How to calculate the P8 LED display resolution

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  The resolution of the P8LED display, similar to the resolution of a computer screen, is also an important indicator of the clarity of the display. It is also the number of vertical and horizontal dimensions in pixels.

  So how to calculate the P8LED display resolution?Because the display screen is a customized product, that is, each LED screen size may be different, so the same model of electronic display products, due to the size of the whole screen resolution will be different.

  For example, a full-color LED display with 100 dots per unit length (usually 1 meter) would have a resolution of 500x200 if it was 5 meters wide and 2 meters high, while a full screen with a width of 1 meter and a height of 1 meter would have a resolution of 100x100.

  P8LED display resolution per square =1/ pixel pitch (unit to M)/pixel pitch (unit to M) Therefore :P8 resolution per square =1/0.08/0.08=15625 DOT(DOT)

  P8LED display
P8LED display

  Outdoor HD LED display

  Outdoor P8 full-color LED display product features:

  1. The JYLED P8 outdoor display has a sensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the change of the brightness of the outdoor environment, saving energy and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operating cost;It can also make the audience more receptive;

  2. The product launched a set of low-power solutions, which can make the display screen run 1/3 more energy saving than the original, further greatly reducing your operating costs;

  3.P8 outdoor full-color display screen has high refresh rate and high gray scale, which makes the picture of outdoor P8 display screen more realistic and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;

  4. The outdoor P8LED display screen has the function of brightness and color point by point correction, which enriches the picture of the LED large screen and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;

  5. The advertising content on the P8LED electronic display screen can be changed at any time, displaying different advertisements for different customers all day long;

  6.P8 outdoor LED full-color display screen has the function of double network cable hot backup, two computers control one screen at the same time, when one computer has problems, the other computer automatically take over, to ensure the display screen works normally;

  7. The outdoor P8LED full-color display adopts the efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance and ensures the consistency of the picture playing;

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