Outdoor stage rental LED full color screen use matters needing attention

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  Stage rental LED display is easy to install and maintain, can be carried out in a limited space before maintenance;Provide personalized solutions according to the actual needs of customers;Single box has its own power supply, signal indicator light, easy to quickly diagnose the fault, so as to quickly repair;The box is light, the screen is thin, the flatness is high, the handling is convenient, the transportation cost is low;

  Stage rental LED screen

  From the application environment, indoor and outdoor LED display hardware and software requirements are also different.Therefore, when we are doing outdoor rental LED full color screen, we can not stand in the perspective of indoor rental LED display to consider, but should depend on the specific situation.What should we pay attention to when renting outdoor stage LED display screen?

  1. The dead point

  LED rental screen dead point is pointed out that now the screen body is often bright or often black single point, the number of dead point is mainly determined by the quality of the tube core.The fewer dead spots, the better the display.

  2. Display brightness

  Due to the outdoor light is very sufficient, the phenomenon of refraction and reflection will occur, resulting in the screen can not be seen clearly, so the outdoor LED rental screen brightness should be high, above 4000cd/㎡, the brightness of different brands of products will be different.And indoor on the contrary, too high brightness is easy to damage the vision, too low brightness will lead to the display image is not clear, so the indoor brightness is generally 800CD /㎡- 2000CD /㎡ is appropriate.

  HD LED rental screen box

  3. Color reducibility

  The display color should be highly consistent with the color of the broadcast source to ensure the authenticity of the image.

  4. Splicing smoothness

  Outdoor LED rental screen is splice into a large screen with the box body as a unit. The flatness of the box body surface is required to be kept within ±1mm. Local convex or concave surface of the box body will lead to dead angles of the viewing Angle of the rental screen.The quality of flatness is determined by the production process of the manufacturer, so it needs to be controlled by the manufacturer, and there should be strict production and testing standards.

  5. Visual Angle

  The size of visual Angle of outdoor LED rental screen directly determines the number of audience.The larger the visual Angle, the better, the wider the audience range, the visual Angle is affected by the packaging way of LED tube core.Therefore, we must pay attention to the packaging of the core.

  Leasing LED display box and case display

  In addition, when using outdoor rental LED display, we should also pay attention to:

  1. When opening the screen: first open the control host, then open the screen;Screen off: turn off the screen first, then turn off the control host.If the first off the computer is not the display screen, will cause the screen body appears high bright spot, burn the lamp tube).Switch screen time interval should be greater than 10 minutes.After the computer enters the engineering control software, the screen can be turned on and powered on.

  2, LED rental screen in the operation process, when the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, do not open the screen for a long time;If the power switch of the display screen trips frequently, the screen body should be checked in time or the power switch should be replaced.Periodically check the firmness of the connection.If there is loosening phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforce or update the hanging parts;According to the environment of the LED display screen body and control part, avoid insect bite, and place anti-rodent poison when necessary.

  Friends in the outdoor stage rental LED display must pay attention to the above points.In addition, please choose a regular LED rental screen manufacturer - for example, to provide effect design, scheme design, drawing design, engineering construction, installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance and other comprehensive solutions.Welcome to consult!

  Rental screen

  More and more favored by wedding companies and performance activities, the current more commonly used rental LED large screen models indoor P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5 and other models.Its appearance is beautiful, easy to carry, the common is the die-cast aluminum box.

  The stage LED display screen is used for wedding activities, exhibitions/promotions, performances, hotel banquets, etc.Professional R & D production table paste three in one full-color LED display, to undertake custom installation of national engineering business, our company all LED display products have passed ISO9001, 3C, RoHS, CE and other mainstream quality management system certification, please rest assured to buy and use!

  Stage LED big screen

  LED rental screen is divided into indoor fixed installation and removable rental large screen, outdoor LED rental large screen, removable into die-casting aluminum box, the price is more expensive than the fixed installation price.Stage LED display can be a image segmentation for multiple video footage aired, the display can be independent, combining with the relevant background, use any combination play, big screen according to performance requirements, according to the partition and background images can be realized by the superposition of, according to the same picture with video signal processor played or synthesis, can be shown on the characterization, play, or call waiting to do text scrolling playing, can level video picture screen, also can lift up and down into words, personality video images, lighting, and beautify the stage background and ground, through the software design and system control meet the demands of the other.

  Outdoor LED rental screen product advantages and characteristics:

  Convenient operation: the edited contents are sent to the system control card, and the edited contents can be displayed. The system is very convenient to operate.

  High resolution: can better display high-definition picture quality and fine color, to a certain extent can be comparable with LCD.

  Long life: selects high quality light emitting components for display at the core of the material and use their own PCB design, fundamentally ensure the service life of the product, broad perspective, visual Angle, wide perspective of 160 ° with each luminous tube high consistency, in both the horizontal and vertical has a large visual Angle, the wide distribution and high level drops are suitable for the larger environment.

  Stable performance: the unique treatment of the display against electromagnetic waves, the display has been stable in other display an important reason.The use of distributed scanning technology and modular design technology makes the display more reliable and stable.

  Delicate quality: nonlinear correction technology, the image is delicate and clear;The animation effect is vivid and diverse;The video is smooth and realistic.

  Seamless splicing: feature kit design to control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, can be made into any shape according to user requirements.

  Good flatness: adopt special mask ink color consistent, so that the contrast of the whole display is high;Good flatness, soft hand feel, smooth hand without protruding feeling.

  High quality materials: the use of high quality LED display chip design with small package, high brightness, large Angle, anti-static characteristics.

  Real-time broadcasting: it can support DVI, HDMI 3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI HD display mode, which is suitable for indoor places such as VCD or DVD of TV recording programs and live situation.

  High quality materials: imported luminescent materials, high quality LED display special IC chip design, with small package, high brightness, large Angle of antistatic characteristics;Noiseless high-power supply;The whole screen has no fan design, no noise and low power consumption. It can be used in the temperature range of 0℃~55℃.

  No format restriction: in terms of format, the display mode can be arranged arbitrarily by the user;Can display text, chart, image, animation, video information;There is no limit to the amount of information displayed.

  Compatible with asynchronous: support synchronous control and asynchronous control at the same time;When the control computer fails, it can still display and play normally.

  Circuit board stability: circuit board using wave soldering process, with green oil oxygen layer, to prevent the line moisture oxidation, improve the service life.

  Over three anti paint: protect the circuit board and related equipment from environmental erosion;It has good high and low temperature resistance;After curing into a layer of transparent protective film, with superior insulation, moistureproof, anti-leakage, shockproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, electric resistance and other properties.

  Shockproof test: before shipment, shockproof test should be carried out on the body to eliminate the connection problem of the box body screws and wires;In order to ensure that the display after long distance transportation, no bad contact, suitable for long distance transportation.

  Convenient maintenance: modular design, stable display effect, more convenient installation and maintenance, and live maintenance.

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