How about the cost performance of LED display?

Apr 07,2021| LED Knowledge

  There are many kinds of display screens, indoor and outdoor, and the prices are different.It depends on the color and the quality and the water resistance.General words color :6000-8000 yuan/a square meter: two color 3000-4000 yuan/a square meter;Single color red 1100-1500/ 1 square meter

  Shopping mall LED display installation need what cost?Mall LED display price?

  Mall LED display market install a full-color LED display, need what charge, LED display manufacturers mall indoor hd LED display electronic advertising information large-screen television screen, indoor LED display module size 192 * 192 mm, mpe luster die-cast aluminum cabinet size 512 * 512 mm, suitable for hotels, shopping malls, schools, bars and other places, can be directly used magnetic suction module maintenance before installation into the whole screen, you can also use body joining together into the whole screen, seamless splicing, convenient and quick, convenient maintenance.High definition video, high refresh rate, no stripes, wide viewing Angle.


  Seamless splicing: the splicing error between modules is controlled within 0.3mm, easy to install.

  Wide Angle of view: with a wide Angle of view, horizontal with a wide Angle of view of more than 120 degrees, vertical with a view of 120 degrees.Non-linear correction technology, clear image, fine quality, smooth video playback, realistic.

  Ultra-thin aluminum alloy structure, convenient K speed loading and unloading.

  Unique black light technology, greatly improve the display effect.

  Modular design and easy maintenance.

  The design direction of light, thin and dense products can be shaped at will, providing greater space for creativity.

  Indoor full color HD LED electronic information advertising display is suitable for shopping malls, hotels, schools, lecture halls, bars, stadiums, conference rooms, airports, railway stations, high-speed rail stations, subway stations and other places.


  What is the cost of installing an LED display?

  1 screen body part: LED display manufacturers' display price ×× yuan/square meter, which is not the same as the selection of materials, the price is not the same.(The general price of MAPP LED display includes LED core, LED module electrical board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask, as well as all the internal wiring and wiring of the display.)

  2.LED control system cost: that is, the cost of the display receiving card and sending card, which mainly determines the number of cards according to the size of the display. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the density, the more the number of cards used, which needs to be calculated separately.

  (The above is usually provided by LED display manufacturers, the following can be selected by customers)

  3. The cost of auxiliary equipment: LED distribution box, computer, audio amplifier, air conditioning, LED multi-function control card, lightning arrester, TV card and LED video processor, etc.Of course, some of these devices can also be prepared by the user, the use of less equipment, of course, can not be used.

  4.LED display playback software: including computer system software, and LED video playback software to be used for LED display.

  5. Steel frame and labor cost: the bracket used to fix and install the display screen is generally steel frame structure.Including manual installation costs, our company can be the overall contract down.(It is suggested that the manufacturer provide the design drawings of the steel frame structure for free, and the customer find the local manufacturer to make it. The cost is not only less, but also very convenient to install.)

  6. Transportation costs: generally used logistics car transportation, customers to pay, depending on the delivery distance budget, I believe that the majority of customers can accept.

  7.LED technician fees: when the goods arrive at the customer, 1-2 technical engineers will be sent to help guide the installation and commissioning.Installation generally does not need to charge additional fees, only technical LED engineers general cost of accommodation and round-trip travel.


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