is the front side). At this time, the position of the LED back is quite accurate, so as to avoid the trouble of changing all the wrong one

  3. After the back is fixed, remove the frame and install the magnet, as shown in the following figure:

  4. Fix the LED unit board

  5. Connect the LED cable, upper and lower the LED power cord

  6. Fix the LED display, LED power supply, LED control card, and the connection between the LED control card and the power cord.Connect the LED control card with the nearest LED unit board with the power cord. Positive and negative poles are marked on the control card

  7.LED display power and LED display unit board wiring, pay attention to the positive and negative, it is recommended to use SVV2*1.0 soft core cable, namely 1 square double core cable main power selection according to the size of the screen.

  8. The LED control card is connected with the unit board wiring (especially important). Please look carefully before connecting. The screen is not fixed on the wall

  9. Data line (short distance generally with super 5 type network cable can be) normal general use of serial port 2, 3, 5 cross line, there are parallel lines, software CD generally have wiring instructions

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