How much is the LED display per square meter?Quotations are available for all models

Apr 08,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED display how much a square?Many people search such questions, but ask LED prices basically have to determine the following requirements in order to know a more reliable reference price

  First, the impact of specifications on the price of LED display screen

  LED display can be divided into outdoor, indoor, monochrome, dual primary color, full color.The price of each LED screen is not the same, the point density is different, the price difference is also very big.

  Two, the impact of raw materials on the display price

  China's LED display on raw materials and core technology or more dependent on foreign technology.Among them, the quality of LED chips is also a big difference, and LED lamp beads are also a more important factor of price restriction.Each kind of light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages.The United States and Japan chip, because of its continuous grasp of the focus of skills, in the similar control of the background, the United States and Japan chip price is high.Taiwan and local chip compared to the cost of self-control, but its performance compared with the United States, Japan chip, or a certain gap.If the display screen is used in more important occasions, or the customer budget is more sufficient, it is better to suggest the use of imported chips;Because it is a little higher cost, but the driving IC is a very important factor affecting the quality and life of the screen in LES, and other aspects of materials such as power supply, box, and LED display production of other accessories such as the impact of the price.

  Three, the impact of enterprise production costs on the display price

  Each enterprise's production costs are not the same, each display in addition to the cost of raw materials are included in the production costs.Including staff salaries, logistics costs and so on.

  So when we choose LED display screen, do not blindly buy because of the price of LED display screen, not necessarily high price is good, low price is not good, according to their own needs to choose the right product.The offer is not always the same, so you can contact the manufacturer directly, you can save your precious time better.

  Now the price of LED display screen is relatively chaotic, wholesale goods and engineering money is very different.Mainly depends on LED lamp bead, wholesale goods lamp bead mainly used copper wire iron bracket (1 year warranty), the project lamp bead mainly used copper wire copper bracket (two years warranty).

  The following quotation for the copper wire and copper bracket LED of the project is provided for reference only. The specific project will be modified according to the actual needs:

  1, indoor small spacing series:

  P1.25 die-casting box, size: 1200mmx675mm, price: RMB 49800 / m2

  P1.4 die-casting box, size: 1200mmx675mm, price: 39800 yuan/square meter

  P1.56 die-casting box, size: 1200mmx675mm, price: 36000 yuan/square meter

  P1.579 die-casting box, size: 480mmx480mm, price: 31800 yuan/square meter

  P1.667 die-casting box, size: 480mmx480mm, price: 29800 yuan/square meter

  P1.875 die-casting box, size: 480mmx480mm, price: 17000 yuan/square meter

  P1.923 die-casting box, size: 480mmx480mm, price: 15800 yuan/square meter

  P2 die-casting box, size: 640mmx480mm, price: 14800 yuan/square meter

  2, indoor conventional full color screen series:

  Indoor P2.5 module size: 160mmx160mm,150 yuan/sheet, 4800 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P3 module size: 192mmx192mm,110 yuan/piece, 3380 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P4 module size: 256mmx128mm,62 yuan/sheet, 2200 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P5 module size: 320mmx160mm,68 yuan/sheet, 1880 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P6 module size: 384mmx192mm,118 yuan/sheet, 1800 yuan/square meter

  3. Outdoor regular full color screen series:

  Outdoor P3 module size: 192mmx192mm, RMB 660 / sheet, RMB 18800 / square meter

  Outdoor P4 module size: 256mmx128mm,150 yuan/sheet, 5500 yuan/square meter

  Outdoor P5 module size: 320mmx160mm,160 yuan/sheet, 4200 yuan/square meter

  Outdoor P6 module size: 192mmx192mm,88 yuan/piece, 3380 yuan/square meter

  Outdoor P8 module size: 256mmx128mm,60 yuan/sheet, 2800 yuan/square meter

  Outdoor P10 module size: 320mmx160mm,78 yuan/sheet, 1800 yuan/square meter

  4, LED stage rental screen series:

  Indoor P2.604 die-casting box, size: 500mmx1000mm,12500 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P2.976 die-casting box, size: 500mmx500mm,13500 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P3.91 die-casting box, size: 500mmx500mm,4800 yuan/square meter

  Indoor P4.81 die-casting box, size: 500mmx500mm,4500 yuan/square meter

  Outdoor P3.91 die-casting box, size: 500mmx500mm, RMB 6,200 / square meter

  Outdoor P4.81 die-casting box, size: 500mmx500mm,5000 yuan/square meter

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