Sports stadium LED display solution

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

γ€€γ€€I. Program features and advantages

γ€€γ€€1. Adopt the latest video processing technology, to ensure the extraordinary image display effect and any in any out of the video conversion ability.Video signals that can be processed include CVBS (composite Video), S-Video (S terminal), YCbCR (interline component), YPbPr (line-by-line component), RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, 2.HDMI, SDI (standard definition, high-definition serial digital Video) and VoIP (Copper RJ45);

γ€€γ€€2. Automatic monitoring system is based on PLC as intelligent control unit, equipped with monitoring sensors, to achieve external environment monitoring and real-time control of abnormal situations, and can be combined with the computer to achieve remote control;

γ€€γ€€3. Multi-functional use: new box structure design, meet the requirements of fence, lifting, stacked three installation methods, can carry out a variety of occasions of free collocation, can meet a variety of application needs of users, and the use of simple and convenient;

γ€€γ€€4. Humanized design: Soft plastic material is used on the front and the top of the screen to protect the athletes on the spot to reduce the damage of the screen in case of body collision;

γ€€γ€€5. Airbox can be used to facilitate the transportation of LED screen and play a good role in protecting the leased control equipment;

γ€€γ€€6. Power supply and system with a double backup system, in case of failure, you can automatically or manually switch to the backup system, does not affect the normal work of the display screen;

γ€€γ€€7. Energy saving and emission reduction: the system is equipped with brightness control card, the system can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the external situation, so that the screen display is always within the range of human sensory comfort, and will not affect the journey of the sports competition;

γ€€γ€€8. Optical fiber is used to transmit signals to avoid signal delay.

γ€€γ€€II. Equipment and principle used in the scheme

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