P8 full-color display debugging process and operation instructions

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  The P8 display screen has high refresh rate and high gray scale, which makes the picture more realistic and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use.All-weather display, adapt to all kinds of harsh outdoor environment;The whole screen displays good balance, can cover more than 75% of the naked eye colors, up to more than 16 million colors;

  P8 display
P8 display

  P8LED full color display

  Many customers do not know how to debug the P8 full-color display after the installation?In fact, LED electronic display is not what high-tech, installation and debugging is not as difficult as imagined!Here are some specific operations and instructions.

  P8 outdoor full-color LED display hardware installation steps:

  1. Insert the DVI display card into the motherboard AGP socket, and then set up the driver;

  2. Insert the data card into the PDI socket on the motherboard (this is for users with data card);

  3. Link the two controls DVI and AGP installed above together;

  4. Connect control line to serial port (RS232)

  5. Connect the receiver card with a network cable;The specific number of items is according to the engineering drawings.

  6. Check the connection is correct before setting or power-on debugging.

  P8 outdoor full color LED display
P8 outdoor full color LED display

  P8LED full-color display software device:

  The installation method is as follows:

  1. Video card driver installation

  Insert the video card driver disc into the optical drive, you can automatically enter the device state, please follow the prompts to operate.

  First device DirectX8.1 and then install the driver;Finally, the control panel is installed.

  2. Play software

  Device LED electronic display special playback and setup software LED studio, or other control software

  Insert the CD-ROM that comes with the screen into the CD-ROM drive and copy or install all the sequences onto the computer.

  3. After debugging, P8 outdoor LED display is installed successfully!

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