How much is the price of an LED indoor conference display screen?

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  To choose a high quality LED display, the first thing to do is to see the main configuration of its products is good, whether durable and adaptable, and the assessment of other materials and process is absolutely not to be despised.Waterproof and deformation resistant outdoor LED display, processing technology and key accessories, a miss is a thousand miles.So how much is the price of an LED indoor conference display?

  LED display for indoor meeting

  First of all our users to provide product model, the area, site installation environment and the requirement to the display, do an LED display indoor meeting if area of around 10 square suggested that we (the user to select P2.5 or P3 high cost performance products, as if the high demands on display can be used indoor P2 effect will be better, users are mainly choose suits own according to your budget.If the area is less than 10 square meters, then it is recommended to choose the medium configuration to calculate the cost of about 50,000 can be done, specifically depends on the requirements of the customer.

  Secondly, we must consider the indoor meeting LED display lamp beads and IC and other main components, before the purchase we must communicate with the user clearly.It not only directly affects the quality of the whole project, success or failure, but also often allows users to allocate resources more reasonably, avoid unnecessary waste, loss and hidden danger, and even increase considerable income.

  LED display price list

  Indoor meeting LED screen indicator

  1. The module

  LED modules are "building blocks" that make up the video wall.The arrangement of modules depends on the product, market, and purpose.

  2. The pixel

  Pixel is short for image element, which is the basic point of light that forms letters, numbers, graphics and video.A pixel can be a single LED, multiple LEDs of the same color, or multiple LEDs of different colors.They are the elements that make up the electronic display system and can be independently controlled or switched on and off at different brightness levels.

  3. The resolution

  Resolution is the number of pixels in the physical area of the LED display.The more pixels per unit area, the better the detail.Resolution is determined by display size, pixel technology, pixel spacing, and viewing distance.

  4. Visual Angle

  When choosing an indoor meeting display, consider the position and Angle at which it will be installed.You can get a better picture in the cone of the display screen, so place the possible viewing positions in the cone.

  The viewing Angle or viewing area is larger than the best Angle, depending on the situation and ambient light.

  5. Watch the distance

  The calculation of viewing distance is mainly based on indoor and outdoor display type and distance from the display screen.Each display has a minimum and maximum viewing distance, based on application and purpose considerations.Larger characters will have a longer viewing distance and smaller characters will have a shorter viewing distance.Pixel spacing also varies between indoor and outdoor applications.

  Indoor LED display

  Conference LED display

  Meeting rooms are generally small in area, viewing distance is relatively close.If it is the use of conventional P4, P3 specifications granular sense is strong, the definition is not very high, if the use of small spacing full color LED display effect will be very good, the definition of high refresh rate, no mole grain sense!

  Indoor meeting LED display manufacturers

  Shenzhen JYLED is specialized in the production of indoor P1.25, P1.56, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2 small spacing LED display manufacturers, can provide free small spacing LED display offer scheme, each model per square price how much money?Small spacing LED display P1.25 P1.56 / P1.667 P1.875 / P1.923 definition of the various models and price difference gap difference how many, small spacing LED display installation drawings, various types of small spacing dimension parameters of LED display, etc.At present, the small spacing LED display screen in the market is more and more widely used in practical applications because of the price decline.

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