LED large screen operation matters needing attention collection

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED large screen belongs to electronic products, and is often used in outdoor and other harsh environment, in the actual use process, there are several aspects of the operation details must pay attention to.

  One, switch LED display matters needing attention:

  1, switch sequence: open screen: first boot, then open screen.Screen off: Screen off first, then power off.

  2, switch screen time interval should be greater than 5 minutes.

  3. After the computer enters the engineering control software, it can turn on the screen and power.

  4. Avoid opening the screen under the all-white screen state, because the impact current of the system is the largest at this time.

  5. Avoid opening the screen in the out-of-control state, because the impact current of the system is the largest at this time.

  6. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is not good, you should pay attention not to open the screen for a long time.

  7, the electronic display body part appears a line is very bright, should pay attention to turn off the screen in time, in this state should not be long time.

  8. Check the firmness of the connection regularly.If there is loosening phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforce or update the hanging parts.

  9. According to the environment of the large screen display and the control part, avoid insect bite. If necessary, anti-rat poison should be placed.

  II. Matters needing attention in the use environment:

  1, the working environment temperature range -20℃≤ T ≤50℃, the working environment humidity range of 10% to 90%RH;

  2, avoid using in bad environment, such as: high temperature, high humidity, high acid/alkali/salt and other bad environment;

  3. Keep away from flammable items, gas and dust, and pay attention to safety in use;

  4. Ensuring and preserving transportation to prevent damage caused by bumps in the transportation process;

  5, avoid high temperature use, do not open the screen for a long time, should be properly closed to let it rest;

  6, more than the specified humidity of the LED display in the case of power, will lead to parts corrosion, or even short circuit and cause permanent damage;

  III. Matters needing attention for the change of the control part:

  1, the computer, the control part of the power line zero, fire can not be connected to the wrong, strictly according to the original position plug.

  2, mobile computer and other control equipment, before the power should first check the connection line, the control board has no loose image, to avoid leakage.

  3. Do not change the position and length of communication line and flat connection line at will.

  4, after moving such as found short circuit, trip, burning line, smoke and other abnormal appearance, should be turned off in time, carefully find where the problem is, and repair.

  IV. Matters needing attention in software operation and use:

  1. Software backup: Win2003, WinXP, applications, software installers, databases, etc.It is recommended to use "one key restore" software for easy operation.

  2. Proficient in installation methods, original data recovery and backup.

  3. Master the setting method of control parameters and the modification method of basic data preset.

  4. Proficient in using programs, operations and editing.

  5, regularly check whether there is a virus, delete irrelevant data.

  6. For non-full-time personnel, please do not operate the software system to avoid errors.

  V. Matters needing attention in the cleaning process:

  1, regular cleaning and maintenance: LED full-color display screen for a long time exposed to the outdoor environment wind, sun, rain, even if the indoor LED display for a long time, the screen will accumulate more dust and rain scour trace, which needs to be cleaned regularly and timely to prevent the effect of viewing.

  2. If cleaning the surface of the module, please use a soft brush and gently brush it.Do not use any liquid to clean the surface of the LED module, otherwise the LED lamp bead may be damaged;

  3. Correct wiping: the surface of the LED display screen can be wiped with alcohol, or the use of a brush or a vacuum cleaner for dust removal, and can not be directly wiped with a wet cloth.

  VI. Matters needing attention in power supply:

  1, LED module is DC +5V power supply (working voltage: 4.2~5.2V), AC power supply is prohibited;The positive and negative terminals of the power supply are strictly forbidden to connect to the opposite;

  2, LED display power supply voltage: 220V±10% frequency: 50Hz ±5%;

  3. Safe and reliable ground contact, reliable isolation between ground wire and zero wire, access power away from high-power electrical equipment;

  4, such as short circuit, trip, burning line, smoke and other abnormal appearance, should not be repeatedly energized test, should be timely to find the problem.

  5. Keep the power supply stable, and do a good job of grounding protection to avoid lightning strike, do not use it in bad natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather;

  6. It is necessary to supply power to the large screen power supply step by step, because the maximum power state of the whole screen will impact the whole distribution system.

  7, LED display screen is not allowed to play the highest brightness of the all-white picture more than half an hour, so as not to cause excessive current, power cord heating, LED lamp damage, affect the service life of the display, it is recommended to play dynamic video;

  8, LED display products in the use of the process, can not be continuously on, off the power supply, the two operation should be separated by at least 1 minute;

  9, LED display screen inside the line, non-professionals are prohibited to touch, in order to avoid electric shock, or cause damage to the line;If there is a problem, ask a professional to repair it.

  "The devil is in the details", which is the most familiar saying.Details are those seemingly ordinary, but very important things, the success or failure of a thing, often is the result of some small things.But because it is small, it is often overlooked.For LED people, details are the most important problem to build LED display projects.Because this is a huge system engineering, from the use of products to the safety of the project, the whole process needs to do a good job in details, so as to ensure the quality of the screen, to ensure the success of the LED display project to build and long-term operation.The details of the use of the above LED display, have you learned?

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