Advertising media LED display solution

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  Cities and towns are the symbol of human civilization and the center of human economic, political and social life.With the advancement of global urbanization, human habitation is becoming more and more centralized.In the public places with large flow of people in large, medium and small cities, the publicity of bright advertisements is the most direct and effective information transmission.

  With the rise of LED industry, LED display technology continues to mature, colorful, vivid images, visual and auditory directly stimulate the general public's senses.Compared with the traditional static advertising, LED display with high brightness, ready to play, lively and interesting content is more attractive to consumers.

  LED display application:

  In large commercial centers, busy streets, cultural squares and other places with dense flow of people to install LED large screen as advertising media, usually the focus of the position of a wide coverage, playing highly visually shocking advertising can instantly attract the audience's attention, impress people, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising communication.


  1, automatic brightness adjustment: with sensitive control system, according to the indoor and outdoor light changes automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen, energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reduce the user's operating costs.

  2, high refresh rate and high gray, so that the LED display screen more realistic, to meet the nature and requirements of commercial advertising.

  3, double cable hot backup: with double network cable hot backup function, two computers control a screen at the same time, when one computer has problems, the other computer automatically take over, to ensure the normal work of the display screen.

  4, light transmission: the use of high-speed optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the transmission distance is relatively long caused by the phenomenon of signal delay, to ensure the consistency of the picture playing.

  5, remote control: all the display information can be controlled by remote network, just use the mouse click operation can easily change the picture information, so as to achieve the clustering of urban and regional advertising display network.

  6, network control: support network control function, compatible with wireless, broadband, 3G network, so that you can control several cities in a place of the display screen, at any time to change the content you want to play.

  7, environmental monitoring system: equipped with environmental monitoring system, let you know the operation of the display at any time and anywhere.

  8, timing switch display screen: with the multi-function card we are equipped with, software timing or manual switch display screen at any time to achieve unattended function.

  Advertising media program and main equipment

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