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Apr 08,2021| LED Knowledge

  As an important means of transportation in the city, buses and taxis have a large number and various routes, which penetrate unrivaled in the bustling sections of the city.The choice of advertising tools is to value the size of the audience rate and the scope of transmission.At the same time, buses and taxis are good carriers to show the city's image.In the bus body, front, tail, taxi roof or rear window placement of LED electronic display, as a platform for information release, can beautify the city appearance, do a good job in the image of the city lighting project, for the city's economic take-off, to achieve the practical purpose of rapid development.

  Content: The screen has a large information storage capacity, which enables the public to receive daily advertisements, news, policies and regulations, public information (meteorological information, calendar time), urban culture, traffic and other information through the electronic screen. Its public welfare is particularly prominent, and it is a window for the government to publicize urban civilization.

  Features: bus, taxi LED advertising display as a media release tool, compared with the traditional advertising media, with strong liquidity, wide range of release, information effective arrival rate is high, not subject to time and space restrictions;Unique publicity effect, low advertising price, will be more business attention, above these characteristics have decided to take the bus, taxi as the carrier of the advertising platform will weave the city's largest media network.

  Advantages: enterprises and businesses use bus and taxi platforms to advertise. With the mobility that radio, television, newspapers and magazines do not have, the advertising content is forced to let passers-by, passengers and traffic participants see;The height of the car advertising and people's line of sight, advertising content can be disseminated to the public at close range, to achieve the largest visual opportunity and the highest arrival rate.Through such a platform, enterprises can establish brand image, influence consumers' purchasing decisions, and achieve the purpose of advertising through continuous information prompts.Its good advertising effect, not only can let the enterprise and its products in the market for a long time to maintain the brand image, enhance popularity, but also can cooperate with its strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities.

  Effect: advertising contains huge market demand and potential, relying on its various resource advantages will provide the most valuable advertising resources for the city's numerous media and businesses, and become the most effective way to advertise products and services.We believe that the unique vehicle-mounted LED advertising form will become a major highlight of the new advertising carrier.

  New media form: vehicle-mounted LED advertising display is the most a new media, will cause the great attention of the whole market, have the opportunity to form a sensation effect, can achieve great communication value for the enterprise unexpected.

  , bus passengers, passers-by, pedestrians;

  High contact frequency: In order to create the best operating income, vehicle-mounted LED must actively pursue the target consumer groups and operate in the most densely populated areas and bustling urban areas.

  Technical parameter editing

  Pixel tube unit box

  1) Physical point spacing: 6mm 7.62mm 10mm2) Physical density: 2048 points/set 3) Light point color: single base 4) Base color: single red, yellow, green, blue, white 5) Unit board size: (L) 728 mm X (H) 122 mm 6) Screen body resolution: (L) 128 points X (H) 16 points 7) Screen body density: 2048 points

  Display parameters

  1) Display area of the screen body: 2) Best viewing distance: 20 ~ 200M3) Best viewing Angle: horizontal 110 degrees, vertical 90 degrees 4) Environment temperature: storage -40℃ ~ +85℃, working -20℃ ~ +50℃5) Phase humidity: 10% ~ 95%6) Thickness of the screen body: ≤22cm+ maintenance space 70CM

  For electricity

  1) Operating voltage: 12-36V to 5V (two-phase three-wire system) 2) Average power consumption: ≤ 15W/ set 3) Maximum power consumption: ≤ 60W/ set

  Main technical parameters

  1) displacement actuator device: using LED dedicated drive device (2) dynamic displacement method: constant current driver/constant voltage driver: 3) in the frame frequency, 60 frames per second or higher) brush new frequency: 180 frames per second for 5 or higher) gray/color: red, green, 256 each level 6) screen brightness: 1800 CD/m27) or higher brightness adjustment method: software adjusting the adjustable level 20 8) video signal: wireless PAL/NTSC9) video input/output mode: 10) control system USES: 11) MTBF: 10000 hours and 12 or higher) life of life:13) Levelness: ≤1.5mm between any adjacent pixels, module splicing gap <15) Power switch: automatic switch 16) Power load: 12-36V to 5V/20A17) Effective communication distance: wire 120 meters without interruption /GPRS/GSM/U disk multiple functions

  Protection technology

  It is moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, lightning-proof, and has over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage protection function

  Classification of editing

  Sort by color

  Monochrome: Generally there are red, yellow, blue, green and white light colors, mainly used for displaying advertisements on the roof of taxis, and street signs on both sides of buses;Dual color: one screen has two colors, mainly used for the function screen of buses;Full-color: also known as color screen, mainly used for other types of car body display full-color advertising information mainly, most of the area is larger than the single and double color car screen, the production cost is high, but the advertising effect is better.

  Classification by carrier

  Taxi LED walking screen: taxi top screen/rear window screen, LED bar screen used to scroll text, single and double colors are the majority, most of which display some text information to scroll advertising information.Truck LED big screen: it is mainly converted into LED display from the car body of a big truck, and displays full-color picture with high-definition and high-brightness. It can be waterproof, sunproof and other high protection level LED display on the periphery of the car body.HD full color display advertising information, richer display to achieve more intuitive to the roadside passers-by to leave a deeper impression of advertising.Bus LED display: mainly used for displaying road signs on buses, and in the majority of single and double colors.

  Classification by bead spacing

  P6: light bead spacing is 6mm, generally used in taxi advertising screen, fine display, visual distance 10-50mp7.62: transverse spacing is 6mm, longitudinal spacing is 7.62mm, visual distance 30-80mp10: light bead spacing is 10mm, used in bus screen more

  Classified by advertising delivery method

  1, serial port /U disk type: when the number of cars is small, or do not often change the word content, such as bus stop display.When changing the contents of the screen, you need to connect the computer with a serial line to change, or save the contents to be changed into a U disk for saving, and then plug it into the USB interface of the screen.(but, U disk can not have other content) 2, GPRS type: when the car reached a certain number, one by one to change the content of the word will be very troublesome.Or to often change the content of the word will be very troublesome, so, directly with the computer remote control will bring more convenience to our customers, twice the result with half the effort.3. GPS: GPS and GPRS are the same in advertising, but other functions of GPS bring a lot of convenience to the management of taxi companies.In addition, because GPS will take satellite time at any time, so, GPS type LED display in advertising synchronization is much better than GPRS type word screen.JYLED's GPS-type LED on-board display can synchronize ads with second accuracy.

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