Traffic information LED display solution

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  I. Program features and advantages

  1. The design of the screen fully considers the characteristics of field use, using industrial standard, ultra-high brightness (gt;7000 NIT), which can still provide valuable traffic information for car owners in rainy and foggy weather with poor visibility.

  2, Built-in wireless data transmission module, to achieve GPRS/3G remote real-time information data release function.

  3, equipped with intelligent control system, to achieve automatic processing and release of road information, brightness automatic control, temperature and humidity automatic adjustment, automatic operation monitoring and alarm, truly all-weather unguarded safe operation.

  4. Built-in lightning protection device to prevent the display screen from being burned down by lightning.

  5, With sensitive control system, according to the indoor and outdoor light changes automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reduce your operating costs.

  6, with IP65 protection level, so that the display can continue to work for you in rainy weather.

  II. Equipment and principle used in the scheme

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