LED transparent screen brand which good?LED transparent screen manufacturers how to choose

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  Now more and more customers in the purchase of LED transparent screen, began to pay attention to the brand.Brand name means that the comprehensive strength is strong, the use of products at ease, good after-sales service.We know that Shenzhen is the forefront of LED display industry, domestic and even global industrial center.LED transparent screen brand which good, Shenzhen LED transparent screen manufacturers how to choose?The following JYLED from the following aspects for you to introduce the selection of transparent screen manufacturers from what aspects:

LED transparent screen brand

  LED transparent display

  We can compare from industrial design, hardware design, materials, technology, manufacturing process and so on:

  First, industrial design

  1. Software design ability

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: powerful system, well-known brands, can be customized;High customer recognition, good stability, good after-sales service

  Other manufacturers: small brand, unstable, lack of service

  2. Hardware design

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: CNC manufacturing process, screen body display area thickness is only 8mm;

  Other manufacturers: Intermingled good and bad, rough design, low processing cost

  3. Comprehensive performance design

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: high transparency 90%;High refresh 3840Hz;Wide viewing Angle of 140°;Low power consumption

  Other manufacturers: most of the lack of product industrial design ideas, products generally more defects

  Full color LED transparent screen

  Second, the material
LED transparent screen brand

  1. PCB

  Brand transparent screen manufacturer: TG170, withstand 170° high temperature

  Other manufacturers: ordinary FR4, withstand 100 ~ 120° high temperature

  2. Lamp bead

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: famous brand country star lamp beads, smaller size, stability, good permeability

  Other manufacturers: ordinary domestic lamp beads, low brightness, poor permeability, easy to die lamp

  3. The power supply

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: well-known brands, with PFC

  Other manufacturers: Conventional power supply


  Brand transparent screen manufacturers: professional drive IC, up to 3840Hz high refresh;With the function of double channel failure point transmission, single lamp failure does not affect the normal display of surrounding lights;Support point-by-point chromaticity correction;Wireless area with load, no black screen, no jitter, no frame extraction;Full chip support;Support wide viewing Angle

  Other manufacturers: general drive IC

  Glass curtain wall LED transparent screen


  1. Light bead design

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: lamp beads using gold sinking process, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance

  Other manufacturers: spray tin, poor electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, easy to break

  2. Light bar connection

  Well-known transparent screen manufacturers: rental series using welding, good stability;The engineering series adopts plug connection, which is convenient for after-sale maintenance

  Other manufacturers: a variety of, uneven

  Fourth, process

  Brand transparent screen manufacturers: modern workshop, standardized process, scientific and reasonable

  Other manufacturers: the good and the bad are intermingled, the workshop is not up to standard, the process is unreasonable

  Transparent display
LED transparent screen brand

  JYLED transparent display product advantages:

  1. High transparency: the perspective rate of more than 60%, lighting and beautiful.

  2. Ultra-light and thin: the thickness of the screen body is only 12mm, the heaviest of the box body is only 10kg, convenient transportation and installation

  3. Ultra-wide perspective: visual Angle of 140°, wide spread, by many

  4. Intelligent control: 3G and WiFi network, mobile phone control is convenient

  5. Simple installation: quick lock design, efficiency increased by more than 3 times

  6. Perfect visual experience: solitary visual impact, novel drainage advertising effect

  LED transparent screen manufacturer

  LED transparent screen manufacturers -- choose JYLED, the leading brand in the industry.Scientific and reasonable industrial, hardware and software design ability.At present, the LED transparent screen of JYLED is widely used in urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S stores, hotels, banks, chain stores and other places.For more information about LED transparent screen quotation and product related information, design solutions, please contact customers online or call us.

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